Hairdresser Reacts To People Going Blonde Using Only Box Dye

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch a few people attempt to go blonde at home using only box dye. The results were VERY interesting a must say.
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Berlin H

      Whats the best bleach product or brand for dying your hair at home??

    2. Sarah Jayne

      I can't lie UK box dye does work 😅. I've gone from dark brown to blonde and back with it a few times. Just never say anything as I know people will jump on it and argue about it.

    3. 3am Lj

      Not me watching this while going blonde with only box dye 👁👄👁

    4. Melissa Mendez

      Dude if he only likes blondes or favors them more then freaking so be it. My god, people are aloud to have opinions and not everyone is going to agree/like . Get the f*#$! over it. And this is coming from a brunette.

    5. Hafsa Omar

      Why is box dye not suit with everyone hair ?

    6. Chelsea Levesque

      You are literally the funniest, I could watch you all day

    7. Kayla Trouard

      Brad has scared me so much with light roots that I haven’t messed with my regrown roots.

    8. yaitsme

      brad mondo mood:

    9. bee

      i just used the same l'oreal bleach on my black box dyed hair and it went perfect idk howwww these people mess up so bad 😭😭

    10. Mynte Iversen

      Always ended up with yellow chicken colour(I coloured it purple,red,or pink mostly)or blonde very fried hair when I was young now im allergic to haircolours even the "natural" ones:(

    11. Pine Bunnie

      The developer literally says 30 volume on the bottle ..

    12. Brick WALL

      I just love you, Brad, but the dippy girl who is talking in the background is annoying and UNWANTED. Please leave her out of your videos. She is NOT funny.

    13. moonblovegood

      been blonde with box dye since the pandemic started and my blonde SUCKS and it looks unbelievably uneven but I've never felt prettier so who's winning... go for whatever yall want 😭 whatever yall can afford

    14. Angelica Martinez

      The second girl couldn’t go wrong because she was already blonde with thick healthy naturally light hair . It wasn’t fair 🥺 lol I love the color it came out !

    15. Paige Barker

      Brad in this video is a MOOD. Forgot to do his own intro, acts like a crackhead, flips off his friend then sits down and films a serious video 😂😂😂 ❤️

    16. Lori Ihler

      Brad being a little snarky today. “Brad only likes blondes, get a new comment”. 😆

    17. Kenzie Morace

      I live for brads. Snarkyness on the haters 😂

    18. jael waldridge

      Brad: I’m not crossing my fingers because I already know this is gonna look like sh*t Everyone’s hair: *looks really good*

    19. Marissa Maté

      Ummmmmm wat

    20. Brick WALL

      She looks VERY unnatural as a blonde.

    21. Amanda Grenier

      Lol I had just found it recently but if u look when she is holding up the developer and brad says she dont know what volume shes using and it says right there on the bottle 30v I found out recently it does say the volume on the box dyes now!!!!!

    22. Arya Paints

      Oh no.. not me on instacart ordering blonde box dye while listening to this video lmao

    23. Kristinadk

      2:20 isn't it 30 developer? lol cause I saw it on the bottle (if that's what you meant by her not knowing...)

    24. Eva & Reuben’s World

    25. Heather Engelsman

      Just watched her video and thought of you 🥲

    26. Shaelynne Drew-Burns

      Brad got sassy in this video. Get an original comment haha ❤️

    27. Josie Lyon

      No shade at all but I get the vibe Brad has had a couple drinks in this video lmao

    28. dawn grantham

      Yes she went to salon lol

    29. Rose Jurkowski

      Brad's been kinda mean lately and I'm so here for it 😸😂👍👍❤️

    30. Celine Ohlén

      The swedish national anthem in the background 🥵


      The asian girls results at the start were STUNNING

    32. Ali Kunz Zhanje

      Why are you wearing a shirt that says Amway on it? 🥴 Icky.

    33. Ashley South

      Babe it literally said 30V on the box bleach developer in the first vid 👀

    34. 3lannA M

      I freaking love Brad Mondo XD

    35. Holly Whiskers

      I was totally lost and confused with the process from the last one. How did she get to that point? It looks amazing I think!!

    36. Chikin Kween

      It really annoys me how all these people think toning will solve a major bleach mistake. A toner can never fix a bad bleach job 😂

    37. Virginia M

      Why did he oopp out rice water?

    38. Gayathri Manohar

      unpopular opinion: darker hair looks nicer than blonde........don't come at me pls :))

    39. Nanna Lundgaard

      The things is, that second girl didn't bleach! She used BOX DYE! As in - actual hair dye. Bleach ain't dye. It was only gonna color her hair sligtly. Like when you put pink on top of brown hair, you can kiiiinda see it working but not really.

    40. Joei Campbell

      You absolutely CAN tone hair with permanent color. I use permanent color as toner on many of my clients. However, you have to formulate differently. With a 1:1 ratio permanent line, you would tone 1:2 10 volume OR 1:2 1/2 10 volume 1/2 conditioner (example: 1 oz color, 1 oz 10 vol, and 1 oz conditioner)

    41. sophia831 :D

      he lowkey seems drunk djwjjene

    42. Katsuki

      How does the third girl know that bblonde exists yet not use their bleaching kit and use live instead 🤮 like you get powder and a developer that actually tells you what volume it is 💀

    43. Ashley Wade

      The third girl. I thought her hair came out fine.

    44. ShaKira

      Lmfao brad woke up and chose to be spicy for this video 😂😂😂😂

    45. Emma

      I had extremely dark brown hair, using only box dye i bleached 3 times and was able to get a nice blonde (my hair is still quite soft thankfully!!!)

    46. Sarah Lourine

      It's so much cheaper to buy products from a buty supply store then buying those boxes they are like 10.99-12.99 each

    47. Cera Gibson

      I haven’t dyed my own hair in years but box dye has never done me wrong 🤷‍♂️

    48. Megan Phillips

      @bradmondo it says 30v on the colourista bottle,....

    49. Paypay Money

      Impulsively bought the 2 pack extra bleach blonde box dye on amazon and now I am just gonna rewatch this and get myself all anxious again. Lol sorry Brad 💖

    50. Karoline Simonsen

      Well some countries literally only have the option of box dye unless you're a licensed hairdresser... I wish I could just bleach it, but honestly bleach scares me. And all the slons are closed bc of covid so whatever, I'm currently on my fourth box to go from black to pretty blonde (mostly because I let a friend do the second round and she did not put enough in so I had to redo it)

    51. Say Dellvea

      I feel like Brads not feelin this anymore.. Just me? 🤷😭

    52. loopygurl2

      Amway? O shit

    53. 石川Demi

      i used one box of blonde dye and it KILLLLLLLED my hair, rest in peace i had to chop it off never again

    54. Cristina Chivu

      Just an original comment 😇

    55. Kailey Burden

      Brad you said that it’s scary because she doesn’t even know what developer she is using but you paused the video when she’s holding it up and the bottle says 30v! So ya that’s what has been bugging me for months now every time you say that boxed kits from drugstores don’t say what kind of developer they have because they all do I’m pretty sure but you’re hot and pretty knowledgeable about other stuff so ya luv ya so much but stop saying that about boxed dyes and stuff

    56. Alana Brande

      I honestly want you to do a reaction video while drunk 😂

    57. binnepoe

      Why is the Swedish national anthem playing in the background of this video lmao

    58. Carly

      ew I hate when people say "flicked" off......

    59. Sonya Houk

      It's not that simple for people with dark brown hair I know I bleach my roots with 30vol and bleach not a box bleach leave on roots for 1hour and it turns bright yellow and have to do again useing 20vol and bleach leave on 1hour and still yellow not as bright yellow but it is yellow wait 2week do again with 20vol and now it light enough to use well t18 or t14 It's very hard and damaging

    60. Naomi Campeau

      Original comment

    61. PrincessShelly

      Did anyone else notice on the first girl, the bleach kit actually DOES say the developer! Unless I'm mistaken, it says 30 V on the bottle, so I'm assuming 30 volume?

    62. Marie Boyle

      I'm shocked by Brad's mood. He must of been having a really bad day. Hope he was ok. This ain't like him at all compared to all of his other videos.

    63. Ava Espinosa

      dreams fleetwood mac

    64. Italian Greyhound


    65. Explore with Penny

      Brad please help me I've been watching your videos to see how to go at getting my box dyed black hair as light as possible so I can dye it gray/sliver and be done with hair dye for the rest of my life

    66. Lindsey Brown

      Well hello gorgeous brad x

    67. MamiA theWeirdo

      Brad: why is everything turning out so good World: 2020 is going to be a good year is why

    68. Nicole Lockwood

      I’m late in the game and just discovered Brad Mondo. He is so likable and funny, but knowledgeable. I’ve been binging out on his videos. You’ve inspired me to want to become a colorist.

      1. Michelle N

        Omg yes!! 💯 Agree!!

    69. Adriana Masella

      I love how he goes “that hair is so healthy” But isn’t hair just dead cells?

      1. Sierra

        He means undamaged by previous dye jobs, heat damage, etc

    70. Sebastián Corral

      Why is it that the coconut oil thing is useless crap because the bleach just eats right through it, but then, we follow the rule that "you should never wash your hair before bleaching because your natural oils protect your scalp". Like, which one is it. Does oil protect or not? Or is it that bleach is not capable of "just eat" the natural oils from your scalp? It doesn't make much sense to me.

    71. Candice Crawford

      Who are you talking to in the background?

    72. Rory

      What is that new annoying personality in this video?

    73. Sinead Young

      When I had dark hair and was going to go blonde so I could dye it red what I did was put the blonde in and then after washing it out I used a hair mask and let my hair rest for a week and then put more blonde in again and then left it and then a week later I put the red In and my hair came out good took some time but don’t regret it

    74. Kaja Engseth Dahlen

      I have a question- why is box dye so bad? It contains the same as what you get at a salon? Or is it that people bleach it at home? Cuz for me that’s the hardest - for example the back is so hard to do at home haha! But I have used a lot of box dye and don’t hate it! U need to know what you are buying doe! For example if you have really dark hair you should buy the bleach box dye that have the strongest volume haha and that can be hard.. but in Norway going to the hairdresser is so fucking expensive!! And lockdown got me doing a lot of shit to my hair haha!

      1. acid 酸

        Box dye has a ton of ingredients that can be damaging to hair and your body, when it comes to hair you really get what you pay for, if you have your hair bleached at a salon you'll leave with healthier hair then you came in with because they use products with things like bonder and proper amounts of protein (obviously these products are very expensive and is why hairdressers cost so much but at the end of the day you get the color you want and a healthy head of hair) box dyes are cheap because the ingredients are too. Unlike hairdressers box dye will do what the box says and nothing else, if you buy box bleach it contains any and everything it can to bleach your hair and it usually destroys it in the process (things like ammonia, P-phenylenediamine Lead acetat; all these things not only rip your hair apart to get the color but can cause permanent issues like cancer, birth defects if you plan on having children, and neurotoxin) not to mention these box dye companies are desperate for money, they sell products in small bottles so that customers will have to buy more and do multiple colorings, it causes so much damage having to bleach multiple times to get to the colors it says it will turn on those photos on the back. Very few girls get away damage free or with proper coloring, it's either insanely spotty and gross or so porus and dead that it falls out when you brush it, it's because these box dye companies don't care. Not to mention it's just risky to do at home, hairdressers dislike box dye because they usually spend their days fixing the hair of people who tried it, and like Brad says the damage and random coloring at that point is usually so hard to fix they wind up chopping off most of it or even recommending shaving it completely which is what girls avoid but don't really have a choice. Some people get incredible looking hair but no matter how good it looks the cheap ingredients in what you just used leave a mark, so many people who box dye regularly are shocked by how healthy their hair is after leaving the salon because eventually you get used to having damage and it doesn't seem like an issue when in reality your hair is most likely begging for help, which you can't fix with a hair mask or good conditioner. And you usually wind up spending more after a box dye then you would at a salon because of the things you have to fix afterwards, most girls have to bleach more then once with multiple boxes most girls also mess up and have to repeat this and thats not good, that costs a lot of money and the damage is something that can't always be repaired, then afterwards you have to tone it with ridiculous expensive products because box dye never actually goes a proper blonde, depending on how much hair you have you have to buy the toner and girls always buy a bad toner that stains their hair grey purple or blue and boom, you have to bleach it again, which is expensive and even more damage. if you're just dying your hair afterwards then you buy multiple boxes of dye, more money more damage, and then for ages after that you pay for hair masks, conditioner, protein, anything that might make your hair less damaged that doesn't really do anything at all at this point. Until you just breakdown and go to the salon where you have to pay triple the amount of what you would've had to pay if you had just went there in the first place, and even we can't fix everything, most girls do so much that they go bald or that they're hair won't dry after they wash it because it's so porus and dry and the only option for colors after a bad bleach are dark shades which is the opposite of what they want. Box dye does work for some people and it's cheap so sometimes it's okay to use once or twice on very healthy hair, but in most cases it ends in disaster for your hair, your wallet and usually your self esteem bc the results usually suck. The girls who want to dye their hair usually don't think twice and just grab a pretty color and some bleach but it rarely goes well. btw I would definitely check the ingredients in your box dye and research them before you do it again.

    75. Angie Cunningham

      I enjoy watching Brad, there's just too much personality it just me?

    76. strawberry milk

      Ok so I’m 13 and a half year ago when I was 12 I used colo rista hair dye ( I think it’s the name ) and dumbass me thought BLUE HAIR DYE was gonna be “ pUrPle sHaMpOo “ I have natural blonde but I wanted a more icy look. And when I died it that light blue / grey color, it’s looked like crap. I lived like that for over 6 whole months. And I thought it was pretty 😭 after one wash it turned out green ish. The absolute worst color ever. I had that for so long. Until this December where I finally wanted a chance, because I started to realize how ugly it was. And I missed my blonde. So I bought swarskopff hair dye ( I 100% spelled that wrong ) it was a dye to make your hair more blonde. A box dye. And I thought my hair was gonna fall out because I saw so many fails, but I tell you. It changed my hair completely. I went from grey ish green ish with a slight of blonde, to my natrual **but better** blonde. It was the only thing I needed. But ofc I learned from my mistake and I’ll never do it again hahah

    77. Andreea Winchester

      I’m officially in love with Brad Mondo.

    78. Hey, I'mValarie

      Coconut oil is okay for the scalp whilst lifting, but I mean... Not necessary and could make it lift uneven, lol, but I get the theory, eh... Sure.

    79. Spikey Bunny

      I don’t know if you’re into it, but what can you teach us about coloring grey hair? I miss my mousy brown hair, but now that it’s very grey, I don’t know what to do.

    80. Flóra Bicskei

      Box Dye "not so bad but still bad enough Horror Story. Tonight I dyed my hair with Garnier Wild Cherry 4.68 or 5.68 I don't know cause I threw out the box right away on my virgin middle brown hair. Well...It's not visible that much because I've had an unexplainable bad feeling and washed it off after 20 min. It looks like someone poured a glass of red wine on my hair. 😛😁 But I'm sure that I won't ever put this thing on my hair ever again. When I washed off the color the bathtub was covered with damned hair fell out because of it...not much of a hair loss but be avoided at all cost.

    81. Rhiannon Tomes

      I beg you react to people dying their hair with Shrine colour drops

    82. Diana 2x

      the “YESSS” at 5:21 was so cute lol

    83. Nora Walsh

      Okey, how the fuck can I be so in love with this man? 😂😂

    84. Whaleyyy

      The first girl lowkey looked like Michelle Phan when she was blonde at the end

    85. Nakye Lee

      Some of those “professional” stores won’t allow you to buy things from their store if you don’t have a license

    86. Jocelyn Bingaman

      My friend and I are talking about the plan to dye my hair in the next couple of months and she referred to Brad as Brandy Mondo and I just died for half a second

    87. Lu

      I’m convinced so many of these girls go to a salon after they destroy their hair off camera

    88. SmileyMiley

      But Brad, where I live there’s nothing else than box dye. Nothing else exists in europe than box dye apparently

    89. Mia Anderson

      It def looks like she took a little trip to a hair salon

    90. AmyDaisee

      I've used box dye for years but since watching you I have actually went back into the hair supply store and using actual professional products and my hair looks really better

    91. Alauna Pring


    92. _ Aliencentral _

      ✨creak head energy✨

    93. Buttersss

      I would never dye my hair with box dye, but your girl is revisiting this video to see if I can get any tips from Brad and their mistakes to see how this goes.... I'll do a single strand- if it looks good, maybe I'll do a video of dying my whole head :D Brad help, I have virgin hair. I would so not do this if you would dye my virgin hair haha... It's literally to my thighs, you can even cut it xddd haha a dream: Brad Mondo dying and styling my haircut :o

    94. Suzanna Dorantes

      Brad, you know what? instead of reacting to videos doing black to silver, why don't you do one showing how to do black to silver and then react to all those who didn't follow your instructions to the tee? I ask this of you bc I'm in Mexico and I want to go from black to silver and I can't afford to go wrong. The Virus is stopping me from getting a Pro like you to do it. Regards from Mexico, and Gracias if you do it :)

    95. LinAlicia

      QUESTION; If you bleached your hair white and you put blond box dye in it does that work? or does your hair need a little bit of yellow in it?

    96. Payton Flamand


    97. Ms. Raven TCB

      Finally able to watch Brad again. He's extra feisty & spicy in this video. 😂😂 Brad you're beautiful and we love you! 💜💜

    98. Xtine CasaD

      tooo many ads brad

      1. r0bz

        Do you not know how to use an adblocker hun?

    99. Theo Nehme


    100. E m m a .

      Amway shirt...??????