Hairdresser Reacts To Curly Girl Hair Routines

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people try out my product 'Wavetech Wave Foam'. I love seeing what people think about it and the amazing looks they create with it.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Brad Mondo

      Thanks for all your continued support on xmondo products! I love you all so much!! 💙🥰

      1. jesicca diaz

        It looks amazing... I'm just so sad 😔 cause I live in Mexico and don't know how to get it in my hands.... My hair would really really appreciate to have it... I've tried many products and there's none that had helped me with my wavy uncontrollable hair.... I really hope soon can be available for buying in Mexico

      2. Maura Jones

        I think you need to do actual research on good ingredients before making a curly hair product

      3. FLav V

        So jealous at Emma and also sad i can't buy your products :( unfortunately they're not shipping here :(

      4. Bright Bird

        Hi Brad! I was reading in the comments that this product is more for loose curls and I was wondering if you were developing anything for black/mixed girls who have tighter curls that are closer to 3c’s and 4’s? I would love to buy some of your products to try for myself but I’d hate to spend that much for it to not work out for my hair type. In my profile picture my hair is straightened but I have naturally coily 4b/4c hair type.

      5. Ariana G

        Hey Brad I hope you see this post can you do a video about how to get the nature curls back? (naturally I had beautiful curly hair but now since a bit more then one year I got no curls..!! I'm really sad and I also cuted them to get them back but nothing...)

    2. Layba Imran

      Is reaction on 6:32 is so cute 😆

    3. Bareiria = バレリア

      The last video that was a tutorial. Women you remind me of Evie from The Mummy.

    4. Cynthia Nations

      My curly girl loses curls at the roots.

      1. 1 2

        I have the same problem

    5. Myleika Ramos

      He should make the products bigger since he wants us to use so much, I have very short hair so when I try it I won’t be worried of using it too fast but the girls with way longer hair will have to keep buying more bottles

    6. HungerGamesFanatic6

      Currently waiting patiently for wavetech to restock so I can give Brad all my money for all of his curly/dry hair products.

    7. Iverson da best

      Love his eye makeup, gorgeous 💖

    8. kanijah garrett

      Hey brad. I would like you to try an work with 4c coily hair. And if you need a Guinea pig I’ve got 4c coily hair

    9. Rachel Hansen

      You’re selling me on this. I prefer air dried hair anyway, so now I really want to try this!

    10. Jessica Fogle

      I really want to buy this but it soild out. When will their be stock in.

    11. julia michalska

      will there be more made ples say yes

    12. julia michalska


    13. Kamelia Natasha

      Hi Brad :) can you make your product available in Malaysia 🥺🥺🥺😭 it is so hard to get good products here 😭😭😭

    14. Marissa the curlyhead

      Sadly this wouldn’t work for me 😞my hair is 3b/3c

    15. Kelly Duggan

      Everything for this is basically sold out😭😭 Brad we need a restock!

    16. The Real Vicc

      all of these girl BARLEY have curly hair . I want to see this on 3c-4c hair .

      1. Riya Patel

        FYI They do have CURLY hair coz wavy hair DO come in curly hair category

    17. Daniela Escobedo Aguillón

      Please ship to Mexico!!!!!!!!

    18. Breeze H

      I can't wait until they restock!

    19. SweetJewel SJ

      I need you wavetech it always sold out😭 maybe it will be my solution for my curl hair😩

    20. timeless131

      Awww sold out. Please extend 10%

    21. Karen Rojas

      Manes by Mel is a textured hair specialist on USfilm. She knows her stuff and is amazing at explaining how curly hair works and what products to mix together. Would love to see a video of the two of you together.

    22. Sirina Rina

      The first girl, is she supposed to brush it?? i dont brush it cuz m afraid ending up looking like simba... Idk if it s okey?

    23. Christine Eliza

      Brad. Do you specialist in curly hair?

    24. Addie Belle and Co.

      My hair takes SIX hours to air dry. Diffusing has been my saving grace bc of it. But i'm intrigued on trying this product on my 2c/3a curls.

    25. Erika Aguilar

      Love the pink on your eyes! They really pop!😍

    26. marisol covarrubias

      Your sold out 😢😢🥺

    27. Lindsay Obee

      Thank you for calling me stunning. I’m eating chicken wings in bed

    28. Irene •

      how long does it last? or do u have to put it everyday?

    29. jael anderson

      My curls are not the same I have tight curls and I have some that’s lose and my hair is not dead because I just got it cut but it’s still like that

    30. Antonina Lzr

      Heyyoo, lil question: I live in germany and your products don't ship here (im misunderstanding the site), so wondered if there will be an option to ship the products to Germany (and other countries)? Love u

    31. Cakey Online

      I need this product.. BUT ITS SOLD OUT.. understandably. 🤣🤣❤❤ GIMME GIMME GIMMMEEEE

    32. Natalie Bankuti

      I like how I am convinced to buy this product and as soon as I look to buy it in the online shop, it’s sold out

    33. ophelia.

      Can i get this somewhere in the market? or i can only buy this online ?

    34. Woman of Wisdom

      Is it available here in the Philippines? Thank you

    35. A.D. Lawrence

      @BradMondo, now I totally want to try this on my 2C waves! I can’t wait until it’s back in stock!!!

    36. Animefan 1234

      I have curly hair will it work for me I haven’t finished the whole vid so I haven’t see anyone with curly hair I only see wavy

    37. Animefan 1234

      Not me crying bec it’s sold out

    38. Christine Ingersoll

      Hey Brad, I just received my salty spray, and wavetech set, and I ordered the volumizing foam. Got it all today, super fast shipping!!! Thank you!!!! Just wondering if I should use the volumizing foam first, or the wavetech foam first? Thanks!

    39. Chy Shay

      I've actually been seeking out advice on my hair if any would help. My hair is currently 3ft+ and I have natural curls, I've always just brushed them out and ended with a giant puff ball that I'd throw into a bun. I haven't seen said curls in over a decade and wanted to be able to embrace the curls and my natural hair. How would I go about doing this, efficiently, without spending loads of money? I don't use any sort of heat on my hair but the underneath has had some previous/recent coloring. Also, I've noticed it curls more towards the middle and ends of my hair and not at the top, due to the weight of my hair, is there a way I can fix that or would I have to cut it?

      1. Cadence Sienna

        hmmm idk tbh that while time I was thinking cutting it would be the best option but idk

    40. Twilight

      I would use it if I saw more of people with 4b and 4c hair using it and it looks amazing.

    41. Mrs Bakhat

      I have straight hair. Did it work on it like it work on the first girl hair? Someone please tell me ???

    42. Susanna L

      Okay ... wait.. Delivery to Finland or Denmark? Can you only get this from your website or is there somewhere else I can get it (like European webpage)? I feel like I almost have to try this.

    43. Rachel Gonzalez

      I got so excited to see these results! I ran so fast. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ Wavetech is currently sold out. 😢😢

    44. a weirdo by heart

      im gonna need you to make more im trying to have my curlys pop and rn yall out of it

    45. Niamh Foran


    46. Nina

      I wish I could hire someone to do a curly routine on me at home. I have wavy hair with a hint of curl, but whenever I do this I mess up.

    47. Grow Your Groceries

      Hi Brad, can you please do more videos on natural curls (ie: how to enhance and look after 4c curls) that aren't about making them strait. My other half has 4c hair and I can't find any other professional hairdressers talking about how to look after them.

    48. lindsay ramos

      I’m confused, what if I used to have curly hair but my hair person cut it wrong so they disappeared, what do u do if I want my curl back or maybe even just waves

      1. Karen Rojas

        Look up Manes by Mel on USfilm. She can help you.

    49. Princ3ssDarkAngel

      Lol, the product is out of stock. Rip me.

    50. Cosette

      I want to try this so bad but it’s sold out 😭 please restock 💕

    51. madison guidry

      I am that friend like the background person lmao

    52. madison guidry

      I love how much you love your fans lol I love you

    53. madison guidry

      I need this in my life omg you have NO idea

    54. madison guidry

      Sadly, sold out.. 🥲 but congrats Brad! That’s amazing!

    55. chelsey garrett

      Hey the wave tech is sold out beach every time I go to buy it it's sold out.

    56. Kimberly Jaymes

      My hair is naturally a little psycho without product. I definitely am going to try this.

    57. princess lewis

      me clicking on this video because im a black girl looking for new products to define my ACTUAL NATURAL CURLS me only seeing white girls : 😐

      1. Princess Leah Israel

    58. Taiyaba Zaheer

      Start selling Wavetech in India. Please Brad! Curly/wavy hair products sell like hotcakes here as so limited brands are available.

    59. Lovely_Ma Nubian

      I love Brads videos he's so charismatic and happy and kind. He obviously makes a damn good product, those ladies hair looked absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see what else he comes up with next! My fingers are crossed that it's going to be curly cremé/custurd (never mind the spelling if it's not right 😅)and shine line next! ☺️🤞🏾 #liveyourbestlife

    60. Lopamudra Mitra


    61. Silvia Sheppard

      Please please please get a retailer or Shipping to New Zealand!!!! We are far away from all the beautiful products of yours!!!

    62. Alya Yusef

      I have wavy hair, but when I try to do a routine like them..... I look like i just got out of a cave after 30 years (way too greasy, and frizzy AF)

    63. Jasmine Brown

      This looks so awesome Can you use wave tech on 4c and 4b hair

    64. Melissa Franklin

      I want to see what their hair usually looks like! If you have numerous, tight, little curls, will it make your curls bigger/looser? I kind of want my curls bigger and looser.

    65. Lizbet PCB

      Everything I want is ‘sold out’. I feel sadish. I might cry.

    66. Chasity’s Artistry

      People need to understand there is a reason to why is specifically made for wavy hair because obviously heavy creams Nd leave ins are too heavy and would weigh down the waves clearly those products are strong enough to hold 4a 4b and 4c hair i don’t see y you can’t buy where they sell it specifically for your hair type but hate on brad for making a product that’s best for hair that dosent curl as well w other products just saying

    67. Kerrie garnz

      I wish I had curly hair xx

    68. JohanneNJA

      I cross my fingers, that you get world wide delivery someday, or at least EU. I would love to use your products! Love from Denmark 🇩🇰

    69. Semper Fi Yorkies

      FYI I don’t get frizz with a diffuser.

    70. Deanna Lynn

      Just curious if you have to have thick hair for the product to work? These girls look like they have really thick hair. Does it work on shorter hair? I'm going to buy a bottle and try it out. Just wanted to get a heads up. Thanks!

    71. Kye

      Hi Brad, can you do a video on man perms. Mostly.. like i need brad help. Just got a perm and i love it, but i need good pointers from a pro! Thanks for your help!

    72. Semper Fi Yorkies

      Using that much you’d go through a bottle WAY too fast. FYI - the scent is overwhelming.

    73. Dien 010

      Hi Brad, I live in the Netherlands and i can’t order your product😔 I really hope that we can also order your products from here, because i really need to try them for my curls🙏🏼 I’m amazed by the results I see in your videos😍🤩 Pls let me know when you’re ready for Europe 🇳🇱

    74. Emily Schroeder

      Okay I think I’m convinced I need to try!!

    75. Lindsey Holbrook

      I love this product for my wavy hair. One of my favorites

    76. Taheerah Rochelle

      every black girl knows to use a wide tooth comb. you know what u doing

    77. Nico Pico

      These products would probably do good on my hair. I got fine thin hair with some wave and curl to it.. one thing I want to know is how to get lift in the roots when air drying .. cause I tried air drying before but it seems to go flat and not so much lift to it like when I blow dry it.. when I blow dry it I have tons of wave and lift to it .. I also have a cowlick in the front that curls up and gives it a lift in the front... so any advice 😊

    78. Kezia-Alexis Mullings

      I really wish there were different curl pattern types to show the truth benefits of this product... maybe next time

    79. Lucie Kopecká

      Why don’t you ship to France? 😭💙

    80. Absolutelyflabulous2302

      Yay, I’m so glad you support the wide tooth comb technique. Been doing it for years and think it definitely makes the curls more defined.

    81. K-Mille

      Será que funciona no meu cabelo?

    82. Lydia Flores

      I've been wanting to try this for my curls and finally decide to and its sold out. Now we wait..... 😐

    83. Tania Morales

      02/27 my birthday!!! Also.... WHEN WILL EVERYTHING BE RESTOCKED!!!! 😫 I want to grab some things for myself and my Bestfriend but a lot of the things I want are sold ouuuut......

    84. KANDii93

      I love he said BDSM. WE SEE YOU BRAD! 🤣

    85. Antheaxe U

    86. Anna Mascaro

      the first girl was everything

    87. Mary Tullis Tabor

      Please sell your products on Amazon 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    88. Mariah Wilson

      First off I love you Brad and your videos, which I have been watching for quite some time now! I didn't see too many women of color in this video trying out your products, and since we have very different hair types and texture I was wondering if it would also work on me (Black girls)? Hopefully he sees this comment (although unlikely), because I want to start a channel of my own and what better way to do so than reviewing products from my favorite person on the internet! And to all who reads this, stay beautiful and have an amazing day!😊💛

    89. Tommie Garcia

      Tried to buy it and it's sold out 😩😩

    90. Ma. Clariz

      I hope that I could get THAT here in the PH♥♥♥

    91. Amanda Gibson

      @Brad Mondo I have tried soooo many products and have failed to find something that works well enough to stick with, aside from deva curl. Then... that thing happened, and we're not going to talk about it 😑🙄. TRIED to try wavetech... sold out the last 3 times I went to order. 😭😭😭

    92. Josie Kleven

      He says I look beautiful today. Me: In a hoodie and sweats.

    93. Gabby Roman

      How is your cat eyes on point !😍

    94. indie aesthatic

      Can't wait to put it on my hair lol

    95. Elena Robles

      SOLD OUT BRAD? I need.

    96. Ciara Broughton

      I love Emma

    97. daisy's field

      She definitely doesn't make it much funnier lol to be honest i dont even know who your camera girl is or even if that's what shes doing and i find her annoying. JMO...

    98. Rowida Gamal

      wait a minute, are you putting a pink eyeshadow!!

    99. Marissa Lynne

      It has silicone in it though?

    100. Isabelle Voor

      Brad mondo: Love your natural hair Also Brad Mondo: Color that sh*t