Step By Step Guide To Flawless Balayage

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today I teach you my simple tricks to doing a full head of beautiful balayage highlights.
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    1. Brad Mondo

      Balayage is my favoriteeee! I hope I could teach you some things 😘

      1. Tamara Lynn

        Will this work for colouring hair as well?

      2. Cindy Nguyen

        Thank you so much for posting this!!! I can’t wait to try this on my boyfriend

      3. sana firoz


      4. Effy Salcedo

        Is balayage still In??😕

      5. Luna Love life

        Can i come to ur salon but im in englad :(((((

    2. Sewan Bandara

      Thank you

    3. Jasmine Troha

      He is so amazing so much talent 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    4. Diamarie Kaye Clamor

      I really LOL. Hahaha thought Brad has real client 🤣

    5. it's em

      oh no I really want to try this but I also live alone and have no idea how I could do this to myself lol

    6. Isabella R

      Am I the only one who thinks that he looks a little like Ian Somerhalder?

    7. Bavila

      I could hardly tell the difference and I expected lighter looking hair. I did like this technique!

    8. EVMRC

      does anyone know if this would work if your hair is dyed super dark?

    9. Ashley Miller

      Should I dye my hair brown first and then do this on top if I have greys I want to cover???

      1. Dia VM

        Literally what i am wondering too! Pesky grays!

    10. And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu

      This is what I wanted. Instead, my hairdresser teased my hair, bleached it randomly, not saturated at the bottom. I am streaked. My hair is streaky. Not very happy.

    11. WoolyDelav S.

      Ohhhhh, What's happened with the front very light parts???? Ha Braddy ? But anyway I love you and your funny video!!!

    12. Mina Lee

      Thank you for that great Video. We tried it and it worked so well! Greatings from Germany :)

    13. ANNIE OOH

      I'm gonna try this tomorrow on my friend who is trusting in me lol... I hope starting to learn sooner more profesionally

    14. Sandie Beauty

      I like the balayage he did to his hair , it is so much better, agree?

    15. Abi Jara

      My hair is very dark and I did it. Everything turned out good, except that my hair is orange in some parts now. Any help??

    16. Chanda Massey

      I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee to see a video on toning balayage with Redken Shades EQ including root smudges with different gloss on the ends :)

    17. Phinie

      And how should be part it if I usually part differently?

    18. Twisha Angral

      An angel on earth you r ❤️

    19. Cerah Bailey

      OMG!!! Brad I keep getting distracted by your hair!!! It is looking 🔥.

    20. ricky jenkins

      Great 👍🏻 job. Is that 8gn. From the gels as I can’t see it in the shades eq range x

    21. ricky jenkins

      Looks amazing 🤩 x

    22. Mimi Ramone

      Your hair training videos are everything. Relatively new subscriber & love your style. Thanks so much, especially during Covid I won’t be seeing a professional hairdresser here in Seattle (lately haven’t been 100% with their work). Until I’m back to New York to my homegirl’s salon, it’s all me. You’re Teaching me everything I did wrong and what to do right next time LOL Thank you!!!

    23. Hoodxo Calum

      So this isn't an ombre? Lol

    24. Eshita Prins

      Ok but what kind of toner did he/can i use for this colour hair?

    25. Jennifer Petersen

      I'm gonna have to try this because money's gonna be tiiiiight for the next 3 years.

    26. Alex S

      gonna be doing this to my sisters hair later today 😬 wish me luck!!

    27. Diana Ortinez

      Thank you for your videos. I enjoy watching all of them!!!

    28. Bonnie Mcmurray

      The ends look really green and muddy tbh, I would maybe put some copper in there to neutralize that and make it look more like the inspo. picture.

    29. Lilyanna Marie

      Hey Beutiful the only one who tells me that.

    30. Ssandra

      I dont have straight hair and my hair is so frizzy but still watching his video

    31. rutuja K

      I love him saying...Hi Beautiful...awww so cute

    32. Sarah Lloyd

      Why is no one talking about how he dyed his hair 🥰🥰

    33. Andi Flamenco

      Where do you get your gloves from?? I’m a barber in need of colored gloves cause black is boring

    34. Pheebs

      I can't believe some of yall can't see the difference lol

    35. Heidi Gonzalez Sepulveda

      I did mine, first timer, and I LOVE IT! Thank you Brad. 💕💕👏👏

    36. Amalhoa Carrasco

      Please!!! Do this for a curly girl who needs a retouch since my highlights are from almost 18 months ago :'(

    37. Randi 00

      How do you get the vaves?

    38. Upasana Deka

      I followed this and just did the lower part of my hair and I'm very happy with how it turned out 🥺 thengsss Brad 🥺

    39. Jackelin Haro acosta

      I honestly learned so much from this video. Everything that I questioned before and couldn't find is here! Yayyy! 😆 since my hubby does my balayage, we had some incidents lol what saved my hair was the hair highlighting cap to give my balayage that full highlight look. But it also depends if you want those shadows, then I might not recommend it.

    40. Robin Reynolds

      yo his hair is blonde again lol

    41. Amanda Rose

      I just got a balayage and the manikin looks way better than me 🤣😂🤣

    42. Kelsey Curtis

      Oh man, I'm doing this to my daughter today! 😬😬😬😬 Eeeek! Hey, if I mess up... I'll just dye it one color lol 🤣🤣

    43. Clau a

      Balayage is so hard to do, I have to go to the salon for a color correction. Better to leave that to the professionals. It is true what he says you will spend more money trying to do it your self. Never again

    44. Jennifer Coffey

      Have you done a video like this but with a lighter blonde result?

    45. Heart 1

      Support me plz

    46. Heart 1

    47. mili c

      can i do first balayage on long hair and then trim it or is gonna be a hot mess?

    48. J LO

      I’m doing this tonight.......or maybe tomorrow. I’m for sure doing it!

    49. Avy Skylla

      I should've watched this first before dying my hair. Lol 🤣

    50. Crystal V

      I’ve never done balayage on myself. But I did highlights on myself years ago. And he’s right wash it out in sections to make sure it develops evenly.

    51. Tess Martin

      I love your teaching.

    52. Shannan Dezarae Peralta

      I learned more about my hair during the 17 minutes of this video than I've known my whole 22 years of life 😂

    53. Nicole Belz-Johnson

      I’ve had 3 treatments I love it but I have a few to go to get to my desired blonde. 💕

    54. Ambar Keen

      So what if I want that hair color but am starting with a level 8/9 grown out balayage base? What can I do to get it to that chocolate balayage?

    55. Brissa1x

      I’m planning to do this to myself using box lightener. I used lightener before dw. I just don’t trust myself with bleach 🤷🏻‍♀️

    56. miilenn _g

      Very helpful !! 😁😁

    57. Yildis Castillo

      What kind of bleach did he use? So that the hair in between didn’t get bleached?

    58. Lily Parker

      I really wish I watched this video yesterday! I’m doing the exact same look on my manikin, and I’m not too happy with the highlights because I used the pinwheel method 😭

    59. Ishita Singh

      I m going to get this done this Sunday...doing loads of research beforehand to avoid mess in my hair..lmao...

    60. Michelle Beachlover

      I always hi-light my hair myself, and color my roots. I love using Shades EQ toner as well. If a few pieces get to light, boom the Shades EQ takes care of it.

    61. Mrs Reghan

      And what do you do if you have bangs? 😬 like Zooey Dachanel

    62. Lauren Jade

      we love ur new hair brad

    63. Rena H

      Oh I have been WAITING for this!! Thank you :)

    64. Tree M

      Like it a lot

    65. Laura Summers

      You are awesome, Brad. Thanks for doing these videos. So to confirm: you don't need foils for this? Thank you. Keep up the great work!!

    66. Tatiana Garcia

      I’ve actually been thinking about getting one recently then this vid popped up🤔so now I know it’s a must 😂

    67. STRANGER. millie.2000

      Blonde Brad Is back

    68. Talia Lorenzoni

      I was waiting for one blond amazing balayage... so sad!

    69. Anela Hynson

      Is lightner the same as bleach , i know i know, i dont know im sorryyy..

    70. LynZe SminZy

      Can you do a tutorial for a coloured balayage? Like blue to purple or red to orange? My mom tired it on me and we got a hard line across and almost no blended colour lol

    71. chel chel

      Brad: “And if you didn’t “ 😒 🤣

    72. faseela pp


    73. Manila S Samek

      Thank you look forward to do this.

    74. Wendy x

      So balayage is just bleaching the hair ?

    75. Amy Isham

      OMG I love your beige toned hair! What is this colour called!? It blends so nicely with your natural and your eyebrows XO

    76. Emily H

      Sooooo..... what if I were to try this on my blond hair with pink? I am curious....

    77. loonaplum

      I’m gonna need a tutorial for your hair color that’s my goal for my hair 👀👀

    78. Herleen Braich

      How do we do this on ourselves ?? Like the back sections ?

    79. huh

      Brad Mondo! okok so please if you have time to respond, what if i wanted curtain bangs too, do i dye it lighter on the bangs??

    80. Stephanie G

      I wish my last stylist watched this. I had to just cover it up with darker die because I was about to go back to a locked down base 😭😭 now I’m stuck on a navy base with no access to get real balayage.

    81. Mtn Tognettis

      Brad, if I wanted to try this but wanted my hair to be a merlot wine color with dark roots, would I put the wine color all over the lightened areas or the whole head? I can't seem to find this particular step anywhere

    82. bakhtawar shah

      Hey Brad, can i apply blue color on Loreal Paris excellence creme natural blonde?

    83. candychampa

      I just tried this technique and my results were AMAZING!!! I used 20vol though, just in case I took too long on some sections and couldn't wash it out in time. Thanks so much for posting this and doing you! xo

    84. Eirwen Alastrine

      Such a good video! I followed this on my own hair and it came out amazing! (Although a little orange 🍊😂)

    85. Bruna Arruda

      Brad you are awesome .period

    86. Love Babies

      And I just subscribed ☺ Cutie 💓

    87. Katie Holschlag

      You should react to ch527kerosene

    88. Julie-Anne Meaney

      15:01 Wow, it's good to see Melania is still working

    89. Marissa Milli

      I'm gonna do this diagonal sectioning for my ombre, thanks for the tips Brad! 🖤

    90. Maria Shahid

      Lmao, always wondered what this is called, finally it pops up in my feed 😔

    91. Anaelsin L

      I wish you could do my hair! You’re so good🥲

    92. xannabelliax

      I'd love to see a Brad Mondo / Guy Tang collab

    93. Worldwide Handsome

      How am i supposed to this all by myself😭

    94. Worldwide Handsome

      Im thinking of doing this dkskssbsks it looks so prettyyyyyy. But idk about the money thingy because my hair parts in different ways dkdndjsmsns

    95. pramneet kaur

      I have just started watching your channel and i'm loving it...your descriptions are vivid and you are soo cute..Seema(India)

    96. Inola Campbell

      I WANT BRAD TO DO MY HAIR SO MUCH I had my hair died blonde in June 2020 for my birthday and it was ash and greyey for the first couple of days until I washed it. first time I washed it it went brassy and yellowed brad please help me Im think of going back dark brown and doing a bayalge on dark hair. my blonde has grown out a bit but I don't want to damage it even more bye bleaching it because im letting my natural brown hair grow back if I can't like my blonde hair while its brassy. also by dark balyage I mean like the photos he showed

    97. Tree M

      I loved this guy

    98. LiL [ash]

      Hopefully Brad doesn't get demonitized for this sweatshirt. Lmao.

    99. Dominique Bowleg

      Brad: As you can see her hair looks completely different Me: You're one to talk😗

    100. Sasha Malik

      Love ur videos first time video commentor