Hairdresser Reacts To Americas Next Top Model Makeovers S.14

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch Cycle 14 of Americas Next Top Model makeovers! We had some really cute makeovers this cycle and some very lame ones but as always I shared every last thought and opinion I had about each makeovers :)
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Alexis Calvetti

      Brad Mondo should be the ANTM hairstylist, if the show was still going but it aint TwT

    2. Kelly

      John & Kate + 8 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Princoro

      "7 years is a concerning amount of time" me, who has never had a professional haircut:

    4. boys_and_the_booze

      I remember Raina from a McDonald's commercial and Jessica from a condom commercial.

      1. bcvbb hyui

        To wich Sex do you recomend it, or Like its neutral

    5. Darla Driskill

      And wtf is happening with the makeup I’m sorry maybe it’s just me idk

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Adorable dog❤

    6. Kaylee Fulcher

      its kind of fucked up, its like they set some girls up to fail on purpose

    7. Jamaya Monson

      John and Kate plus 8 had me on the floor 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    8. Cath Nailtheday

      I love how bitchy Brad is lately 🤣🤣🤣

    9. Amber H

      whatever that outro song is.... it's FIRE

    10. Abigail Lucas

      The video starts at 2:30

    11. oiuet souiu

      That poor girl that got the “Karen classic” heartbreaking 😭

    12. Kim Wold

      First time i hear someone compliment a nose because it's boxed and not so tiny

    13. Chantel Simpson

      I still miss Janis Dickerson days

      1. oiuet souiu

        sure, you would have fun with them too.

    14. Official Bloom Trail Yearbook

      In the beginning of the vid, Dog: clearly getting choked. Lol

    15. Char lotte

      React to the makeovers of germany's next topmodel by Heide Klum next!😍 there are many seasons to choose from

    16. Kay


    17. Just Jordan

      It's like the want to find the hair cut that will make the girl cry her eyes out ...

    18. Ash White

      I love the red heads hair cut honestly

    19. Lexi the Slither-puff

      Adorable dog❤

    20. Norsnor

      To wich Sex do you recomend it, or Like its neutral

    21. bocoy noiu

      Why aren’t we talking about that horrible makeup. It ruined every look.

      1. wabbajack wabbajack wabbajack

        Am I weird in thinking I like to bold eye looks?...I think it’s very ahead of it’s time, but I am not a fan of the bold lips...

    22. Alayna Brown

      I HATE when ANTM would say "Do u know what you're getting? A MAKEOVER from THE best stylist in LA NY or wherever"... then they walk out with they head all fucked up. NOPE.

      1. bocoy noiu

        Germanys next topmodel please ❤

    23. S.Bob

      My goodness this guy is so handsome

    24. Ollie Drennan

      tbh this cycle had the worst/boring makeovers collectively

    25. Marsena

      Awww, the dog is adorable!!!

    26. Nunya Bidniss

      Lol I knew Brad was gonna LIVE for Naduah

    27. kweenadafool

      Why don't radox do deodorant? Or whoever makes those fruity shower gels. I wanna smell like a zesty orange or jasmine ffs. I'm fed up of shitty deodorant smells like "fresh" or "cool". Rubbish uk being rubbish as usual 😑

    28. aimaFHS

      That girl with the “sexy” red hair was done so wrong 😥 they should of left it alone or if anything just add more body to her hair but man they messed her up

    29. Victoria H

      Hey Brad! First of all - I love your videos! Second - you could also react to the make-overs from Germany‘s next Topmodel by Heidi Klum. They‘re the highlight of the show and I’m sure, you would have fun with them too.

    30. Mila Gualip Kelley

      I use native I don’t need a sponsor but I still love your videos

    31. Victoria

      Anslee got screwwwwed. :(

    32. My Brain

      I miss seeing you watch it at the same time....

    33. theotherkira

      "Your hair's too sexy... let's ruin it."

    34. Jazz :]

      can we start a outfit of the day please. i needa see the entire fit darling

    35. Rock girl

      “Listen...they didn’t like you” I’m DEAD

    36. Hailey Green

      I belive they pic they fav people from the beginning and they pic like a good 5 so they can see witch one can do the best.... There was one season were this girl won like almost every round and didnt win she was the last two like literlly alot of peeps thought she was gunna win but nope she didnt it really surpised me like fake?

    37. Chop chop chop

      I agree. Krista is just... Stunnnniiing! ✨👁️👄👁️✨

    38. emmaline soso

      Day 3 of asking for germanys next Topmodell 😀

      1. Rock girl

        I think Raina was second place, shes stunning

    39. Chantal K

      Germanys next topmodel please ❤

    40. M is for makeup


    41. Alisa Hayeva

      I love this series so much. 😁

    42. Bella B

      When you said deodorant, the closed caption said uterus...

    43. Pabli

      I still can't believe Raina didn't won

    44. bcvbb hyui

      “Yesss Tyra give us nothing” LMAOOO 😂💀

    45. Fabuloso Betania

      Tyra has the worst ideas, like just stop.

    46. Mariam Iqbal

      I wish you had a makeover show!

    47. parker austin

      You should do what not to wear transformations!!! Some are pretty sweet !!

    48. Piyu Sarkar

      That poor girl looked like Miranda from sntc

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Alright, why isn’t anyone talking about the jazzersize outfits they put them in, or the blue eyeshadow?

    49. Allyson Torrey

      Dude Ansley looked good with her original hair then they made her look like Charming from Shrek 2

    50. seeni gzty

      Why do they hire the literal worst stylists for that show it drives me nuts.. most of them look worse afterwards in every season

    51. Amanda Marie

      Fun fact: Rayna was in the music video for Sugar by Maroon 5 and that was how I knew they weren't crashing real weddings :(

      1. seeni gzty

        What was happening with them lips yo look like cartoon lips

    52. Aryana Squire


    53. Wolfroar xx

      I think Raina was second place, shes stunning

    54. KataliaMeiri

      Sorry these people are just idiots. Make over my arse, it’s mostly a disaster.

    55. Myrthe van der Heijden

      Bro Jessica looks so much like Lili Reinhart

    56. Captain Mulligan

      I forgot about most of these girls. What a forgettable season.

    57. Jessica Amethyst

      Fucking Tyra. That’s legit not cool. Especially the girl with long,”sexy hair” to that. Come tf on. Please. Yous a haterrrrrr

    58. Lia Nam

      Why are they making them look soooo pale ?! Is that the trend or something ?

    59. kolim jone

      “Listen...they didn’t like you” I’m DEAD

    60. bebel

      brad literally looks like a multimillionaire philanthropist with this outfit

    61. シHᴀʟᴇʏ

      2:51 *Im not like the other girls*

      1. kolim jone

        Tyra and the team really out there botching these girls 😂

    62. Sharkbunny22

      Alright, why isn’t anyone talking about the jazzersize outfits they put them in, or the blue eyeshadow?

    63. Cheese

      “You guys know I love an alien moment.” That’s a vibe

    64. Mistress Of Carnage

      For someone with simular punk kind of tastes, we sure do disagree with nearly all model makeovers

    65. Kaalo Lovett

      These are ugly

    66. Asena Zov

      Equally terrified

    67. Mimi Grabner


    68. miya _rai

      What was happening with them lips yo look like cartoon lips

    69. Moonlight Club


    70. Louise Haggarty


    71. Stacy West

      Why does every blonde color look the same though? ANTM “makeover” blondes have always been awful with just a couple of exceptions.

      1. Kim S

        Because "pee of a dog on fresh snow" is such a good colour

    72. ghost

      As a person who has shaved and grown out my hair multiple times, yes, that is exactly what the woman at 9:24 looks like. And that was always my least favourite part or growning my hair out again hahahhha

    73. LaraBlue

      11:55 Jessica: OH MY GOD, HOLY CRAP Me: ... she...looks...the same??? Brad: baby girl you look the same Me: ok thanks i'm not crazy wtf

    74. FrozenSimmer Productions

      Brad, just react to the other Next Top Model shows all over the world! Like Asia's Next Top Model, Australia's Next Top Model, and so on!

    75. Lenny Arcade

      It feels so genuine when you call me beautiful. Only just discovered you but loving your content. You are awesome Brad.

    76. Mads

      Poor girl got the Karen cut sorry brad I’m a Scorpio too 😩❤️

    77. N8 & Nadi ツ

      Tyra and the team really out there botching these girls 😂

    78. sehhi vooty

      They did that redhead girl dirty. Her after look literally looks like a character from this super old German children's show called Pumuckl. Not even joking. Google it 😳

    79. Lauren

      The fact that they think half of these look good. 😑

    80. kennedy carter

      ansley looks like season 1 spencer reid😀

      1. sehhi vooty

        Britain’s next top model next??

    81. Just Away

      the lipstick looks were so ugly omg

    82. Jem C

      “Listen...they didn’t like you” I’m DEAD

    83. Britnie Walton

      I don't think it's the hair cuts. I think it's the thick gross makeup that's throwing it all off.

    84. Em Bem

      “they really fucked you up” 😩😂 I agree. Pee pee mom hair

    85. Nat Etche

      I still don't know why they took the before photos with their hair tied.... The before and after photos are horrible always

    86. Bear twins

      Him: SHE HASN’T GOTTEN A HAIRCUT IN 7 YEARS!!?? Us: Laughing our brains out Also Him: Why am I being so mean today

    87. Annie Burke

      ANTM really did Angelea dirty in All Stars.

    88. Tawni S

      Severe John and Kate plus 8 😭😭😭

    89. Starla Fernandes

      why did they do the edward cullen hair? >.

    90. Lola

      not the john and kate plus eight moment💀

    91. Brwnydgrl1981

      What a cute doggie! 😍

    92. Piper Jeffrey

      the makeup looks on the models are TERRIBLE

    93. Lila Jomaa

      Okay but I had Native deodorant for six months, and it wore off really quickly. I wouldn’t recommend it if you sweat a decent amount, because it will ball up under your arms even if you’re barely sweating.

    94. SixthSenseSynesthete

      Am I the only one who hated the neon eyeshadow going above the eyebrows? Lol

    95. Curvy Diva

      Brad I have not cut my hair or coloured it in 4 years. Head of natural, virgin, beach waves that is extremely long (But thin and fine) You are welcome to take it and go mad. (Edit: Seriously. Native is Great. And the paper packaging is deadly. I am not getting paid to say this. Obviously.)

    96. Danni Laura

      Britain’s next top model next??

    97. Lauren J

      Okay we gonna talk about Raina's makeup? Full joker mouth

    98. Lucy

      The red head be looking like miranda from satc

    99. Emilia

      You still have season 23 to watch!! Some great makeovers!

    100. pinks' property

      He's pet dog looks so exactly like hank_says_hank wooh 😗 rosé!!!!