Hi beautiful! Come learn about all things hair and watch me react to some epic hair dye fails!

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  1. Alannah Dexter

    Brad just complimented me with my fringe looking like a Disney princesses fringe...which I got cut a few hours ago..I hate it so much.. But thank you Brad..❤️😂🌼

  2. Mathew Ocasio

    That’s not hairspray he used for the air touch. It’s the joico defy damage spray. It’s a bond protector, kind of similar to olaplex or B3.

  3. Alyssia Abrianna

    Can you do a review on the queen Helen cholesterol hair conditioning cream ?

  4. Meaghen Standlee

    Thank you Brad, I live in Mineral Wells, with minerals in our water, and my hair is always greasy.. no matter what I do unless I shower somewhere else.. xo Meg

  5. demii haynes

    The factory: How much pigment do you want? Brad: y e s

  6. Rachel W

    Had Brad Mondo been hitting the gym? Those arms look STRONG honey!!

  7. KareBear 4789

    Sooooo.....I decided to check out your color line aaaaaaaand: Red - sold out! Orange - sold out! Yellow - sold out! Green - sold out! Blue - sold out! Purple - sold out! Pink - sold out! Go Brad and the rest of Team Mondo!!!! Once all the crazy hype dies down a bit, I will be buying your whole line and doing a fun rainbow look!!! Not sure what pattern I'll do, but I can do it all!! I did the holographic hair last time, so ANY suggestions are more than welcome!!!!! 😁❤🧡💛💚💙💜💗😁

  8. Pastel Citizen

    The guy flipping the foils is so smart 😳 I’m definitely gonna remember that

  9. Spike Lett


  10. Rorentso

    if he had a class his class would have the most perfect hairs-

  11. Sewan Bandara

    Thank you

  12. c h x l l s

    Literally brad dyung his hair for the 100th time and still scared to die it 💀

  13. Kendra Gahara

    Hey Brad! Just wanted to let you know the second video is an air touch technique. It’s just meant for a softer look for a subtle sun kissed look. You can use it all over the hair and get a brighter look, but it’s great for those natural babes that want a little change. Also they weren’t using hairspray, it’s joico’s bonding aerosol. It’s kinda like olaplex in spray form. I’ve used it many times before and works amazing. (: (I’m also a hairstylist)

  14. hailey hutchison

    Please do a video once you get the weaving comb , I got a pack and I can not figure it out🥺

  15. Bermy FishWifey

    What would happen if you used half blue half purple toner? I've tried each one on its own, but the end result is nothing to get excited over. My hair enjoys holding on to deposits of both yellow and orange in certain places. So frustrating.

  16. Gillian Rund

    i def should’ve watched this before i did it

  17. Abby Cowie

    I love his shirt omg which one is this

  18. Kenzie Hyland

    "highlight" some fo those techniques... I see what you did there lol

  19. simona


  20. Abc Xyz

    Onions are cheap Dies as an Indian

  21. Ray 098

    I accidentally went red when I was trying to go pink (for clarification its one of those "it its so firey pink it looks red" sort of things) so either I go purple or I fade it to get to a pink. Thats why im here

  22. Emily Pye

    Promoting Alexander Wang?! Hmmm...not impressed

  23. Angry Gamer Girl

    I hate scrunchies too lol

  24. hahaha yes.

    I'm curious, a german stylist is against the foil, because he says if the heat can escape, the hair is less likely to fry off... why are the views on that so different?

  25. Helvetica09

    Brad is literally a real life Ken doll 😭😭😭

  26. Taylor S

    2000s baby blue is your color Brad.

  27. Kenzie Morace

    I didn’ under stand first one why did tease hair make before bleaching what was point that. And it make or looks so frizzy

  28. Candy Rella

    I tried the dishwashing + anti dandruff + baking soda and it literally make my hair really dry and make my hair frizzly damaged. 🥺

  29. Stella Hedström

    Im beutyful and your ugly

  30. Misti Ray

    Did you find that comb? I need it in my life too!!

  31. ciee_smith

    okay brad!!! with the pastel fit🔥🔥🔥🦋

  32. Rosemary Rose

    Ryan Suparno is talented (and expensive) hair stylist in my country, btw he is more well known of his permanent blow (hot perm)

  33. It's Chewsticx

    I cut my own curtain bangs watching this tutorial, please review mine Brad!! 😍😍

  34. Shawna Starr


  35. It's Chewsticx

    Hey Brad!! I followed your curtain bangs tutorial !

  36. Erin McCabe

    If u cant love yourself How the hell are you going to love yourself

  37. Ashlie Jermaine

    The lack of enthusiasm at meeting Brad is just.....it hurts. I would, like, lose. My. Shit!!!!!

  38. Liv

    No I don’t have blond hair Sometimes Sometimes yeah Yes Yes Yes

    1. Liv


  39. Ana Simeunovic

    i just realized that he is telling himself he is beautiful..

  40. Mynxiish

    That pretty blue color makes your hair, skin, and eyes absolutely ✨POP✨

  41. Elizabeth Leigh

    I loved this video! It was really cool to see you watch other hairdressers techniques. I've watched the 2nd to last guy before, The Life of Hair, & he has stunning results. I love the way he explains things & he shows how to do things faster or easier!

  42. Viktória Channel

    so, i f**ked up

  43. Danielle

    You looked legit like a extremely young Brad Pitt in the one you said was a 6 the one with the “pompadour” 😍

  44. Mei-Ling Desiree F

    We need a video of his closet and all of his clothing cause we need to know where all this glam comes from !!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  45. Mikhael Caraig

    I don't know a darn thing about hair but here I am.

  46. Lil Esmerie

    Are all the colors sold out right now ??????🤔

  47. Jill Grimes

    The “omg emmaaaa” “why wouldn’t you be able to take home product, you freak!”🥺🖤 so cute

  48. Kamyla Dias

    In Brazil is kinda common to use that cap for highlights... well, my hairdresses used last year in my hair and it came out great.

  49. Heather Rose

    Ha u literally voiced all my opinions on everything, luv ur vids, keep being beautifullll

  50. SarlottKirjailija

    I use the slowest, very envioment frendly way of balayage for over ten years and i don´t wont to change it. I let the sun do all the work and for better results i have dreadlocks. So the ends don´t fall out as quik and have a longer time to get lighter.

  51. Just Kittens Being Kittens

    Bruv my hair is about the length of the first girl’s cut hair and I’m jealous of how thick it is

  52. A&J Fam

    Waiting for the blue to come back in stock I wanna dye my hair the super Blue for sure I miss the full blue my hair was been dying my hair a blue that goes a horrible teal when it washes out yuck 🤢

  53. Merenwen Greenleaf

    Damn that sweater tho! Fabulous! ✨

  54. Sarah Sheehy

    I wash my hair once a week

  55. Haru CanRead

    Also just so y'all know, as long as I'm remembering right from my psychology classes. There is an inherent dehumanizing process for most when forcibly having their hair changed. Hair is a big way that we self-identify, and if we can't look in the mirror and identify what we see as ourselves, we are much more likely to reject it. For me, I have been growing out my hair for the last 3 years, and the idea of cutting it all off makes me feel terrified as I didn't feel really like myself until I started to get it past my chin in length. I say this because I see a lot of people making fun of those who are crying. This is some ways can be traumatic for people as it's losing their ability to self-identify. In your opinion they may look better, but what gave them confidence or what they felt confident with before is gone. So they feel like they aren't themselves.

  56. Rivka Bubbe

    Highlighting comb $5.00 on Amazon. Set of 3 for $10.

  57. Darynn Pribe

    I can’t be the only person who didn’t see a difference in the 2nd and 3rd ones right?..... right????

  58. Dorottya Borka

    Okay, so the shirt, desk, laptop and eyes are ALL matching wtf

  59. courtney taylor

    I ABSOLUTELY NEED wavetech but its sold out 😭

  60. Brittney

    It’s 2021. You can find videos to teach you anything. I don’t get why people are still failing at this kind of thing.

  61. Christina Evans

    Came here to watch a professional stylist paint kool aid onto hair, was not disappointed

  62. Peachy Heartthrob

    Brad beeing "hi beautiful" I'm in bambi sweatpants with an eat-game-sleep (with cartoon foxes print) sweater. No makeup, day 4 hair in a ponytail Now I feel cute again. Thank you brad!

  63. Astrid Grahn

    2021 anyone?

  64. Momma Deena

    Is anyone else here cause tresemme made your hair messed up and your trying to find a new brand😂

  65. Bts Fans

    I love this color on you it brings out your eyes OHHHFFFFFF especially with your hair specially🤩👌

  66. A person who has a Google account

    That poor girl is going to be bald in her 30s

  67. Milton

    Brad you need to check out ‘To Dye For’. I see their videos all over Facebook and Instagram and the work is atrocious!

  68. Leah Browning

    I follow the life of hair. The guy is such a good educator!!

  69. Jazz Ginger

    I already know the difference between soft water and hard water because when I lived by the Lake I had soft water because then when I moved we had all these white things all over and that’s why me and my mom knew and my brother that we had hard water which is really bad for my hair and we knew that but we’re gonna do anything about it so we moved and we still have the same landlord but we have hard water again

  70. Elif Erkovan

    How long do i keep the purple shampoo on for ?

  71. Rinaye Gang

    Brad you should watch people who who do hair with flamethrowers

  72. Iris Suijkerbuijk

    Everything is sold out 😪😪😪

  73. EdgenStyle

    "Quick but cute" that's all me. Xo

  74. sunflowerist.

    I wanna buy one :D but the shipping to another country D:

  75. Joshua Illingworth

    We all know why the Alexander Wang is a bargain price...

  76. Chelsey Davidson

    Have you ever thought of creating your own toner line? It’s so funny that you’re always so upset when people use T18 on their not level 10 hair

  77. Helixa Love

    Why do I feel like Brad and NCT Jungwoo look similar.....like Brad would be the American versus of jungwoo...

  78. Рэн Рамеовна

    I've washed my hair before bleaching it before... Not a mistake i want to repeat 😅😅 the most painful experience i went through and i have 10 tattoos, 11 piercing and all my teeth are zircon white 😂😂

  79. dekuramzie 04

    you know i watched quite a lot of those coloring vids and i come to the conclusion: i just let it make a professional

  80. Annie Worden

    Pastel blue looks amazing on you!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️