Pro Hairdresser Tries The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer (as seen on tiktok)

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today I tried the Revlon one step hair dryer and volumizer after seeing it all over tiktok and I have to say... this thing is legit.
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Brad Mondo

      Would you try this brush blowdryer?

      1. Laura Franken

        I bought that hair dryer couple of weeks ago. I love it

      2. Claire McBride

        I got this for Christmas, haven't used straighters since. Leaves my hair nice and smooth and it's usually pretty frizzy.

      3. Janie Super

        no, I have it. Its really loud I think its damaging my hearing. It sounds like metal on metal in high pitch.

      4. lechatbotte

        I have one, bought it a couple years ago. Not the same as they’ve changed the model. No drying strength on mine

      5. baby waanjai

        Yes.. I already have it

    2. Kim M.H.

      Have it, love it. It even quit on me and Revlon sent me a new one, no issue. I have thick, wavy hair, so sometimes use a regular dryer to partially dry first. I use this to finish, I keep it moving. It is super hot, even on low in my opinion. I can’t even manage a blow out with a brush and dryer. One beauty buy I don’t regret.

    3. Stormie Mckelvy

      Brads face when he touched it omg it scared and hurt him at the same time hahahah im sorry i had to laugh bc ive never seen him make the face he made hahaha

    4. shubham Kaur

      So I bought this and it burned out soo please don’t buy it dosnt last to long!

    5. Lindztp

      Literally. I just flip my head over, brush til it’s dry- like 10 min. and I look like I just left the salon. See ya never, blow out bar. Highly recommend getting one of the protective cases from Amazon for travel so that the bristles don’t get crunched.

    6. Deirdre M

      I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do the mohawk part on myself, it always just gets all tangled and falls :(

    7. Makayla Grace

      I will say I’ve been using this for about a year on my natural very curly hair. Overtime, it has caused a lot of breakage on my hair with using expensive heat protection, olaplex and etc. Good product but be careful!

    8. Ioanna K.

      He is like 👨13:02 😂😂

    9. Renae Henry

      So wouldn't this really damage your hair versus a high end blow dryer and round brush technique? Looks amazing but I am always worried about the integrity of my hair. 😊

    10. Amy Woody

      Bad thing I have short hair but it still works awesome!

    11. Bookworm 2021

      I CACKLED when Brad just started whipping that last mannequin head around 🤣

    12. Channelle Labelle-Viens

      I have a challenge for you since I never see this... how would you give a voluminous blowout for extra long hair? Like hair that goes down to the butt crack? HAHAHA! Please help. SOS!

    13. Ashleysamantha

      Impulse buy after this. Just ordered 😆

    14. GG T

      Boar technology has to do with the type of bristles and everyone already knows it doesn't mean the actual animal.

    15. Tanya S

      just bought me the hot tools one and i love it. definitely go buy !!

    16. allison forrester-kosters

      I love mine. I can do a blow dry on clients all day, my own hair, that’s a nope. So I use this. Also, love your Xmondo curl foam. You need to sell to stylists.

    17. Rachel M

      I’d love to see you do a video comparing similar blow out/dryer products. I have one that’s similar but is by “Hot Tools” brand. Is there a difference in the quality?

    18. Gloria

      I really like mine because it is so fast. But it really works the best for my daughter's hair. She has Autism and will only let me use this to dry and brush her hair. She has a lot of hair and it really does help make my life easier. And definitely use heat protector bc it is HOT

    19. Laura Williams

      I have one and it is life!

    20. Michele Roach

      Wow, you are GORGEOUS! 😍

    21. alexandria dean

      Literally 2 days after watching this I dreamt that I had one...maybe it's a sign?

    22. J G

      i love mine but wish they had a vegan version.

    23. christine

      I love this it’s a game changer and I have no one split ends and it takes me 7 minutes to do my hair I look like a left a salon 💇🏻‍♀️ use a good heat protector and your all set ☺️😎👍

    24. Karen Pierce

      I like Hot Tools better. I use mine everytime I was my hair.

    25. Amanda Ford

      I wish my results were as good it doesn’t get my hair straight or frizz free I still need to flat iron

    26. Michelle Lablue

      Brad gave you seen the Lange just like this? And FoxyBae? These 2 places are fairly new,& Lange actually has a SMALLER ONE also if needed ,was wondering if u knew about these 2 places& I'm ready to buy your leave in cream I have the perfect way / curly hair like those videos you did with your products,I'm gonna out up a video for you to see when I use it I think you'll live it& I'm 51,so ik what I'm doing ,lol😂👍🏼😉🤩🤗🙋‍♀️

      1. Michelle Lablue

        Have you seen...sry about the mistakes,lol

    27. Kelly Lehman

      My experience with it is that even the low setting way WAY to hot. Fried my hair. I had a lot of breakage with it around my root area (with heat protectant on my hair). My hair looked okay at the end of styling and was straight and shiny with some body but within 30 minutes my hair was poofy and frizzy. Also it is INSANELY loud. I kept thinking it was going to blow up. I used it about 5 times and then never again. Really disappointed. (I have naturally thick, wavy/kinky/curly hair)

    28. Damaris F

      I have thick wavy hair. I wonder if it works for my type of hair. I spend an hour under the hair dryer lol

    29. Mia Christine

      Honestly, you’re giving me major Fred Jones from Scooby Doo vibes with this look and I’m LIVING for it 😍

    30. peyton eldridge

      I love it but it made my hair frizzy and idk how to keep that from happening :(

    31. supersurro

      I’ve had mine for 4 yrs now and I LOVE IT!!!! I think originally I found it on a fb ad. It really does work as easy as they show! For the life of me, I literally can’t use a blow dryer and a brush. I saw this and couldn’t buy it fast enough.

    32. Bebelin EF

      Is Brad the only man I like, yeah I think so. Don't let me down. Don't be cancel haha

    33. Milagrina Fernandes

      Nice video honey 😍 you look so handsome 😘😘

    34. Lovely Lily

      Hi, can you please review function if beauty and recommend some hair masks for dry damaged hair?

    35. Poppy Vaughan

      Wait I love that Brad looks like a real person and hasn't had a ton of work done like other successful stylists (make up & hair) in the industry. He's got such a great look to him

    36. Lorraine Schaffer-Haake

      Been using this hair dryer for a couple of years. You'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands - it's that darn good! Don't forget to use your heat protector & I toggle between low & high.

    37. brenda anliker

      @Brad Mondo I've been using different brands of round dryer brushes for over 20 years. I have never been able to use a round brush and dryer at the same time. I'm so surprised that everyone is just now finding this type of dryer/styler. I have very short hair so some brands are smaller and better for that. but even with my short hair I can use this Revlon dryer

    38. Dani Torres

      Me: hmmm we’ll see 🤔 Brad: I LOVE IT! Me: *heads to Amazon *

    39. Christina D

      I am an owner of this brush and I love using it because I have straight and thin hair and I gets lots of volume.

    40. Eva Simons

      I told my stylist about this and she looked at me like I was crazy. I love it. I had crazy 2b-3b hair and it’s life changing. I have cut styling time down by half.

    41. Pamela Harrison

      I LOVE MINE! I have naturally curly hair and unfortunately flat iron it a few times a month. My hair was flat and dry and you could see the damage so bad when flat ironed :(.... but this gives my hair so much volume, keeps some moisture in my hair, and looks so much healthier. Haven’t used my flat iron since and only use this twice a month.

    42. American Sweetheart

      I seen one at the goodwill for 3$ and I passed it up. Major regret. 😂

    43. MsPieO

      I have it and I love it!

    44. Jessi Jess

      Omg if he can make Mani Quinns look like that I'm buying !

    45. Pinksupergrl95

      Ok my daughter has had this for a yr & I use it quite often but had NO idea I wasnt using Ms Revlon to her full potential! Literally was quickly brushing thru, I was afraid I would burn my hair lol Gonna be using it way more now!

    46. A K

      does anyone else’s make a high pitched whistle sound? bec mine does and idk what to do😐

    47. lbelen87

      I've been using the Revlon blow dry brush for 15 years its better than blow drying and straightening or curling

    48. Kaysha Rogers-Schuler

      Okay, I NEVER buy stuff just because a youtuber tries it out...but I actually bought this...trying it in the morning. Apparently I only trust Brad Mondo

    49. Dusty Martell


    50. Mary Beth Cameron

      I’ve had this for 2 years and it’s honestly changed my life. I will cry if they ever discontinue it.

    51. M G

      I love mine and agree that it works best when I use product. But I wind up with product on the bristles. How do you clean it? Thanks!

    52. Maren Grau

      It gets so damn hot though it literally melts the bristles right off. It's insane how hot that gets and it's a safety hazard in my mind as an engineer. I'd have to do some testing on it but obviously just from using it I know enough. I wish they would make a more high end version of this dryer that is more durable and well built.

    53. Bethany Jordan

      I have very long kinda heavy hair, I would love a video to show me how to properly blowout my hair ❤❤❤

    54. strgazr04

      I bought this a while ago but found it didn't work for me. My hair is just too fine and thin. The bristles of the brush couldn't keep hold of it.

    55. Abisqueal

      I have this and a really good blow dryer but my hair is really thiccc and it takes too long to blow dry and i’m lazy lmfaoo😭🥲

    56. Candis

      I wanna see it work on ethnic hair in harsh climate like Florida humidity in July! All of these power hair tools are wonderful while you are indoors in nice climate controlled temp. I have naturally curly hair and I have flat ironed my hair @ home. Never thgt a plug-in flat iron would work on AA hair. The sheen and gloss was salon worthy. Fly aways were in tact. Then I opened the door, left the house, got to my car...didn't even make it all the way out the driveway/AC wasn't even cranked @ full throttle. Hair went Monica Gellar Bing frizzy in less than a min!

    57. Esra Akgül

      I don't get the hype? The same thing had been sold for years.

    58. billie bonner

      omggg! i got given one of these for free and it didn’t come with a wire so i threw it away🥺🥺🥺

    59. Sarah Holland

      I love mine. I'm going to get the smaller lighter one, it's exactly the same but less heavy. On medium my hair takes 5mins max.

    60. Alice Norton

      I Got a question 🤭 Is anyone from UK buy his product's? Arrived ? I will love to try on my hair 😍but I'm not sure 😕

    61. Courtney Smith

      Can you be my hairdresser?? Lol you're so awesome

    62. ella blakeborough

      I have been using this thing for a while I love it!

    63. Amy Reilly

      I have the one that you push a button and the brush spins. You can spin both directions which is awesome because I have long hair and we all know how well long hair goes with round brushes. If my hair gets snagged I just reverse the direction and it comes right out. I love it.

    64. JSupernova

      OMG, after seeing the second mannequin head, I’m in love with this! Thank you! 😊

    65. Jillian Riley

      Best hair tool I own!

    66. Lacey Kreamer

      I love mine


      I got this for my Mom 2 years ago and she loves now all of a sudden it’s Trendy .

    68. Ayanna Bryan, PhD

      I’m still good with their paddle brush version from 2018.

    69. Jane poiriers life

      Well I just bought it

    70. Amanda Mckenzie

      I feel like it really damaged my hair! But I seem to be one of the only ones who had this experience!

    71. Brenda Fordyce

      Mine caught on fire!

    72. Talton L

      This thing works, but it ruined my hair. I always use two heat protectants and only used it on low every other day. I have the older one and the latest titanium one. My long hair broke off so bad I had to cut it into a short bob. If you have fine hair be warned!

    73. Kimmie B

      I’ve had mine fir three years. I don’t use it everyday. But it’s fabulous.

    74. Natt G

      It works! 😲🤯

    75. Robin Boots

      I bought the hot tools version, and it really is a smart purchase. Never can have too many hair tools. Lol. Love ya Brad

    76. Barbara Sweet

      she cant scream that its too hot.. try it on someone who can complain

    77. Barbara Sweet

      1... its too big and clunky 2..its too heavy..3..the settings dont have a medium heat. its hot.. hotter and burn your hands if your not careful or burn out your hair.. 4 you have to have at least shoulder length hair it certaily doesn't work for short hair unless you want to burn the hell out of it..

    78. Bee Mcmullin

      I have 2 it really works

    79. ThisMomsLife

      I’m growing out a pixie into a stacked bob and my hair stylist recommended this dryer brush. Honestly , it seems amazing but it also seems a bit much for my hair style. Thoughts?

      1. Jillian Riley

        I have a Bob and my hair always looks fantastic. Worth every penny. Seriously.

    80. Josipa Horvat

      I was waiting for your taughts on this. But couldnt wait so I went and bought it a month ago. It is fantastic. Im dumm for blowdrying. But products are a must with this hot hot revlon

    81. Cherie Keck

      I love mine. I've had it a little over a month. Takes some time to get used to, it's large.

    82. BugsyBird

      Had mine for 2 years now. Works quick and I don't use product on my hair. Thanks for reviewing it.

    83. Issy Whitlock

      Just bought one from this video!! Thank you 🤍🤍🤍

    84. Carmelita Orosco

      I love love love your videos and you Brad!!! You have helped me out with my hair issues so many times with your videos, you are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!! I purchased the “Hot Tools Professional” from Ulta before Christmas it is a bit more expensive, it has all the same functions, however it has a longer cord than the Revlon brand. I absolutely love love love this styling tool!! Honestly I thought to myself wonder if Brad would approve of this styling tool when I purchased it!! This was before I had seen this video of course; I am very pleased that this tool get the “Brad Mondo” seal of approval!! ❤️

    85. Niki Hall

      I have the Lange brand. My hair is super thick and naturally curly, in addition to being waist length. Love it 🥰 and no plastic smell ❤

    86. Larissa Ryan

      I’ve been obsessed with Sarah Michelle Gellers hair as Daphne in 2000s Scooby doo. But how do you maintain the warmth and get the gloss without damaging overtime. Will you show us the secret to the perfect golden blonde strawberry tone :)

    87. Ash K

      I have a green one idk

    88. Ange C

      I have quite thick hair, and having bought something similar to this, what it mostly did was pouf out my hair when all I want is sleek hair. This product is great but just know that people with a lot of hair, you will end up with too much volume

    89. pamdemonium8

      I’ve had this brush for about a year and a half and I cannot figure out how to wash the bristles now that they are built up with product. Otherwise... I LOVE IT!

    90. Anna Marie

      OKAAAAY!!!! The end commercial freaking wowed me! Like when it transitioned from the hair color containers to the end screen with you holding the light stick MY.JAW.DROPPED. The purple yellow and blue - just visually stunning ART. Bravo.

    91. Tank Girl

      The mannequin abuse never gets old. 🤣

    92. diana blas

      I have the blow dryer I was just going to purchase the spray to protect my heat but it’s sold out 🥲😩 i usually just use some ouai product

    93. Mrs Olivia Tipton

      I got this for Christmas and literally SCREAMED after I used it. Like way before it caught hype. I immediately made friends and family buy this!

    94. Jane Doe

      Where do you get it for that price?🤔 it's $58 walmart calif.😤

    95. Vampiriffic

      I literally just got this a few days ago. I really love it so far! It adds good volume and cuts down on my blow drying time a LOT.

    96. Sierra

      I loved mine until my hair got to long and then my arms just got tired using it so i stopped and now just air dry my hair but i did love it when my hair was shorter.

    97. Alicia Starkey

      I got this tool 2 years ago for Christmas and it’s the only hair tool I use now. I can do my hair from soaking wet to styled in under 15 mins. Love it!

    98. Mary Carr

      Absolutely love this dryer! So much so that I bought 2 spare ones in case one dies 🙌🏻❤️ Periodically check Amazon! I paid $24! It goes on sale often!

    99. jazmyn perricellia

      my grandma bought one and it worked for her. she said i should try it so i did but it didnt work for me at all. my hair is kinda thick and longish but pretty straight and it took twice as long to even get one part of my hair mostly dry. i ended up giving up and just using the regular hair dryer. so idk why it seems to work so well for everyone but me 😂

    100. Tiffani Hallin

      Anyone else notice there was hair already in it when he showed a close up?