My Secret To Snatching Your Pony In 5 Mins Or Less

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we learn how to do a snatched MF pony. Here are my few easy steps for you to learn how to do a sleeker sexier pony in less time.
    Viper Smoothing Oil:
    Wavetech Wave Foam:
    Hair Bungee:
    Mason Pearson Brush:
    Tail Comb:
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    Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Lyndsay Reed

      yesssss more hairstyling tutorials please, brad! this was so helpful

    2. Elizabeth Quigley

      You are literally the best at advertising

    3. Susan Hartnett

      I wear a ponytail almost daily. never once thought about using product to style it. going to start doing that tomorrow. holy cow, what results! !

    4. Linnea Mirabella

      I live with a pony most of the time now(that Ariana pony with a clip in pony since I have thin hair) and this really helped! Thanks!

    5. Swarupa Rivonkar

      He is using L'Oreal hairspray

    6. karina tt

      I wish I had brad as a bestie 😭😭

    7. Elle L

      i just put it back.. i dont use product.. or make it fancy..

    8. Sasha Enriquez

      Brad is serving late 90s early 2000s cyber boy band in this vid & I luv

    9. Pheebs

      It took me so long to realize he had a septum ring lol

    10. Lucy The Pucy

      *Cries in sensitive scalp*

    11. Lexus Y

      What size is the babe wave crimper?

    12. Rosalinda Mendez

      High pony or GTFO.

    13. Mick Smythwood

      you should not be wearing that top... and i'm not talking about the mannequin

      1. Mick Smythwood

        do not wear that color shirt with that hair either...

    14. Kittykat Meow

      Why no big bumps though? I love a good southern bump ponytail. The higher the hair the closer to God hunny! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙏🏻🙏🏻👱🏻‍♀️

    15. nada ahmed

      Idk why but I never had a problem with my ponytails I wear them ever single day I used to go to school with that super high ponytail then someone told me it will recede my hairline so I started wearing a low ponytail but it’s so easy and you absolutely don’t need that “wave tech” the video was helpful and fun tho

    16. Fantasmagal 5

      Giving us all this free information 😭 thank you so much! 🥰

    17. Leonita DiCintio

      You, Brad are Freak’in hilarious 😂😂😂

    18. Regina Lechleitner

      Foam in the ear and face yanked back is normal to me.🤣

    19. High Hopes Homestead

      I have more hair then the blonde, I'm the queen of the saggy pony 🤣 apparently I've been living under a rock because I've never seen a hair bungee before!!! This may be life changing for me 🤞 thanks for enlightening me 😀

    20. Rachael Loyd

      I can't wear my hair in ponytails anymore. Right above my temples on both sides I am getting these 2 bald spots so when I slick my hair back and pull it up, it looks awful and I don't know what's causing it? Stress from work? Or something else? I seen that people were losing hair from the Treseme shampoos, I used it for 7 years so maybe thats it? But I need help, please 😢

    21. Renata Faustina

      I'm loving your "hi beautiful!". Keep up!

    22. Sarat Sarat

      Are u gay??

    23. Family Of Shepherds

      Me watching this and thinking I can try this later :) Then later when I try it and forget I don't have enough hair 👁👄👁

    24. よしろ

      I do this ponytail in like Six seconds

    25. Alex Smith

      High ponytail: 10:45

    26. Madeleine G

      NO MORE SAGGY PONIES! Me: *Looks in shame at my shoulder length wavy bob that will barely pull back into a ponytail*

    27. Emily Hinojosa

      you dont have enough videos for us naturally curly girls!! please do a video on the denman brush

    28. Mr. Socks

      whenever i do a high ponytail after i take it off my scalp hurts sooo much, is it just me? im so glad i dont have long hair anymore

    29. Priya Malhotra


    30. Ermahgerdbewbz

      It looks beautiful but I’d have to magically sprout 2 extra limbs to do this on my own hair

    31. Holly Gamble


    32. little_crow1117

      Brad: stop. wearing. the. saggy. ponies. Me having a loose low pony whipped across to my side on my shoulder sitting with one knee up: this is quarantine Brad ; - ;

    33. Bridget Cooney

      Hair bungee is a revelation to me.

    34. Tereza Černohousová

      Is that a JUMBO crimper or "regular"?

    35. Theturtleowl

      Me with a high ponytail is like the Titanic sinking. It is going down into the depths, no matter how hard I try.

    36. Emma England

      Brad: Please use an elastic the same color as your hair. Me: *cries in redhead*

    37. Dannie Ortega

      Would be f*cking creepy is miss mannequin talked back to you lol

    38. Yomna Bahaa

      please please please react to my video bleaching and coloring my hair purple for the first time

    39. Molly Murphy

      Ok arms

    40. Ida

      I am a nurse and I cut my long hair off due to covid and that the visors we use make any hairstyle uncomfortable (also it feels like you have corona in your hair all the time when it is long). It was a bathroom DIY haircut and didn't turn out well, I regret it while it is still way more practical. Wish Brad could fix my hair now. I guess until I can get my hair fixed, I have to watch some videos on USfilm!

    41. Eleanor O

      Me who wears a ponytail way to much watching this video like a pro

    42. Amber Crum

      BRAD. Teach us how to do space buns PLEASE!! I have tried and tried and I literally cannot do it no matter how many videos I watch on it, I just can't manage to make them look cute on me. P.S. You're amazing as always!

    43. Jade West

      Him:she is in fact a lesbian and we loveee My sister: ARE YOU TRYING TO BECOME LESBIaN!? Me : I aM jUsT tRyInG tO nOt MaKe A sAgGy PoNy。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。AND GET OUT OF MY ROOM! My sister: ... Ummmmmmmm

    44. Sara Nesnas

      Anybody else go on Amazon for the hair bungees than was like oh the price isn’t that bad but than see it says £15 for shipping to the uk 💀

    45. tabbycat95

    46. Chanelle22q Livingstone

      Guys I do you try this take a very warm bath and drink ice cold water it feels weird!!!!

    47. Molly Jane Carroll

      I can't even wear my hair in ponytail because it's short but I'm still watching for future reference, just in case I grow it out

    48. Priyanka

      Bruh I came for 5min or less but this is all advertisement T_T still watched for Brad

    49. isabella Kittinger

      i were my ponytails as the very last one 24 7

    50. jada marie

      what happen to her eyelashes

    51. K NT

      omg saggy pony sounds so wrong hahahahaha

    52. Tannah Hessenbruch

      Please Brad, we need a curly hairstyles video

    53. Amalia Walsh

      brad: super easy ponytail. me: i have tried more then 7 times and with brown hair and girl did it look good.

    54. Chanel Westbrook

      Me: HATES wearing ponytails because big forehead problems Also me: watches a video on 3 different styled ponytails.

    55. Маша Сапегина

      Love this type of videos way more than reactions❤

    56. Abbey Filiti

      I wishhhh ahaha my hair would look so greasy but honestly story of my life 🙄

    57. Abigail Clarke

      She looks exactly like me it's weird

    58. Mary McClellan

      BRAD PLZ show me how your clean your brushes and combs. I use a lot of dry shampoo and texturizing spray and it seems to always build up on the bristles.

    59. x3kiwiix3

      Boii, if I wear a pony tail my hair is greasy af and I need it out of my face because I am not washing it yet. No way I am putting this much effort into it lmao

    60. Melody M.

      Me:*has extreeemly short hair* Also me:*watches this video to learn how to do a nice ponytail *

    61. Natasha Mertz

      These are literally my daily hair styles. My hair is naturally wavy and super long. Just ordered 2 colors from your hairline so we shall see what we do with it..

    62. allison ramos

      yo what if we have bangs tho like bru

    63. Maria S

      Isn't no one gonna talk about miss mani queen's come out?🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

    64. Jennifer Raymond

      Now you need to show us how to do a ponytail for those of us with a nub where a pony should be lol 😂 you know... how to add a pony lol I have my way of doing it but I wanna see your way just in case you have a better way of doing it

    65. Jennifer Raymond

      Brad... I feel like you’re gonna kill me when you find out what I use in my hair to slick it back..... got2b glued!!! Lol 😆

    66. sammm 1026

      love ur hair and the nails!!❤️

    67. landi addison fink

      i love how rough you are with her lmfao

    68. Christina Lynn

      How to snatch your pony in 5mins or less: yet the video is almost 20mins long😩🤣🤣

    69. Niina villanen

      why am i even watching this when i literally shaved my head. now i kinda want hair to put on a ponytail


      Brad: releases video on how to make a snatched ponytail. Me and my Unicorn Horn cuz of my pixie haircut: watches anyway. Honestly though, I really enjoy Brad’s videos. Even though some no longer work for me due to my recent haircut, I still watch them. Unlike most creators on USfilm I watch, I’m able to finish Brad’s videos completely, without getting bored and clicking off before the end of the video like I usually do, due to my short attention span. They are really entertaining and funny, and Brad obviously puts a lot of effort into them. It’s not very often I find someone on USfilm who creates videos I can watch fully. Keep up the amazing work!

    71. A C

      Can you do short hair to? Plz

    72. Tricia Davison - Woolcock

      I love this video, cause I put my hair in Ponytails often.... but I got questions... What's with the Nose ring? is it just your accessory to make you look a little EXTRA or was it just for fun? on a different note, I don't really need to crimp or curl my ponytail, because I have natural wavy & curly hair.. but I do have to use some product in my hair, cause it will go frizzy otherwise... my hair is straight at the top, wavy halfway down & ringlet like curls at the bottom, with a mix of fine and coarse thick hair... a nice mix of my parents... (my mom has thick, coarse curly hair, well she is half Italian and it does run in the family and my dad has thin fine hair)...

    73. Cadence Kim

      When you don't have all the certain materials you need and you are to lazy to get them at the store oof.

    74. Diamond Smith

      that but with type 4 hair

    75. DoSims

      I love those tutorials, but I think the "first person" perspective is missing. The tips Brad gives are amazing, but the tutorial is always from the perspective of someone doing someone else's hair. I'm a real n00b about hair styling and I'm getting some difficulties to replicate Brad's tips on my own head sometimes. I'd be glad to see Brad showing us tips and how to's with somebody sitting aside and applying these tips on their own hair, so n00bs (like me!) could also get tips on how to do those magnificent hair styles on their own heads!

    76. ScarletFox

      Meanwhile me: Can’t do anything BUT sleek ponytails because her hair is super straight and has zero volume Edit: Please don’t wear super tight ponytails every day, it might cause hair loss

    77. Cute dinosaur

      can u do a video on how to get rid of layers Pls like so Brad can see cause I seriously need help

    78. ur a meme

      Sis needs to get her lashes done

    79. Serendipity

      Mz Mannequin lives her best life. Meanwhile... I'm over here with a heartbeat like... 😑

    80. Victoria McGill

      Me opening USfilm : “it’s ok I just need to talk to Brad and it’ll be ok” realizing I can’t actually talk to him 😆

    81. Heather Musick

      Is there any way you could do a 10min or less looks video for busy moms? I have medium/long length thick hair and all I ever do is a pony. I need to change it up! But most importantly I don't have loads of time. PS thank you for all your videos they help so much!

    82. Butterfly N

      I need a voluminous pony instead of a sleek because I have very thin hair on top and slightly bald spots. Its getting better now that I'm treating it well, but nooooo wayyyy would I be able to pull this off! Lol Would love to see styles to trick the eye in thinking theres no super thin spots on the scalpA

    83. Nicole Cruz

      I love him lol hes amazing

    84. Auroraxxfacekilla

      Need some up-do styles for girls with undercuts, also tips on how to grow out that undercut and not have it look super weird. I made a little rat tail piece in my undercut, then shaved around it and now I’m letting it all grow out, and I’m kinda loving the way it looks now!

    85. Mary Ogunoye

      Could u do one with bangs

    86. Margarita Charalambidou


    87. Kallee Waugaman

      What happened to miss mane-quin's eye lashes???

    88. Sunny Shine

      That septum jewelry really scared me

    89. Alex Hristova

      My biggest issue with ponies is the headache after; I mean, my head (and hair!) hurt just watching the video! 😂

    90. Leah Robinson

      Me: has literally been putting my hair up in a perfect high ponytail for 6 years of my life because of sports. Also me: eh whatever im gonna watch this anyways

    91. Kennedy Steiner

      Thank you brad you are amazing you make me happy and safe people were looking at me with my hot high pony which is my favorite pony

    92. Kiki Cogger

      I hope I’m not the only one whose wondering “how do you get that out?”

    93. Trangy

      Couldn't stop looking at her lashes trying to hang on for dear life lol

    94. Nicole Pixiedust

      I just want brad to do my hair everyday 😭😭

    95. C. F.

      Can we talk about why this video has such low views when his others usually have 1+ mil.... weird

    96. Katlynn Alcorn

      It’s the wave tech in the ear for me 🤣 jk I love you Brad!! You’re amazing and so patient

    97. Chloe Beauchamp

      miss mani quinn needs some lash fillers😂

    98. Jasmine Mitchell

      Brad or Bull? Dis ring

    99. Quinn Kelly

      Why am i watching this video when i know for a fact that my super fine/nonexistant temple hair means i can't do a pony without looking bald in those places :0 :'(

    100. Michelle M.

      Wow, so much product. I'm a lazy hair girl. After 4 or 5 days and my hair is getting a bit stringy and dry shampoo can't save me, I flip my head down, gather it up and brush til there's no bumps, stand up straight and tie it. The oils in my hair keep it slick, but I do add hairspray in the back for the wild short hairs. I also loosen the hair on top because I look awful with it slicked to my scalp. So just a slight front pomp, do the hair wrap around the elastic, and done in less than 2 minutes.