I Dyed My Hair Super Blue And I'm Obsessed

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today I give myself a complete makeover and talk to you guys about my brand new color line XMONDO Color!!
    Shop XMONDO HAIR: www.xmondohair.com/
    Super Blue: xmondohair.com/products/super-blue
    Super Purple: xmondohair.com/products/super-purple
    Super Pink: xmondohair.com/products/super-pink
    Shop XMONDO COLOR: xmondohair.com/pages/xmondo-color
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    Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Karine Bogé

      oh yeah !!! im sooo going back to the blue !!!!

    2. Chadia De Schoenmaeker

      *crying in European*

    3. krisnahas79

      Hey brad ru still doing makeovers on us regular people lol. I would love and need a makeover from u. Please let me know if u r and where to send a video to

    4. Belind

      I really hope those product can ship to my country.. 😭😭😭

    5. Random Shuffle

      Those products look amazing. Maybe a copper next? I love copper, I have a dark copper currently on my hair.

    6. Ashley Courtemanche

      My life goal: a mondo make over 😭

    7. Jennifer Winn

      I would really like to see a video on the fade out of these. I'd love to play around with these (hello mermaid hair!), but I don't want to end up with green hair (again) particularly from the blue.

      1. Jennifer Winn

        Oh yeah, and will you be putting out some more "natural" looking shades in the future?

    8. Cupcake Babyy

      😍😍😍😍 I want!!

    9. Arianna Sidon

      You should make the color of your coat 😍 I would sooooo buy it‼️‼️

    10. Alexie Shaw

      Please do a grey colour!!

    11. Emmanuel Jhon Montecino

      No more stocks 😭😭😭

    12. Keisha Grace ♥️

      Love thissssss

    13. Melissa Hamiton

      Just here waiting for the burgundy/red lol...

    14. India Fox


    15. Bushra Mazyad

      how can i get it in kuwait ?

    16. Rachael Brown

      Brad! Where is your black and white sweater from??? I needs it!

    17. Sweet Random Talks By Erica Enriquez

      Can't wait to see more colors added to his line😸💚

    18. Alex Quinn

      Are you going to create any subtle colors? I love the colors you have so far but in my job I can’t have super flashy bright colors.

    19. Zephyr Dragonfire

      I'm obsessed with that blue mohawk on you too lol!

    20. Sydney Mcghee

      Watching this & realized Brad has 66.6M subscribers 💀

    21. Grace Magee

      Just got my color in today!!!! Can’t wait to try it out!!!

    22. NotAndrewXD

      Ugh I wish I would have found this sooner. I dyed my hair in december and I got it from Sally's Beauty Supply and it's around the same color but you have the color I wanted.TBH it looks amazing on you.

    23. Toshia Huble

      It’s sold out when are you getting more product and are you planning on different colors?

    24. Laura Walkendorf

      why he look like hades from descendants 3 tho also why he pulling it off

    25. Carly Quinn

      Please Please Please Make Red, Orange And Yellow Next?! Please?! Im Dying To Do My Dream Hair Color But Now I Dont Want To Do It Until I Can Do It Entirely With Your Color Products! The Blue Is Perfect For It Just Need The Rest Of The Colors To Do So. Your Amazing Btw!!!

    26. sUnflOwerz ahAh

      Do bright red !!!!!

    27. Chantal

      I just bought all of them and I started with super pink. I LOVE IT. My boyfriend told me I look younger (45yo here lol). Color is SO vibrant. Can't wait to try blue and purple! ;) Thank you Brad, you actually helped me start 2021 in a fun/positive way!

    28. Tayanita Hodges

      I have the Super Blue I bought 6 days ago but I'm honestly sooooo scared. I've been natural shadow root blonde for over a year and I love it but I'm so ready for something new

    29. Rayven In Wonderland

      Right now I am watching this with super pink on my hair

    30. Leon Zane

      Mines coming Tuesday I’m sooooo excited

    31. Aggelo tzeve


    32. sophiaiswisdom1

      What other colors will you be providing in your line upcoming Brad?

    33. Dellk Arxis

      Me mataste! Im dead! OMG its sooooo uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh

    34. PopTartTumbleAby

      what are the similarities and differences between XMondo color and Overtone

    35. fiercejoy Joy

      The Canadian price isn’t even that bad ( shipping was almost the same price as the colour 😐) I’m 48 and a mom of 8 kids and lightened my very sad post chemo hair tonight- ( looks ridiculous, thank heavens it’s winter in Canada and I can wear a toque!) right after ordering xmondo pink and now I wait for UPS to bring me my fun!! I can’t wait for the ladies at church to check out the FIRE! Thanks for this #bradmondo

    36. Amy Moore

      Received my blue color today in the mail, can’t wait to play!!!!!

    37. Kelli Donner

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING PINK AND BLUE!!!! My hair is half blue and half pink. I have been using pravana vivids but, its a hit and miss on my hair. Sometimes it soaks in the color but there are times where it doesn't even make a dent in my hair. I am definitely super excited about using your color line!!!

    38. Lauren Tones

      Love love love ❤️ your hair

    39. valeturo

      Oustanding. You look SO good 😍

    40. scuzzywaters s

      me: oh this looks really cool and seems relatively simple, might have to try it out brad: aloe vera is great for the scalp me, allergic to aloe: understandable, have a nice day

    41. HaydenCooper

      Is it permanent or temporary

    42. Maddy More


    43. wrigley

      I'm trying to figure out if I want to use super purple or super pink 😩

    44. angelofdeathstyle

      Brad look like a punk style elf its a good thing

    45. Ilonas Mukke

      #bradmondo did you ship your products to Europe Germany . The colors are so beautyful

    46. Lady Crystallia

      Cassidy's face when you said "we've seen many bleach damage over time" 😭😂 lmao it really summed it up

    47. FiffidieErste

      Is it enough in one tub to color my shoulderblade long hair? And also plssss do green and bright red 😍

    48. Respect Others .

      Love the colors but I was wondering when you’ll be doing new colors maybe a little softer colors?

    49. Krystin McFalls

      can xmondo do a red now pwease? 🙂

    50. Lindsey Hartley

      I love how he says our brand and not his brand ....

    51. Violet Rose Quast

      Is the x mondo colour safe to use on Kinky hair?

    52. Saria

      How good can a human being look, damnnnnn. Especially that eye shadow brings this look together soooo well!!!

    53. Rebecka

      I was going to buy your pink and purple colors but I couldnt order to Sweden 😭😭😭

    54. PG - 03TS 860585 Churchville PS

      Girl you need James Charles to help you with your make up

    55. Vanessa Whitehead

      Would it be possible for you to make smaller tubs for $14? I think it'd be cool if you sold smaller tubs for a cheaper price so I could get multiple colors.

    56. HaydenCooper

      If you had brown I would buy it

    57. Francheska Jimenez

      How long will it last?

    58. Mia Thomas

      Do super purple pls

    59. Gianna Capella

      how long dose it last for and how many washes

    60. RetroMoonpie

      Will it stain your tub when rinsing out?


      My hair is like a reddish pink colour and I don’t know if it would work with the hot pink and lift it to be bright

    62. Alanna St. Peters

      I can't wait for more colors, I'd love to see a copper/ginger color!!

    63. Vicky Cosmetics

      Hey bro so I really need your help I’ve been wanting to dye my hair an hombre type of style with black and blue but my hairstylist have been telling me that I can’t do it because my hair is too thick and it’s a virgin hair so do you think I can still bleach my hair and it come out good?

    64. Kylie Segebrecht

      “And it makes me kinda look like a dirty like skater boy, and I kinda like it.” lol I love Brad!

    65. viviana sanguino

      Umm Brad, I can’t buy it in Mexico... or ship it... help? I need thiiisss

    66. Jacquelyn Zeleny

      BRAD. HI BEAUTIFUL. I wish I could try your new hair color. However, my job requires a more conservative look. I’d love to see a vibrant yet natural looking honey or pale blonde color that I could get away with using. Love u.

    67. Francesca Convertini

      I love your style😍

    68. Kayla Orrell

      after brad does his colors line I hope he does a natural color line (blonde, brown, black, orange, etc) 🥺 I need a dirty blonde hair mask 💅✨

    69. Ashlyn Maloney

      so i doubt ur ever gonna see this and i texted it to u but ur prolly never gonna see that either so here we are i just want to thank you so much for everything you have done. you inspired me to love hair at a very young age (im 14 so like when i was 10) and i want to thank you for that. in every video you post you radiate positive vibes and i love that about you. its because if you i want to become a hairdresser and at 14 i know what i want to do. its because if you that i might get a job at a hair salon ( the legal working age jn Florida is 14) so just thank you for inspiring me to want to do hair.

    70. Anna Dang

      Brad, the blue looks so great on you! (and that make-up as well! 🤩😏) But I am literally devastated right now. I was looking to buy your colour only to see that you're not shipping to Germany (yet)...... 😭💔😔

    71. Italiana 626

      That blue is amazing!!! You look so so so good.

    72. sohini ghosh

      Are you planning on making more colours other than these 3 ??? Btw love your channel...love from india.🤗🤗🤗

    73. Lauryn Joe

      I neeeeeeed your hair colors

    74. Fatima Delgado

      will the color wash out completely after x amount of washes ? or is my hair going to be stained a little bit for ever?

    75. Autismsketch Artist

      Love haircolor it fantastic🙊💯😊

    76. Marissa M

      Please give me neon green 🥺💖🤞🏼

    77. Madi Fae

      You know how when you do something your self, it feels better at the end? That is how Brad is feeling at the end of this video. He made that color from scratch and used it for his own hair. He loves it more cuz he made it himself and I love that for you Brad 💕

    78. Lorraine Gnanadickam

      When r u gonna deliver to Australia?

    79. Mason Christensen

      Does the blue look blue on red/ ginger hair? Most don't 😔

    80. Aaron Jackson

      I‘ll wait until more colours come out, and hopefully the price to come down before I decide to buy it.

    81. Ladybeastm0de

      Hope to see a green color soon!

    82. Leticia Baez

      Question for someone whom hair reaches their ass and wants to dye would they benefit buy two or would one be enough ??

    83. Рэн Рамеовна

      Can you please export these to other countries?! Not fair that I can't use these just because i don't live in the us 💔💔😭😭

    84. Lucía Gil

      Seeing Brad as a blonde again 😱

    85. Liz

      07:07 and in this phrase brad got me I trust anything with aloe vera in it Its great for your hair, your skin and your health. Yes brad you're rocking it Also i have always wanted to die my hair the bi flag shades

    86. Pastel Disaster

      "Let's bring in Miss Cassidy!" Me: *is named Kassidy and doing my hair as I watch this* 👁👄👁

    87. Bruh

      When u bleached the top of ur head it gave me flashbacks of when this boy asked me out out of nowhere 😭😭

    88. de barend squad

      Are you ever gonna ship to the Netherlands cause I really wanna dye my hair blueee

    89. Sheherbano Haroon

      my hair is darrrrkkkk darkkkkkk brown/black so should i bleach it before i use the dye? plz let me know

    90. Chantal Cimaroli

      When will you have more colors

    91. Lord Maximus Farquaad

      Pretty please with a cherry on top please react to this usfilm.info/fire/lsltjqCsfo-E1Ng/video.html

    92. Angel Marie

      I LOVE your hair! You are beautiful!

    93. Leah Jade Turner

      Wow! Brad 😍 your hair colours sound the most amazing hair colour ever! What an amazing think that you have invented! 😍😍 xx

    94. Caitrianna Dawn

      can you make a video using XMONDO color on ginger hair pleaseee

    95. Hannah Pauley

      hear me out. xmondo conditioning bleach.

    96. chrissa b

      I wanna see this on diff shades of hair ❤❤❤❤

    97. Queen Panda Squad


    98. Susy Gee

      BRAD MONDOOOOOOOO💗 I want you to make a video about NATURAL redheads 👩🏻‍🦰 Not many people know how to treat it since most redheads have to be using shampoo that’s for brunettes or blondes😭 I want to know shampoos or conditioner that bring out natural redhead highlights or shampoo or conditioner that maintains the hairs shine and softness🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻PLEASE PLEASE make a video about natural redheads♥️LOVE YOUR VIDEOS👩🏻‍🦰💗💗

    99. Lourdes Chapa

      Finally, all in one color !! Will u be coming w/other colors for maybe ur older fan based community, like the vibrancy of color but would love a bit muted as still working in the corporate sector that does not necessarily allow these beautiful vibrant colors. Thanks so much for teaching & bringing this color treatments that r amazing! Blessing & continue success ❤😊

    100. Madeleine Cotgrove

      Bring it to Australia