Hairdressers Guide To Cutting Your Own Curtain Bangs

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today I teach you how to cut curtain bangs. These bangs have become super popular so I wanted to teach you how to do it without completely botching them.
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    Published on 25 days ago


    1. Brad Mondo

      Have you ever had bangs??

      1. del luca

        No but I had shaved my head at 23 and I'm nwver going to do that again

      2. Jaiyden Machelle ღ

        2 times

      3. Astrid Grahn

        I seems like everyone had it when se were like 3

      4. Vanta Black

        Yes and I miss them

      5. Nicky Costello

        Going to try this and add some 70s inspired highlights. Brad, you're so fun to watch! Your videos make me happy!

    2. Ilka H

      is it offensive if i show this to my hairdresser? xD I want this.

    3. LittleCrea

      Hi Braddd!!! I have a question! Even tho you do a middle part in the video, can you have curtain bangs with a side part? I will be super happy if you have the anwser to this question. I LOVE UU!💕

    4. It's Chewsticx

      I cut my own curtain bangs watching this tutorial, please review mine Brad!! 😍😍

    5. Viktória Channel

      so, i f**ked up

    6. Vanta Black

      I think you can take the whole section, twist it and cut straight across. When it unravels it will be bevelled and symmetrical

    7. eat my shorts

      You are a f****** genius. Thank you.

    8. Clair Comfort

      BRAD i’m growing out brow-length bangs and they’re now just under my nose, i want to style my hair so they’re visible but not short again :( help !!!!!

    9. Jelanie Cortez

      Brad Mondo saved me❤️

    10. Laura Muniz

      I followed his instructions, but I look sooo horrible now. I must’ve done something wrong 😑

    11. Brittny Corbett

      Can you wear curtain bangs to the side?

    12. Leaza Greenroad-ford

      I love me some BRAD!!!

    13. Serenity Jankowski

      I got curtain bangs a few months ago and I needed to trim them so pray for me🤞🏼

    14. Olivia Arthur

      i feel sick i messed up my hair and i am going to fucking die

    15. バタフライフェニックス

      uhh I'd love to do this but I dont necessarily trust myself :,)

    16. Leah’s Channel

      Thank you soooo much brad!

    17. Sarah-Jayne Williamson

      me still managing to fuck it up

    18. Nadia Romagnolo

      I am OBSESSED with my hair I cannot stop staring at myself in the mirror. I didn’t want to cut them until you made a video on them and I’m so glad you did, thank you Brad!!!

    19. Amira princess

      No one: Me : trying to flow this steps in my best friend's hair 🤓

    20. Aarti Iyer

      Everyone : wow the curtain bangs! Me : why does he remind me of Damon (with all those expressions) from The Vampire diaries all in all!😱

    21. Lin

      thank you so much Brad! I've never had bangs in my life so this was risky but turned out great 😍 it took me like an hour to get it perfect lol but it's worth it

    22. Priscilla Niere

      Is it possible to have a side curtain bangs?

    23. Marques Carvalho

      Did it!!! love it!

    24. Becky Guy

      Oh gosh I tried this and its ended up so bad. Time to invest in some hair clips and a hat and pretend this never happened 🙃

    25. Marie P.

      Thank you so much! Looks really good :)

    26. Aniela Jubida

      Maybe i should've watched this before cutting my bangs...


      I'm finally on time for a trend lol. I had bettie bangs and then I grew them out but then I snipped them at an angle and now they've evolved into curtain bangs.

    28. Olivia Bayly

      *watching this after I try and cut them myself*

    29. S.K. Munday

      Followed along and my curtain bangs came out perfect! I’ve never found someone to do them the way I like, but now I have-me!

    30. Savannah Harvey

      Just did this, I hate it 😀

    31. lbelen87

      Since when are we doing middle part bangs

    32. nolo se


    33. Thumperrabbit time

      I just got done doing this and I’m horrified with how bad of a job I did. I’m having to laugh it off so I don’t start crying lol.

    34. Emily Clarke

      brad said cant beat them so might as well join them

    35. anonymous hates u

      i cut mine too short🧍🏻‍♀️but u told me to do that

    36. Natalia Beats

      She looks like Taylor swift

    37. Lemon Juice

      *curtain fringe

    38. Rose Krysinski

      Oh to be mrs mani Quinn lmaoo

    39. Kori Sidaway

      WARNING! If you have a cowlick...please consider cutting dry or going for a longer cut! My hair jumped up like 3 inches and IT IS DISASTER

    40. Ana L

      Perfect example of fake it until you make it...

    41. Hi I’m addy

      I did mine and I have curly hair that’s fine and they look AWESOMEEEEE

    42. Adriana Tosta

      This was awesomeness!

    43. xCharlotte_Kx

      i did it and they look so good thanks 😀

    44. cmac

      this is gonna be a bad idea

    45. shelby olguin

      I messed up😛 I cut it too short

    46. Connie Bee

      Thank you Melania Trump... queen of curtain bangs.

    47. Meray A


    48. Yasemin Kilinc

      I have wavy/curly hair and I really want curtain bangs but I'm scared it'll look bad. WHAT DO I DOOOO

    49. JustAPineapple

      I remember rolling a COMB into my hair and my mom had to cut it The next day my mom took me to the salon and I got bangs

    50. Isabella Austin

      I have a question... do curtain bangs look good in a ponytail? i want do get curtain bangs but i just wanna know if i have to wear my hair down if i cut my hair. :'/

    51. Hannah Nicole

      I tried it and the outcome was different lmao what a regret self

    52. Katrina Strickland

      Thanks for the video. I cut my daughter's bangs following this video and she loves it!

    53. Carson Gamble

      My mother was a hairstylist in the 80s and this was my hairstyle everytime she did my hair. When the side part and being straightened into oblivion were popular this was me..

    54. Victoria Fernandez

      So I tried it lol and kinda nailed it thanks mr brad mondo 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    55. Dima Saman

      I accidentally gave myself real ass bangs 10/10 great tutorial though I just suck

    56. K

      i just recovered from my last "bangs incident" & that parts now chin level on me. originally i was going to just let it all grow out so i could have it all leveled but now i can't stop thinking about curtain bangs & if they would look good on my big ass forehead. well i think i'll try this this weekend. if all goes wrong i've got a million bobby pins & don't mind wearing my hair up lol.

    57. Alithea Fawcett

      I tried this and It didn't work it only works when your doing it on someone else

    58. Lauren J

      Do curtian bangs work with a side part?

    59. JEON CENA


    60. Jenamin Felix

      I fuck up -.-

    61. Julia Chrzanowska

      dziękuję dzięki tobie wyglądam super

    62. Jadelynn Morytko

      Y'all I followed the tutorial and it came out so good. Brad Mondo is an icon

    63. Ava ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ


    64. Edith Mccoll

      I messed up

    65. Raoz Abd

      He makes it sound dangerously easy lmao 😂

    66. Sophie Gates

      I’m not sure how much longer I can resist... scissors might be out this weekend

    67. Wackblitch

      Brad.. I messed up bad... it’s bad...

    68. b u t t e r f l y 蝶

      A-M-E-I A SUA UNHA ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    69. Grace Stubbings

      Been waiting for this one 😂

    70. Georgie R

      Can these be cut with a side parting? How would the technique be different?

    71. Eleonora Djurdjic

      You are super! So funny & helpful! Thanks a ton!!!

    72. deathflying

      You just saved me 60 dollars tonight, thanks Brad

    73. Mayte Diaz

      I did it! Don't know if they look good on me... but on their own, they are fabulous

    74. Wassup

      Brad reminds me of Patrick Swayze (can’t spell 🤣)

    75. Sin

      Can you make a video where you put on a wig and show us? Doing this on someone else is simple. Doing it on myself is no bueno

    76. Jamie Lengkeek

      This did not end wel for me...

    77. T dm

      Bestie.... I did it!!!!

    78. Lanna Anna

      3AM : don't do it girl it's not worth it 🙄 ME : am not gonna do it girl am just thinking about it 😌 ME at 3h15 : ....... i did it 😄🥰

    79. Rosemary Huehmer

      How to do a curtain bang with side part. I love watching you!

    80. Dilara Aktas

      I love this 😍

    81. Guarndian Nettings

      Bro if you have bangs then shut up you fool

    82. Jessica Day

      I followed your method step by step and. It worked so well ! I posted a picture on my Instagram @lullablog

    83. Ina Salomäki

      Sooo ummm how about a video called "how to fix your messed up curain bangs because you didn't listen well" next🙂

    84. Family Gal

      I followed your tutorial and filmed it... ignoring the sectioning I think you’d be proud!! 🤩😂 thank for this I’d be wanting curtains band for a LONG while!! 💛 you xx

    85. Molly4444

      I feel Brad about craft and or kitchen scissors even tho I'm not a hairdresser And my friends get so mad when we whatch a video with someone who is using them coz I just bag the person who is using them

    86. minnie

      I followed the video then ended up cutting the hair to short and now it’s just like bangs 😳😳😳

    87. Nova J

      do you have to have a perfect middle part to do this, or could you do it with just a very slight side part? Im slowly moving to the middle part but i havent fully converted yet lol

    88. Ro Ferreira

      Now he has to upload a video en how to hide your bangs, because i have fucked up royally

    89. Matilda Olivarez

      I did it and I love my hair 💖💖💖😊

    90. hailey lyons

      do fringe/ wispy bangs

    91. Cassandra Lee

      I followed the instructions my hair did not.

    92. I’m Audrey Your poopy

      Outfit looking like Willy wonka

    93. Maea Rose

      I used this guide and my bangs turned out amazing I’m so happy!! Thank you!!❤️❤️

    94. dalone hatungmana

      I just messes up a really good wig, what was i thinking. Cutting bangs have never worked out for me. Why did I think this time was different 😭😭😭

    95. Mariah Harney

      I needed this before Oops

    96. Betty Pickle

      Brad you sir are a saint among sinners...

    97. Signe Villum

      Wish I have seen this earlier🤦‍♀️

    98. Magdalena Hrabia

      Just came back from the hairdresser and she cut them completely unevenly :(

    99. H S

      Ahhh thanksss❤️❤️❤️

    100. Ashley Tapp

      I followed this tutorial and it actually worked! I am surprised and so happy that it turned out so great :)))