Hairdresser Reacts To People Coloring Their Hair Using XMONDO Color!

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today I watched some people color their hair using my very own color line XMONDO Color!! This was so cool to watch!
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    Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. demii haynes

      The factory: How much pigment do you want? Brad: y e s

    2. Lil Esmerie

      Are all the colors sold out right now ??????🤔

    3. A&J Fam

      Waiting for the blue to come back in stock I wanna dye my hair the super Blue for sure I miss the full blue my hair was been dying my hair a blue that goes a horrible teal when it washes out yuck 🤢

    4. Iris Suijkerbuijk

      Everything is sold out 😪😪😪

    5. sunflowerist.

      I wanna buy one :D but the shipping to another country D:

    6. Reyshelle Jiménez

      Definitely waiting for a restock!!

    7. Jordan Prucha

      You NEEEEED to hurry up with the hair color!!!! I am so excited to try it and it's all sold out. Can't wait to try the pink! I think my sons going to get a kick out of mommy punky pink hair🥰😍🥰

    8. Yenxxx

      Its all sold out 😢

    9. Joanie Wilson

      I'm crying! Brad's hair color is all sold out! Make some more please!

    10. yuna xi kim

      I was crying when the first girl talked hhhhhhhhhhhh

    11. Kaylee Fulcher

      i cant find any videos of natural redheads going vibrant colors and i really want to know how. i am a 1 percenter i have redhaair, blue eyes and blonde eyebrows/lashes. please please please please help

    12. Kaylee Fulcher


    13. Kaylee Fulcher


    14. Drama Queen

      Hey I have a question so I have a Virgin Hair between the color 5 or 4 like a slight brown to a little blonde and I wanted to ask if I can use your red and orange without bleach will the color take actions on my hair or should I bleach it first?


      Dear Brad Mondo, I want to get your colour line. How can I buy your products from South America? xoxo from Chile ✨

    16. Libra Sunny

      I love Stella, Brad, so be nice to her. I live you too, so, you know, nice to see your favourite youtubers be nice to each other.😂😉🌼💕

    17. Hafsah Fatima

      How long/wash does it last for?

    18. Andrea Leighton-Trusk

      Ugh I love hiiiimmmm. Blue is cuuite on brad

    19. Cameron Clark

      okay but drop a neon green PLEASE

    20. __Sad_Edits__

      I'm binge watching his videos rn, and I really want him to make a neon green or green dye.

    21. Denisa Machová

      I am crying about how happy he is. 🥺

    22. Stephanie Vidal

      Brad, I’m dyiinngg to dye my hair. I’m convinced that your products are the absolute best ! We need that restock !! 🥲😍😍

    23. amanda crespo

      "dying to dye my hair" 😩😩😩 its COLOR people! Lol okay im sorry im done! Shes beauitful and not everyone knows its "color" lol

    24. Carla Hudson

      It's a shame he only done bright colours and no blonde or browns.

    25. Mush

      this wants me to dye my hair ahhh

    26. İlkyaz Yeşilşerit

      I wish there was like a brown and black version of this dye for people who want to touch up their natural colour.

    27. Christine Dennis

      Ok but where can I buy it ?

    28. Just Away

      I never dye my hair but this looks so easy it makes me want to do it lol

    29. Pixel ._.

      Hi, can you respond to this please? I ordered the yellow color, and I previously bleched my level 7 I would say hair. But only the bottom layer, I was wondering if the yellow would work on my darker hair too? Pls respond thx. Your videos are great, they get me through the day. :)

    30. RcraZy77


    31. Nati12131

      Would anyone happen to know if it’s possible to mix the colors ?

    32. Ella Cross

      Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease drop a neon green and Platinum silver I’m absolutely dying for these colors!!!!!!! Xoxo SmileyF8ce

    33. Roblox Paradise

      Will the color work by itself on pretty dark brown hair?

    34. Angie K. Valentino

      Awwww his reactions make my heart so full💕💕💕💕

    35. Ayako Chan

      I love how you call people beautiful even though I just started watching I already love this. Your reaction is so cute ( I have no right to call you cute I'm 13) I love this channel so much !

    36. Chanté Marais

      Brad crying being so proud of his work is everything ❤️

    37. Dez Howard

      Brad i am black and i don't now if this is going to work on my hair i mean i have red and brown hair but pls tell me uf it is going to work on my hair Love you thx

    38. Katie White

      Mica might be beautiful, but it's often mined using child labor. I hope XMONDO sources ethical mica. :(

    39. AceLovesDIYs Christopher

      Tbh im a dark blonde but I've always been so afraid of dyeing my hair or bleaching it. Maybe I'll get brave soon

    40. Pez Marie

      The second girl... I get why she has over a million subs but good god, I can only take a few seconds of that personality

    41. Toshi Ltr

      Is xmondo color available for purchase for India??

    42. Denise

      Beautiful ♥️

    43. Muskan Gupta

      Does he have a neon green? I really need xmondo to get that bright, luminescent green

    44. Sukhman Baidwan

      I love u, love your colours. I want to dye my hair now with XMONDO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

    45. SonGohan Definitivo

      How can I get this products in spain?

    46. achanwahn

      I’m excited to see what ppl do with the full rainbow 🌈

    47. Hannah Burns


      1. Hannah Burns

        They all popped off onestly!!!!!!!

    48. Ena Korać ex Šofranac

      A good, pigmented and vibrant hair color, especially if it gives you the results you want in one strike, without damaging the hair and even make it healthier.... I mean come on... That's not expensive.

    49. Donica Lynn Mathis

      wow!! Gorgeous!! I can't wait to try them. I'm a hairstylist and a LOT of my clients are fashion/fantasy colors!!! I'm so excited!!

    50. Rosie Fox

      Aw black hair don't show color so sad to my mom

    51. Terrisann Brooks

      First girl gives Brad a hairgasm

    52. Blatina Ninja

      Do you deliver to Japan?

    53. Sharki B

      That Pink color SLAPPED omg she looks SO GOOD IN PINK! Especially her eye makeup! I can't get over that!

    54. Gouri Khede

      I have black hair! And by courtesy of my mother i don’t have access to Bleach !! So I have to wait until I get bleach 😭

    55. Gouri Khede

      Brad in this video looks like Me who just sent a meme to a friend across the room! And my expression is like mmmmmm ☺️

    56. Caitlin Wilkinson

      I’m ready for the green to come out😁😁😁

    57. Margot Hime

      Please ship to France 😭😭😭 I need to try your color so much

    58. Kaytryn Forbes

      Brad mondos changing the beauty community. Literally proving you CAN have fun with your hair without insane damage. Thank you for caring enough to make QUALITY products.❤

    59. Roberta Phillips-Girling

      I'm only 9 but AS SOON as i hit 18 I'm dyeing my hair super purple and super blue representing my grandma and grandpas favourite coulors

    60. Trisha Varagappa


    61. Krystal Scott

      If I wanted more of a burgundy or maroon could you put the pink on virgin dark brown hair? Or would I need to lighten my hair? Thanks!!!!!!!

      1. Krystal Scott

        Like I want it to kinda show up but also not be really BOOM pink in your face. Lol 😂

    62. sonia1998ram

      Man I wish your products would ship to europe :/ my hair is dying for some good care

    63. Ashley

      ❌mondo lifeeeeeeeeeeee 💜💙💖 🧸🧸🧸

    64. Hi People

      Idk y but you remind me of the male version of Joey King

    65. Emma Wood

      How permanent is this? I'm waiting for colors to come back in stock, I've had blue done professionally and it's so expensive to keep up (I have long, dark, coarse hair). Also I have no idea to bleach my own hair first 🙃 it takes multiple sessions get get my hair light enough 😪

    66. Elizabeth Allen

      Does the dye work on curly/kinky hair? You know black people hair?

    67. MEGGNW

      BRAD WE NEED GREEN HAIR DYE. I'M TALKING A NICE VIBRANT EMERALD PLEASE. I personally will be your top customer, I NEED IT.

    68. Jessica Pasaribu

      BRAD CAN YOU PLEASE DO BROWN COLOURR😭😭 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE😭😭😭, i dont wanna dye my hair like pink but i wanna dye it brown and im just scared of my hair being damage and seeing this just makes me wanna dye my hair with your hair dye but too bad i havent find the brown colour so please do the brown colourrrr🙏🙏🙏

    69. Mawkwards

      I want it! But no shipping to Norway :( Hopefully in the very near future my hair will look as dazzling as that!

    70. Shawna Starr


    71. Brianna Flowers

      I hope he comes out with like a pearly grey or a grey

    72. Anaya Jønsson

      My hair is this hazelnut color and then in the sun it glows red kinda... and bc of that I’m not allowed to dye my hair- just cause my hair is this “special” color- but it’s okay ig bc I might be able to color some of it:]

    73. Rach

      Dang missed that code it’s past Jan 15 😭

    74. Gurgi Paws

      @Brad Mondo you are SOLD OUT of colour 🥺😡😭😭

    75. Leonie Green


    76. Kirra Jones

      Omg I got XMONDO color I got purple my hair is soo purple I love it.

    77. Kawaii Pop

      I wish I could have used your super pink hair color but it's all sold out. 😢 bleach/color fails here I come. 💀

    78. Camille Ana

      Brad mondo had to mush coffee ☕️

    79. kaite rongey

      Anyone else disappointed they didn't get stickers when they ordered? 🥺

    80. leeyah yeary

      It would look amazing

    81. leeyah yeary

      I think if you made a light blue die

    82. llivvy

      PLEASE ship to New Zealand I need to get my hands on this

    83. Da Peep Gamers

      Petition for part 2-

    84. K F

      I have dark Asian hair, and really wanna bleach my hair so I can dye it purple again, but afraid to try it at home. Any tips for bleaching stubborn Asian hair?! I wanna try Mondo's colors but don't want to ruin my hair 😓😓😓

    85. kimberly mehlinger

      Brad i love ur colors but i really want my hair red i wish u had a red in ur color choices

    86. Toxic White Waste

      Do you have an orange coming out? Like a bright orange?i would love it

    87. mta p

      Damn this is the first time a Maltese creator got noticed

    88. carter stidham

      i am BEGGING YOU make neon green dye

    89. Anita Singh

      This Video made me wanna dye my hair sooooo bad, but Brad‘s color is not available over here 😭

    90. Jeff Diggs

      Me and Brad both gagged the same way when we saw how bright her hair came out. 4:40

    91. ୭̥࿔《「Ꭿꪶꪗรร Ꮼ๓๖ꪹꪖ」》୭̥࿔ 《୭̥࿔『Ꭶꪮꪹ૮ꫀ Ꮥꫀຖรỉɬỉꪜꫀ』୭̥࿔》

      👀 I entirely want to see him tackle a teal-turquoise color. I know we’re just going to get a *green* one day and I’ll be so sad... neon green is “pretty”, but a ravaging abstract, in your face teal-turquoise pigment would be, absolutely fucking extra.-

    92. Yadira B

      Bitzy’s hair is EVERYTHING!💕

    93. Little Pickle

      Brad: my lab was like do you want pigment Me: he had a lab 😯😯🤑

    94. Lost Faith

      Am I the only one that’s disappointed that’s it’s not available in the Netherlands like i want I really do but I can’t...

    95. Elisa Bonath

      This looks so amazing. I love this Purple. When will it be possible to buy your products in Germany?? I need Glitterati in my Life!

    96. Adisty Khairunnisa

      Can you restock it? I just found your brand, saw the reviews and I fell in love with your product, and when I want to buy it, it's already sold out:((

    97. Lina Abate

      Brad Mando is you see this comment I have a question does this color work on dark ass crusty and musty ass afro hair?

      1. Lina Abate

        oki nvm i should really watch the full video before i ask questions lol

    98. Kortney Correa

      ugh I already have two bottles of purple dye BUT NOW I WANT TO DO BLUE INDTEADDDDD the third girl is so beautifulllllllll

    99. Georgia Morrison

      Will it work 0n DARk hair

    100. Nicole Walker

      How would it be on ginger hair? I tend to use a red or pink dye when i get the itch to dye my hair as i dont wanna lose the ginger colour permanently, and i use a semi perm dye too.