Hairdresser Reacts To At Home Haircuts Gone Wrong

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people attempt at home haircuts and end up with not so desirable results.
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    Published on 29 days ago


    1. Esther Rama

      LMAOOOO he crushed on the second girl soooo hard 😂❤

    2. More Kackie

      I’m so glad you left the beginning giggle attack in

    3. Xuxa Hernandez

      The second lady did a good job... I am not sure why she's in this video.

    4. Emma promise

      not even 1 min into the vid : Brad : eAaARrEeeHHHghHh

    5. Monami Mukherjee

      7:34 Why does that look like Narcissa Malfoy to me? Am I really that obsessed of Harry Potter??!

    6. Emma

      what kind of hair style to make your jaw look smaller?

    7. Julie the Seamstress

      Brad dear, do you completely do your own haircutting? It always looks awesome 😎

    8. Tay lor

      The video starts Me: What’s on Brads shoulder whatever he will realize it soon The video almost over Me:OMG ITS A TAG IM SO DUMB Reading all the comments about the tag and laughing ✌️

    9. Faith Avery

      i love his and emmas banter its so funny. little comedic relief for these stressful videos haha

      1. Esther Rama

        Who is Emma btw? Is she part of the camera crew, or his friend??? I'm new and really confused here haha

    10. Mery Buyanovsky

      The first girl reminded me of Courtney form the last ANTM season...JUST.AS.ANOYING

    11. Tammy Tattoos and piercings

      brad mondo do a video of people cutting there hair for charity I would love to see that

    12. Lizzy Griffiths

      Watching all Brad's videos just so someone calls me beautiful in the day 😂😂

    13. Bonnie Elizabeth Scott

      I appreciate you telling me I look amazing right now! Thank you! ::laughs:: Currently, I have a nose strip on my nose so I can breathe better, need to wash my hair and I think I’ve lived in this same outfit for the last three days.

    14. JustAGirl WhoLovesShawnMendes

      Bruh i didnt know that girls name was Emma and I thought the comments were abt Emma chamberlein lol i was like WHERE

    15. Nina . G

      Is brad married I see a ring

    16. Ashley Wilks

      Brad...i know this is random...but i just wanted you to know that you are such a beautiful man! i love what you do!! keep doing you boo..fabulous

    17. Rebecca Hetrick

      I've cut my hair using the ponytail method many, many times and it always came out great. But we also did it the correct way, where you put your hair up in a ponytail the same way that you would normally wear it in a ponytail and not my pulling it all straightforward in front of your face...

    18. Rebecca Hetrick

      Brad's got the 'laughing so hard that no sound comes out and you're scared you're going to be your pants laugh' going on!!

    19. Sanijah McCrimmon

      Brad's blazer needs it's own channel..

    20. Baylee Gaming and More

      I have a ledge on both sides of my hair that I cut by myself sadly the amount of hair is not even but I like it except when I pull my hair in a low pony

    21. veronica zamora

      You are so sweet and the best

    22. Courtney Nunez

      Hahahahaha the “who let this girl have all these ponytails???” I’m dead 😂💀

    23. Amy Franklin

      Why do people with beautiful hair feel the need to destroy it? Is it too much pressure? Too silky? Too beautiful!!!?!? 😭😭

    24. Vonnie Allen - guy

      I am so glad my mom actually forced me to go to the hairdresser instead of cutting 8 inches off at home 💀

    25. Sara Nava

      Brad: hi beautiful Me eating chicken tenders and tater tots with my greasy hair: *nods and smiles*

    26. Sarah Rose

      Every time it zooms in, that Balenciaga tag calls me poor in a different language

    27. Leah Stout

      Watching while waiting for the box dye in my hair that I just cut myself to set. I'm sorry.

    28. sIouriae :3


    29. January Frano

      Emma laughs like I do I love it lol. Some of you are really weird for getting jealous or upset that brad talks to emma in his videos😂😂. Can't imagine the jealousy if she is ever in a video. The only thing I agree with someone saying is we should get some subtitles for her! I want to know what she is saying

    30. BlueRamen_playZ

      i am so glad my mum is a hairdresser

    31. Natalie Hoogerwerf

      I swear Brad gets hotter every video lol KILLIN' that shit

    32. Krutika

      He looks like gay version of damon Salvatore

    33. lolo ro

      I used your at home haircut tutorial and it has saved me so much money and .y hair doesn't look half bad, thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

    34. Suzette Newberry

      He should react to a compilation of Penelope Garcia's hairstyles from criminal Minds.

    35. Juju Bean

      Brad make a video where you play Toca hair salon!

    36. natalia grace

      What i would do for Brad to do my hair omg

    37. Christian B

      I’m laughing at everyone getting jealous of Emma getting some of Brad’s attention lol

      1. Anya Gurav

        I saw comment where someone literally suggested if brad and Emma wanna talk they should make a separate channel, jeez....cause they didn't get their jokes lol

      2. Anya Gurav

        Ikr people are so easily annoyed, it's so silly

      3. 土萠 ほたる

        Same lol like it didn’t bother me at all

    38. Sparklzz Lit

      brad : laughs me : 😃💗

    39. Kayla Fisher

      English is just not liking you today..... lol

    40. Nicole A

      The girl in the last video looks just like Uma Thurman wtf lol twins for sure

    41. Denisse Gómez

      Everytime i feel bad i watch this video for the ahaha- it just keeps me going

    42. Ginger Mac

      Emma put him on the spot !!! Lol love it !!

    43. Jae M

      That blue looks beautiful on you Brad😍

    44. ImSoLament

      First girl had an Ava Max moment with her hair

    45. A Gee

      "Why are you so pretty" literally what I say everytime I see Brad.

    46. Morgan Ronan


    47. Mandy Pants

      I cut my wife’s hair with thread scissors. It wasn’t bad and was even cause of a brad tutorial. I also trimmed her undercut.

    48. Ariana Gil

      Emma and brad in this video are HILARIOUS 😂 I love them both so much

    49. Cheezay Ballz

      The girl in the second video is soooooo pretty. OMG

    50. Emma Hoggard

      Wow, Brad looks really good. Like, really good *Debby Ryan hair tuck*

    51. Liz Kerr

      "Great.........effort 👍" made me wheeze.

    52. Freya Burgess

      We need more of Emma in your videos!!!

    53. Emily Gregory

      The beginning made me smile. Thank you so much!

    54. Rena Cayari

      I wanted to cry watching the long braids being chopped lol but it turned out SOOO nice in the end

    55. Christina Tafoya

      I have a gonna shave my head, do I color before or after??

    56. Matthew Janke

      do an episode on the gorilla glue girl

    57. Antheaxe U

    58. AllBLKEveryting

      "BALENCIAGAAAAAAA!" -Myrtle Snow

    59. RAY LUXE

      I can't stop watching you LOL

    60. Bootious Maximus

      I watch these videos mainly for Brad saying "hey beautiful" at the start because sometimes we just need that

    61. Leah Joyce

      The second girl looks like Addison Rae

    62. Ivy b

      I love a strong nose!!!

    63. maya lalouani

      It it just me or does brad not like doing these anymore

    64. sushblush

      are you talking about "paintedbyspencer" when you said they do a little giggle after saying a few sentences bc he sure does that

    65. LolRain xx

      i’ve been trying to put a face on brad mondo’s assistant for so long

    66. Brittany Rust

      I love the wink and I love yu Brad

    67. Roberta Phillips-Girling

      the first 2 minutes of you brad was SO funy

    68. Yasmin Ben Salem

      I can’t stop staring at the Balenciaga logo 😐✋

    69. Eline

      the second girl cut her hair so short cuz she was donating it :)

    70. Jasmine Roman

      I love the relationship between Brad and his employee Emma they are hilarious not taking each other seriously is the best for videos bickering like brother and sister is the best

    71. karina tt

      It’s a spasm 😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

    72. Linnea

      ok but what was with the flashy light at the end of the first girl's video? and could you please warn us if something like that happens in another video? I'm epileptic and it was pretty harsh for me :(

    73. Stefka Rosa

      Regretting the fact that i cut my hair with kitchen scissors last night and didnt record it, i feel like a bad ass bitch

    74. Haylie Navarro

      the first girls voice was so annoying😂

    75. Rachel Freeland

      The second girl looked so beautiful with her cut.

    76. Mikayla Pollin

      Gawwwwwddd I did this but so WORSE in 7th grade. I had long curtain bangs but it was just straight across at the bottom 😭 and then my other hair was long long, it looked so bad I just put my hair behind my ears forever until it grew 😭😂

    77. Lola H

      Was Brad drunk today?

    78. Bella gomez

      Who else wants the old intro back :(☹

    79. Niknak

      Forgot to cut that taaag I see

    80. AAB 22

      I dont like. The new edit of the side talks

    81. ITR Polygraph

    82. Jennifer

      Yup, I used to do the ponytail method. Such regret. And yet I kept doing it... Thank goodness I've figured it out now xD

    83. Sarah Boothe

      For some reason Brad reminds me of Ian Somerhalder Bc of the intense jaw line cheek bones and eyes 😂😂

    84. Jasmine Ramirez

      This is probably one of my favorite BranResponse Videos. The banter is GREAT!!!

    85. Lilyanna Marie

      Hey Beutiful the only one who tells me that.

    86. Adélie Marc

      why does he look like damon?

    87. Liana Louise

      I have black hair and have for a while... how and what can I do different with it? every idea i get seems impossible to achieve

    88. Kelly Kelly

      2:00 Anyone else think she looks like Anne Hathaway?

    89. Jayy Jokela

      Balenciaga really do be doing clothes dirty with that tag 🥴

    90. Jayy Jokela

      The girl who went SUUUUPER short with bangs is so cute 🥺🥺🥺 Wowowowowow I swoon

    91. Ammie Muirhead

      Is it just me or does he look like Damon off of vampire diaries 👀👀🤪✨

    92. Sandy

      I haven't been to a salon in over a year now. Everytime I get the urge to cut my hair, I come here and watch the DIY haircuts lol

    93. Gen Hensley

      Give Emma a mic! 😁

    94. TheTardyOwl VG

      Omg Emma punning Brad is everything I never knew I needed

    95. Chocolate Turtles


    96. skorpia g

      Please react to trendy hairstyles. Which you can see being easy to manage that will stick around. Which are ridiculously ugly and which are expensive thing maintain/hard to grow out/ a bad look for most people . Can we get best products for super long hair? Best cuts? Make it a series please.

    97. Tobias Perry

      I thought there’d be a giggle after the water

    98. Laura Joy

      When you straiten wavy hair then cut a strait line, won't the wave will come back and the line is no longer strait??? My hair is Irish/Scandinavian/Welsh. My curl is never in the same place day after day, it is in a diffrent place every day.

    99. SilverMaychan

      This is why I would never dare to cut my on hair.

    100. Georgia Harrison

      Emma dont be mean😔💙