Hairdresser Reacts To People Bleaching Their Hair Following My Tutorial

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people follow my at home hair coloring tutorial and things didn't go exactly as planned...
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Brick WALL

      The asian in the third segment is blaming Brad Mondo?? ASIAN hair is one of the most difficult to lift and then Madame Blamer already has color in her hair. Asians look BEAUTIFUL with dark hair. Often Asian hair CANNOT be lifted to platinum without melting it. And Madame Blamer: Brad Mondo NEVER asked anyone to bleach their hair. Get real. In addition: You are a beautiful girl and you DO NOT need blond hair!!

    2. Brick WALL

      WHY is the girl in the second segmented BLEACHING her hair??????????? She's already blonde!

    3. Google user

      Brad: telling me how beautiful I am . Me *half way through doing my makeup look and looking crazy* me to me : I am a beautiful beast

    4. Fruitpunchmouth

      did she just refer to her boyfriend as a "boy mannequin?"

    5. Chloe Yorke

      I recently bleached my own hair using that wet baggy method and it really worked! Thanks Brad 😉

    6. COOLALINE !

      My hair looks like a leonardo :D

    7. Joann Hafer

      Lol, girl it turned orange!!!

    8. [ S o l i t a ]

      First dude hates his hair.

    9. Karen Zielke

      Now I wanna bleach my hair 😃

    10. S.A Curls and everything

      Why the heck ... the gods are unfair yet another competition missed

    11. Emadollx S

      Love the shirt it looks so comfy

    12. Žaklīna Teilāne

      I think that from all haircolors brown suits Brad the most

    13. Dita Langfrīda

      Uhh...One rare human being, who are like fabulus cat. Can be angry, showing character....but still curious, beautiful, like... imagine all fluffy cat breeds getting angry.....😺❤️❤️❤️ That's Brad.....❤️

    14. Kyley Bailey

      How dare USfilm they put a box dye ad in his video ✋

    15. Bryan Wayne

      Brad said....ITS MULLET TIME.

    16. Senovia Carol Dean

      Ive literally been on a Brad Mondo marathon all week.

    17. Rissa Matti

      I just bought a bleaching home kit and I have naturally black hair so Im going to pretend I didnt see this.

    18. Rissa Matti

      I have such a crush on Brad 😍

    19. Nina S


    20. Meghan Mayhugh

      So why does T-18 get a bad rap? It worked ok for me. My hair is a freak of nature though so....

    21. Lisa Dunn

      Soooooo I decided to dye my hair blue and it was a total fail, my mom made it really splotchy and my sister tried to fix it. It mad it worse, she put it in placed the color was already on too and it made some spots darker but the bottom layer is barely even colored.

    22. Abigail Buckley

      Brad: from your phone laptop computer android. Me: I have a iPad so....

    23. Robin Reynolds

      bruh i cant get enough of you

    24. Anthani

      Yaaayy you did a boy‼️💗

    25. Ashton Mccarson

      I like how the first girl called her boyfriend a “boy mannequin” 😂

    26. B

      brad do u have a mullet wtf

    27. ୭̥࿔《「Ꭿꪶꪗรร Ꮼ๓๖ꪹꪖ」》୭̥࿔ 《୭̥࿔『Ꭶꪮꪹ૮ꫀ Ꮥꫀຖรỉɬỉꪜꫀ』୭̥࿔》

      Every time he says “it’s not that expensive”, I sit here and scream at my phone: “YOU TRY BEING A SINGLE MOTHER WITH NO INCOME DURING A PANDEMIC AND NOT GETTING A SINGLE CENT OF CHILD SUPPORT FROM YOUR DEADBEAT EX ABUSER! Bitch, I can’t even go get a five dollar hair cut, from the clearly shady salon down the street. And do you THINK NEW YORK IS CHEAP TO LIVE IN?! You LIVE HERE TOO YOU KNOW THE COSTS!” 😂😂😂

    28. Amber Ollari

      Kind of living for the orange shirt and the mullet

    29. Maddi Duncan

      that is a beautiful shirt I must have it

    30. Cidney Arredondo

      Can we talk about how the second girls teeth are straight up bright yellow in the first clip 5:46

    31. Charleigh Deane

      loving the 90's boyband brad today XD - Tell me whyyyyyyy

    32. Colette Roland

      It looks AWFUL. I hope she darkened that mess. She is way too dark for that pale hair.

    33. Colette Roland

      Oh great. Another dark asian trying to go Marilyn Monroe...This will never work. The black hair is beautiful. She has a lousy stupid attitude. Brad Mondo would never advise a dark asian to go platinum!

    34. Colette Roland

      Her mom left a thick cheetoh band at the front, hahahahah!

    35. Colette Roland

      Brad Mondo also says to GO TO A PRO, dingbat.

    36. Colette Roland

      The loser in the camel is just so brilliant....

    37. ashleigh m

      What toner u use if it organish

    38. ashleigh m

      If the bleach didnt take over the darker hair wyd

    39. rose

      sectioning ;) ahsjs LMAO

    40. Amber Valentine

      Okay I LOVE brads shirt omg 🧡🧡

    41. C.M. Bright


    42. LittleMama2020

      When I bleach my hair I don’t wash it for 3-4 days and add rejuvinique oil to my hair and someone told me to add oil to the mixture

    43. Jennifer Langley

      Brad... you look gorgeous...that shirt though ❤️❤️❤️

    44. Say Dellvea

      How can ANYONE give B Mondo a thumbs down and live with themselves 🙄

    45. Aesthetic_inezinha

      sorry brad mondo but i love youuu ❤️

    46. the_casscass

      My natural virgin hair is dark brown with red and copper undertones, and it goes orange when bleached. 😕 Like, my hair dresser accused me of having precolored hair before bleaching because my hair bleached like colored hair, 😅. Like, nope, this is just what it does. Then she damn near fried my hair off re bleaching already bleached WHITE hair MULTIPLE times(which is why it was white). Like, I am surprised I still had hair by the end of it. 😅

    47. Italian Greyhound

      Hey Brad 🤩 serious question: If coconut oil doesn’t protect your hair while dying it, why is it that your scalp’s natural oils (from not washing it for a few days) does? 👁👄👁🧐

      1. Carla Hallabrin

        @mimi Is your head a coconut 😂😂 I think you win the comments section

      2. mimi

        Is your head a coconut? Lol I think it might be because our scalp oil is not coconut oil. Coconuts don't have human hair so the oil probably isn't composed of stuff that is more essential to human hair/scalp. It might have some extra vitamins to boost our hair health when we're lacking in those specific things, but all in all, coconut oil cannot be the same as your own natural oils.

    48. Eyvette Blache

      I bleached it twice and it came out good but it was so stringy I cut it myself! Looks good though I just need to tone it!

    49. ZachCj CHANNEL

      Hi brad mondo i have a question, i dye my hair but i dont like the result im thinking about to bleach it. Can i bleach it after i dye it? I have colisi and 40 vol oxidizer.

    50. Autumn

      This is why I just have blue hair. No one notices it F-ed up as much. 😂

    51. S5 MINI

      Warum tun die girls sich das immer an? Ich verstehe es nicht alle möchten immer Wasserstoff blond oder grau werden. Bei im salon lehne ich das ab (schwarz zu weißblond) ,die Haare leiden zu sehr!

    52. Winter R

      its not impossible to go from black to light with bleach, Ive been dying my hair jet black from box dye for 7 years now, i bleached my hair and it lifted ALL the black out, i went from a level 1 to a level 7 in a month, everyones hair is different , my hair is also healthy still, I used 20 volume and left it in for only 30 min.

      1. Carla Hallabrin

        Yeah, everyone's hair is different. I'm naturally dishwasher blond and bleaching light enough to dye it blue fries it, just destroys my hair. I've had it done twice, both times at a salon and honestly it's just my hair, it's really fine, as well as dry and porous. I really hate that I can't really go any lighter than my natural color without accepting that a couple months down the road I'm going to have to get a major haircut.

    53. Jasmine McMahon

      Brad: you look scrumptious Me: in bed, eating chocolate, mid mental breakdown 👁👄👁

    54. Krista Noone

      Kaelyn "Goot-er-rez".... lol.

    55. Kmoney

      So my sister wants me to dye her hair. She has dark hair that has been previously dyed to cover some greys. She wants to go to a lighter brown so the greys that grow in won’t be as noticeable. She also wants the brown to be on the cooler side because of her skin tone. If it is orangey from the bleach, should I lighten it again or is it okay to just put brown dye on it since we aren’t going blonde? Then would I tone that color to be more cool? Thanks!

    56. Kaylen Siperly

      the way he gets excited when people do things right is so adorable

    57. Lucille -

      this shirt is a LEWK

    58. Sarthak Parashar

      Brad: Hey beautiful! Me with my third day unruly curls: Oh hey😅

    59. HippieBohoBS

      I love when brad tells me I look like a snack when I’m laying in bed in my pajamas eating Pringles

    60. Athena Joy

      i got so excited seeing kaelyn in the beginning omg

    61. Antonia Villalobos

      I love all your 90s 2000s style

    62. N.

      I am HERE for 70s Sinbad Brad 👏👏👏

    63. Abigail Ramirez


    64. Melanie Salcedo

      I LOVE your shirt. Where it is?

    65. Nika

      Yes and it is why I didn't bleaching my hair at home. I make a decisions that IS Better for my and my hair ho to a salon (after lock dawn in my state) for this change look and than colouring. Any videos Hairdresser reacts about bleaching are very terify for me and when my hair can talk so they be a schoc and scary from these videos 😂

    66. Twyla Shaie

      Is anyone looking at how many subscribers he has 👀

      1. kylie bieber

        Lol 6.69m


      you have the same eyes as damon salvatore

    68. CC

      I knew Brad would be triggered by the first girl using Wella T18! Lol!😂

    69. Neptune’s Dark Vortex

      I’m doing this next week 🙃 my hair is brown, almost red I used to have red streaks. Just... Pray for me

    70. BOZO_playzYT

      Hiiiiii beautifullllllllllllllll uhhhhhhrrrrrrrr

    71. Hong Chanh

      Que Dios nos perdone.

    72. K Loveandpeace

      So I followed your tutorial.....minus steps 2 through 6. 🤔😳😨

    73. Zoey Ott

      The second girl only use 10 volume developer

      1. Zoey Ott

        It wasn't the second girl it was the third girl

    74. Brenna Barkley

      Brad is looking like a romance novel cover Hero. :)

    75. Eeden Walker

      This shirt though 🧡😍🥵

    76. Kelli Brune

      Is the goth phase over?! Brad I wasn't ready for that 😂

    77. Lexi Jo

      The first guy is definitely a simp

    78. Meagan1023

      Brad: "She's following my tutorial!" * she pulls out T18 * Brad: " that was a lie."

    79. April1month


    80. Stephanie Cimorose

      I think if I went to a beauty supply store and they said buy t18 I would scream NEVER t18 don’t you watch BRAD MONDO ..... Q

    81. Rosemarie Grace

      "Don't do your hair at home!" Unless ur buying my products of course. The hypocrisy

    82. Helen claudia Polak

      Hello my hair dark Brown i want to make them blue or purple and I want to bleach my hair should i do it alone?

    83. JAMlover55

      "I mean you could go to a salon and buy a toner for like $40 dollars, it's not that expensive" *stares in cheap black girl confusion*

    84. Emma New

      Not all of us can afford to drop a hundred bucks plus for our dream hair. Doesn't mean we don't deserve it. Thanks for giving us tips and information.

    85. Inekayy

      Anything over $20 is expensive 😬

    86. Oum Random

      I love he gave the proper “protocol” to bleach but still show that the results of at home bleaching are not guaranteed.

    87. Taylor Bennett

      Me: being ready for brad to be annoyed with everyone doing it wrong 8 minutes into the video Brad: yaaaaaasssssss!!!!

    88. Ta BruC

      For my hair, it was all going pretty well, but I absolutely fucked up the toner and it's the first real concerning moment I've had so far with all this lightening, so I'm gonna wait for quite a bit before doing anything further to it and research a good toner for the future and then hopefully I will be able to get to the coloring before next year. The blonde is better looking on me than I expected, though, so small mercies

    89. Diana Marinho

      First girl: following Brad Mondo's videos... Also her: STARTS WITH THE ROOTS.

    90. chelsea bfc

      This shirt is fireeeeeeeeeee. Love it !!!!

    91. Jenna Williams

      His fit is BANGIN

    92. Nix Inferno

      I bleached my hair using ur tutorial and mine turned out fine

    93. Chaya Miller

      That didn't sound sincere Brad. . ..

    94. audrey h

      ok but can we just talk about how dope that shirt isssss

    95. Isabel Garcia

      Eres un amor, Brad.

    96. Hennessey Lovee

      I wish I could have watched you before bleaching my hair 😩 I fucked it up

    97. marissa

      12:10 the "fRICK-uh" killed me

    98. Becca Feelgood

      why is brads blouse such a VIBBEEEE

    99. Simran Lahiri

      Brad has LITERALLY THE BEST intros🥺❤️💜

    100. Piet

      Okay but the last one 😩🤩