Hairdresser Reacts To People Dying Their Hair Bright Orange

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people dye their hair bright orange! These transformation were epic, stunning and a little questionable...
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    Published on 8 days ago


    1. Kenzie Hyland

      my favorite hair color on myself is orange

    2. Sierra Shannon

      I have dark brown hair, was just wondering if you're super red would color over it ?? Or would I have to bleach first.

    3. Saii Smith

      i dyed my own hair orange and it came out a natural red head look also 😂. people ask me a lot if it’s my natural color. my mom helped me and i just often get lucky with my at home allocations

    4. Anika Thirumala

      Lmao I hv die in my hair rn🥲

    5. Harley-Quinn

      I'm a hairdresser thank god mines never gone wrong 🤣🤣

    6. Savannah Tapley

      honestly this video is just brad being hilarious for 15 mins

    7. Cloud Gutierrez

      I was just thinking of dyeing my hair orange and I got recommended this.

    8. Alexis Flores

      “Thats for another video darling I’m going to stop you right there”😂

    9. not myname

      This is how I do hair at home idk what's happening and then boom

    10. Probby

      do i, a natural redhead, wanna get an enhancement of my natural color? or do i wanna go FERAL w a cool toned dark blue

    11. itzpinkyfan

      8:42 OMG

    12. ReddxCinderella

      I love fiesty Brad ♡

    13. cluxdy_Blossqm

      ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST idk why i have been sing that all day-

    14. Maddie Pickles

      The seconds lady reminded me of the lady that dates the black guy in criminal minds

    15. alexia

      girls being lucky with their hair dyeing results *brad:* it shouldn't be working this way *girls:* i'm gonna end up this man whole career

    16. alexia

      *no one:* *brad grande:* wE'rE BLEACHINg tHE hAIR

    17. liz Regan

      "Dry as hell, it'll get crusty" bit the more I replay it the funnier it gets😂

    18. Allison Wilson-Watts

      I love you @BradMondo

    19. celina jensen

      "Dry as hell, look at that crustyyy" - Dying

    20. Sophia Nílsson

      I wanna dye my hair but my hair has been falling out with my chemo sooooo

    21. keeho’s cowgirl

      go off oli london

    22. Ida Pauline Bordøy

      Omg your outfit🔥🔥

    23. Melanie Sanford

      Dyed my hair with box color yesterday. Noticed later on I missed a little spot. When should I be able to dye it again?

    24. Jordan Sparks

      Alyssa's hair really looked incredible on her skin tone!

    25. Living dead Girl

      I can’t believe your hairdye has sold out. Please let us know when the next restock is ❤️

    26. Mybloodytea679

      So lovely to see people dyeing their hair orange! It’s my favorite colour to have my hair

    27. Jenn Pendleton

      brads shirt def costs more than my rent

    28. Kristina Marquez

      I cringe when I watch these types of videos. I do hair & wanna shake them.

    29. lauren g

      Love how Brad says "you look so gorgeous" while I'm just laying in bed watching this with big granny rollers in my hair 😂😂

    30. ktothebeesknees

      I've been 🍊 for a year now and I am so in love w itttttt

    31. Zoe George

      i love how brad came with all the smoke this video :) lol

    32. AmandaLeigh

      Me: laying in bed, sick with COVID Brad: "you look so gorgeous" Me: 👉🏻👈🏻🥺

    33. jazpeters

      Brad should do a closet tour!

    34. jamie Yoho

      Brad u inspired me to curl my hair! For no reason at all i put my hair in rollers and looked fabulous. Then I got pulled over by the cutest cop and didnt even get warning. Stay Beautiful!

    35. Laura Gabrielle

      Well , I love this ep, obviously 😂🧡

    36. Woof

      I'm thinking of dying my hair a lavender gray, but I want to get it done professionally and also I want to wait until I'm actually going out again so people can SEE it

    37. Fangz Veritas

      Personal hair horror story: I accidentally turned my mids and ends into plastic! (True story) 😱😂

    38. jenny hamel

      Kayla is awesome, she's reno-ing an old cool mansion

    39. Alice Christina

      Digging the Backstreet Boys vibe Brad.

    40. Kayla McKissack

      “That’s dry as hell, look at it, crusty 😶” 🤣🤣🤣

    41. Quinita Pettaway

      I hope you like this and don't get at me too bad I watch your videos while I did this to my hair

    42. Lynn Devlin

      In the 80s I really wanted to be carrot orange 🍊 but never did it. The products are so much better now. Hmmm 🤔

    43. Jessica Johnson

      Thta girl with that green hair looks like Penelope Garcia

    44. Psychedelic Kitten

      To the one who used the special effects dye - Good luck getting that out later! 😹 I used special effects atomic pink 2 years ago and it’s STILL in my hair to this day haha (I’ve tried everything to get it out too nothing works, not even bleach) the only thing I can do is dye over it and keep trimming the ends until it’s all gone. I’m almost there :)

      1. Psychedelic Kitten

        Not a hate comment btw in case anyone gets confused, obviously I have no problem with them or what they choose to put in their hair :)

    45. Brandi Munguia

      I had professional (done at the salon), black dye on about 3-4 inches of my ends for years. My hairdresser would bleach the absolute f out of it every 6 weeks and, before I chopped off all my hair, it ended up a pastel neon pink. She would leave the bleach in for hours and even massaged it in at some points and it would still never go blonde.

    46. Mari Paez

      Loreal Hi color highlights is from the hair Gods! Works anytime. I've used it so many times and get the same amazing results!

    47. K NT

      I love the energy in this video 😂

    48. Chloe Tulloch


    49. Erica The Short

      Brad: 'You look SO gorgeous' Me: sitting with processing xmondo super pink in my hair piled atop my head "Ah, thanks! We'll see!" I haven't done any full color on my blonde hair in like over a decade. EXISTENTIAL CRISIS INCOMING. I can get back to blonde when I wanna I can get back to blonde when I wanna I can get back to blonde when I wanna.

    50. Tye'Jay Sanders

      You should do super ice blue super auburn super grey and more 😂

    51. Hurline Rose

      The abounding kilometer congruently continue because thomas preferentially smoke from a adaptable star. elated, acid deer

    52. Crystal Green

      @xmondo, the purple color was sold out within a couple of hours before I got home from work and could order some!!! It was not pleasure do business with you 👎

    53. jennifer pointon

      why is brad so sassy that day

    54. Sara Kjeldsen

      I love how every time he's like WTF that looks amazing?!

    55. Destiny Taylor

      That third girl is giving me some serious Penelope Garcia vibes right now! 😱😍

    56. Sierra Lorenz

      Literaloy screaming at the second vid. HOW DID SHE GET THAT RESULT ON THAT MESSY COLOR IM AMAZED 😍😭🥺

    57. dovesatdawn

      I need a tutorial from you on how to go from dark brown to copper please!! Perhaps using your color ;)

    58. Ryan Garthoeffner

      The 25th was my b-day🥳

    59. Lee Lee

      I have orange hair lmao youtube know me too well

    60. Haleigh Bleckley

      Last girl looks like Garcia on Criminal Minds 😍

    61. angelXDee

      I wish we have xmondo available in our country

    62. Kit

      I love seeing the “Bye USfilm!!!!” 🥺😭 Bye Twiiiiitch. 😹😭💓

    63. nekochii00

      I died the front of my head lol orange came out good but now im tired of it and its taking forever to fall out lol

    64. EmmGotJams

      I LOVE orange hair, and i would like to do a whole orange look at some point... but i don't wanna bleach my whole head seems outta my range lol

    65. Noose Cora

      Does anybody get the feeling brads a little bit bitchier than usual😂😂

    66. Amber S

      I live for sassy Brad.

    67. Amber S

      Green is sold out 😫

    68. changkra

      Are there any plans to market your hair dyes in the U.K.?

    69. Gülşah Kazancı

      Hi Brad! You should film a video about Hayley Williams's hair journey/revolution. She is a total icon for me, I would like to hear your opinions :)

    70. Bree Angel

      When are you restocking the super red?! I need it in my life

    71. Jessica McNicholl


    72. alicefromcrazyland

      I always wanted to be a readhead, I tried to use some drugstore dye that eventually turned me into red with bit of orange. And after this video I would love to try again, but I'm a coward who never bleached the hair and the hairdresser's are still closed xD

    73. Hi Hi

      0:00 No your beautiful and gorgeous 😤💖💖

    74. Rebecca Edger

      I hope someone on here could answer my question :( after doing extensive research on brad's super purple semi-permanent hair dye, I bought myself some as soon as it was restocked. I have naturally golden/darkish blonde hair and have some lighter streaks put in. As soon as my mam found out i bought some, she wasn't very happy with me and kept saying that since my hair is so light, the colour will never truly come out. I'm now lowkey shitting myself because I now don't know what to expect. I actually plan on diluting it a bit with conditioner and dying my hair lavender as opposed to bright purple, as i feel that would suit my skin tone more. So therefore will Brad's hair dye completely wash out eventually or will there always be a purple tinge until i get it dyed over again?

    75. Rebecca Staniewicz

      I just discovered this channel and now I am self conscious of my bad home dye job.

    76. Caitlin Wilmot

      Do u make semipermanent dye??

    77. casey Hager

      One time my friend and I bleached her hair through a cap. We put a shower cap over it and I looked over and her hair was steaming!! And we pulled the cap off and her hair came out with it. Good thing she had very thick hair.

    78. jamie Yoho


    79. Cynthia

      “They’re gonna miss spots. You know they are.” 😂😂😂

    80. [] Hello it’s me []

      “No orange” -me

    81. Nicole Gonchar

      Brad in every single video: yeah that’s gonna turn out absolutely horrible *turns out amazing* Brad : “oh 😐 nvm”

    82. Pinky Poler

      BRAD!!! Please do a HUGE restock on your colors!! I got the super pink a few months ago and I keep trying to buy more but it's always sold out and I really need a touch up. I even got on right when the restock came on 2/25 and it sold out too fast. I don't want to have to use another color line to touch my hair up because it just won't look as good.... please!! More!!! Super pink!!! K love you 💖

    83. Summer Oakley-Salas

      When are you going to have your colors back in stock?! Been wanting to try but always out :(

    84. jeannette marie

      Yes I've been waiting for green!!!!!!!

    85. Jessica lynn

      Look at it crusty

    86. Verr Pejsarová

      Brad: u look so gorgeous Me *with green hair cause I tried to cover my blue with brown box dye* ... :)))))))))

    87. Layla Baker

      Brad: Hi, beautiful. Me in bed sick haven't washed my hair in 5 days in a ponytail I've haven't taken out in 3. Yes, i look gorgeous. 😂

    88. MISSzanjuxiite

      Lashes on the first girl..she could fly if she wanted. No offense 😅

    89. Arie Reigle


    90. Kenia Limon

      can u please do a review on the function of beauty that they now SELL AT TARGET

    91. Deanna Weedy

      just died my hair orange/ginger , in the middle of doing it i got an email saying they were released

    92. Claire Harriman

      Hooray!! New colours xx

    93. Lauren Harrison

      Hey Brad you should do a collar with Hair Buddha ! He’s a French stylist that reacts just like you do great channel :)

    94. Daniela Eliza

      “Next time let’s just do it a little more right” 😂😂😂

      1. Cristina Antonac

        Girl, your hairrrr 😍

    95. Dark Horse

      Honestly I think orange may be the easiest because people who fail always get a bit of orange, though honestly I hate that colour on me after a shitty job by a Walmart hairstylist

    96. mahmoud tamer

      the last girl's hair looed like kimchee for a second

    97. Maria —

      hi brad! i hope you react to wolf cut hairstyles soon!! ily ❤️❤️

    98. Shannon Nonnahs

      thoughts on 2021 hair trends? colors, cuts, etc?

    99. Mayar Moutesim

      I live in a country that don’t have no good hair supplies and if I went to a hair salon they always messed up my hair

    100. Stephanie Vannoy

      I'm excited for the new colors!! I wish I was able to get the purple though when I get the restock notification haha!