Pro Hairdresser Tries Henna Hair Dye For The First Time

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today I try henna hair dye for the first time. Most hairdressers hate this stuff but I wanted to give it a fair chance and do all my own research. My findings were very interesting.
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    1. Brad Mondo

      Would you ever use henna hair dye?

      1. Mimi Hagger

        I did for like 6 years my hair was the healthiest it has ever been I used black henna dye my Shri was healthy shiny and thick

      2. Karina So

        I'm making mixture more liquid so I can put on my hair evenly

      3. Snsjsj Shdjsj


      4. Александрина Йорданова

        In Bulgaria henna is very common hair dye ,we use it more than the usual hair dye becouse is natural and doesen't damage your hair...but your henna should've been more liquid 😊🙃

      5. Sam Jennings

        i already have!

    2. Laylalu Celis

      One thing I personally love is the lush henna caca rouge in the past, because one, I get the perfect gingery red copper colour all the time, (even when I bleach my roots, I've never had a problem applying it over top of it) but also because of the fact that it looks so natural and it honestly never faded for me. I was always just as bright as the first, even using warm/hot water on my hair, didn't change it. - That being said, I did that nearly 4 years ago and when I wanted to change my hair I went from natural henna to a vegan fire bright red hair dye.

    3. Sam W

      I can't imagine it has any harmful side effects, at least if the products are all natural. Because henna has been used to dye patterns onto skin, more specifically the hands as per Indian tradition. So not surprising we've used it to dye hair.

    4. MIRA lifestyle

      in my culture hanna is plant from heaven

    5. Casey Chartier-Vignapiano

      Ah, dang. Really sad to see this. Henna is not us white folks' root. I use it for my hair but I make sure to read up on it and respect the culture. I love using henna but even if I didn't, making a video where I call it poop and act shady to something that isn't an integral part of caucasian "culture" is really rude. Hoping you issue an apology and hold some accountability cause this isn't it. Also, you did not use organic henna!!! what you used most likely has metallic salts. Pure henna is fine.

    6. Playboi Goddess

      Where did you get that one?

    7. Sadie {•*_*•} Lynn

      Would never use henna myself. Went to the solon with a friend and I didn't even know she'd used henna... so when they started to put her hair in foil... it was literally smoking! No, no thank you!

    8. Kristyn Hoffner

      My go to channel when I need a mood boost 🥰❤️

    9. Yeriel King

      henna isn't part of my culture but even I could tell.. wth did you do? you need to use henna in the right way to give it a fair chance, like you said. just do it again, please..

    10. Ginger Mac

      Mondo.. in the beginning you said you never ever used henna then you said you used it a few times in the past 🤨?

    11. nimo k

      i don’t get why this is so popular. in somali culture, this is the norm lol

    12. Erin Rohman

      Ugh you didn't do it right

    13. Heba Ali


    14. cookie shookie

      How many Indians are here !?

    15. Deesha Sharma

      You are absolutely right. Most hairstylists don’t agree to help you with your hair if you have had henna in it. However, henna originated in India. India is a hot country and people use it as a hair mask because it cools your body. The same reason why they apply it on their hands/feet. It’s a good alternative if you can’t afford a stylist and you still want to get rid of the Greys. My grandma has used henna for the last 40 years and she doesn’t really have any side effects except that her hair is really orange-red.

    16. Aisha designs

      Hi lovelies! Just started a Mendhi channel, if you could watch my videos and leave some feedback that would be great! (A simple like and comment would go a long way, thank you)

    17. bushra alhussaini

      Please do a video how to remove henna from hair

    18. carmen claudia

      Had a client. Came with her own box Henna told me she does that only. Me:" Let's do it!"( Never worked with it before, just heard of it)....when I saw how the thing looks when mixed with water🤢. The smell... though🤢. After a week, same client came to me cause she wanted a more vivid colour( seeing others in the saloon). Meaning bleaching, and then a bright red. I never worked on Henna bleaching before. God bless I tried on a hair strain. Told her to grow the Henna out and then come in for bleaching and colouring.😒

    19. saira khan

      Henna is mainly an Asian product. And a lot of Asian people are not found of gay people. So it’s understandable as to why he doesn’t know anything about henna. I personally don’t care, just talking about our cultural preferences..

    20. Ruth Zegeye

      We African also use henna

    21. ᄃᄂᄏᄏ

      omg brad should try herbishh hair color shampoo thing herbishh is also all natural ingredients 👁️👄👁️

    22. Shivani Chauhan

      Most of the women in India uses henna but not for colour but as hair mask for conditioning their hair so they prefer mixture of some other conditioning ingredients instead of pure henna to get less colour.

    23. Linda643

      To use henna, leave it overnight to rest and stay for several hours, and it is not so great on colored hair, and henna must stay on the head for several hours. Mixing it with Nescafe and other colored materials changes its color.

    24. Linda643

      I did it several times and fell in love with it😄

    25. Peanut Butter Turtles

      Why get so triggered tho? Just move on with your life, like fr.

    26. Charlotte Evans

      I used henna on my hair a couple times from blonde to dark brown n I can’t get this shit out… I’ve tried using colour remover and that lifted it to a chestnut colour.

    27. Callys VII

      well well well... how the turntables

    28. Shreeya S.

      not you comparing it to poop,,,,

    29. Francisca Peña

      uuuh I think there's 1 thing that doesn't happen here; the dyed head has no "human temperature", and that makes a big difference; maybe the colors would be more intense if she had heat while waiting for the henna to dye the hairs. I love how your professional technique gives a really uniform color :D my henna used to be so messy haha xD thank you for this video

      1. Francisca Peña

        @Sadie {•*_*•} Lynn yeah but there was no "human" heat coming out of the head

      2. Sadie {•*_*•} Lynn

        He said he put the head under the heat

    30. Anja Fourie need to do another video of you trying to bleach henna hair🤣 henna users would know how thats gonna go...but might as well put on a show!!

    31. Rajeshwari Kamath

      As an Indian, who has seen parents and grandparents use Henna, I can tell you Brad has done everything wrong. I usually like Brad's videos. But everything in the Henna Video is wrong. Right from the kind of Henna he picked up, the consistency of the hair mask, the fact that he didn't let it in a warm place overnight, you shouldn't let it dry in your hair either. Everything's wrong.

    32. Rachael

      I got henna on my head right now. I've done it for years. Its wonderful stuff.

    33. always procrastinating

      What makes me really upset is that despite all these comments Brad is doing nothing. I love his videos but I really thought he was better that this. These are not hate comments (for the most part), they are constructive criticism and it is important to take them into account and talk about it. Hiding behind it and pretending he did nothing wrong is kinda selfish, especially if it's just to avoid a "controversy"/"scandal" (which it honestly wouldn't be because he would just be addressing his mistake). I know the things he said in this video (especially those that offended the south asian community, including myself) were out of ignorance and a lack of proper research rather than hatred and for that I will continue to support his channel but I just really hope he owns up to this and learns from it. Edit: I was also disappointed to see that he has done a henna video in the past where people left similar comments and he didn't even bother to take those into account when making this video. It makes me sad that he claims to have done research but he can't even listen to what his own fans are saying.

      1. always procrastinating

        @Sadie {•*_*•} Lynn where tf did I ever say I was coming at him for being gay? Him being gay has nothing to do with this. I would say the same thing if he was straight, bi, pan, ace, or any other sexual orientation (and any other gender or ethnicity for that matter). Why are you interpreting any kind of constructive criticism as homophobia?

      2. Sadie {•*_*•} Lynn

        Except the half of you coming at him only because he's gay. 🙄 I'd ignore these comments too!

    34. Augusta Mae

      I’ve used henna for 3 years and my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been lol

    35. Demi Lynn

      Brad: Hello beautiful My puppy : Hello..-

    36. Olivia Stanton

      i’m not a part of any cultures that use henna but this video was very disrespectful and underesearched. Henna is a cherished herb in many cultures and the way you speak about it is just beyond disrespectful to those cultures

    37. ImSoLament

      Brad, you should make a return to this method and follow the top comment that explained where you could have done things differently

    38. ziinuka

      I've been using the Lush henna for years now and this video.. was just not it. I know exactly what my results will look like everytime and my hair is super healthy, compared to when I used to use box dyes or get it done at a salon.

    39. Erin B

      So we’re not getting an apology for this blatant ignorance, disrespect and misinformation? Like seriously comparing it to poop and going off on a bunch of stuff that’s probably false? Honey.

    40. Lila Angert

      Brad I think you are a great hair dresser, and you-tuber (and I really enjoy your videos!). You need to apologize, this video was very offensive to many cultures. You didn’t do any research, and said it was like poo or mud. Read the comments, and apologize.

    41. Sunshine


    42. cloud tea •


    43. RoRo Rants

      I tried henna many years ago. I don't remember the results, but I do remember my hair stinking of rotted vegetables for over a week, after several washes. I tried everything to get the smell out - perfume, febreeze, tomato juice. Nothing worked, nada.

    44. Do Cha

      Your comments were very offensive & you didn’t know what you were talking about.

    45. Kalyani Dubey

      I was going to comment how offensive,tone deaf and misinformed this video is. But I am happy to see that a lot of you pointed out how wrong this is and at so many levels. Also please stop appropriating our traditions for your influencer culture without even properly researching them. These are not some random exotic things that you can try out for fun and then insult them. All of this is a part of thousands of years old traditions and yes Henna and coconut oil have been an important part of our routines since the beginning of civilisation. So it's been researched and used for at least 2000+ years.

    46. Alien Dude

      Dude as an Indian who has been using henna for years to get thick black hair, I would like to say you are completely wrong. Your research is too poor. I have a strong hair because of henna. Whatever you said is wrong. Also try using pure henna. Not some fake chemical powder names henna

    47. Beleza Artistica

      Hi, Professional Henna Artist here 👋🏽 So how Henna works on hair and skin is that the Lawsone (the naturally occurring dye in the lawsonia inermis- the henna plant) molecule binds with the keratin in the hair. So it acts as a hair tint. Even with henna on the skin it will only stain the top (dead layer of skin) layer of skin. Yes, you can’t be sure what color you will get from Henna because everyone’s hair is different, same with skin. For instance people with dark hair, flat follicles and coils it can be more drying and less obvious that henna is on the hair. It can work and be very conditioning for those with the kind of hair that I mentioned, but you have to tweak that formula a bit with adding some more moisturizing elements like coconut milks or oils. Traditionally Henna on the hair was used by those in hotter climates to reduce heat. Henna naturally reduces body temperature by a degree or two (maybe more). It’s also anti fungal and anti bacterial. I really feel like hairdresser and esthetician should link up with pro henna artists to learn more about henna from those that learn and practice the art of Henna. There is so much more to Henna than the stain that you get at the end.

    48. Victoria Leigh

      I don’t think you used good henna, you should see way more color payoff. When I use henna it turns my hair very very red, almost unnatural.

    49. Swetsher18 S

      Poop paste. That's exactly what I thought it was when I was kid.

    50. tiphaine Sunshine

      Hello I'm the late commenter 😂😂 just wanted to add a few things, henna actually protects your hair by creating a kind of cocoon around the strand WITHOUT SUFFOCATING THE HAIR, so the hair is protected from external bad sh*t and it can live its life happily, plus it gives amazing colors and shine to the hair. Also, by mixing henna with other plants you can get a wide range of colors from blonde to red to black (i do a sick brown color with henna). Finally, YOU HAVE TO LET THE HENNA SIT FOR AT THE VERY LEAST 4 HOURS, or else you get like barely nothing, the longer you let it sit under a cap, the better the results are gonna be 😁

    51. beverley steele

      looks like someone took a shit on poor manny-quines head booo hooo

    52. Katie Grooms

      Tell me why I have like level 4 hair, and put red over it knowing because of the variations in my hair color, it might show up a little and change the tone - so I put it on my roots first because I don’t anticipate it showing up much anyway because color doesn’t lift color, and my head turns orange! The mids and ends were black. It was awful. Major hot roots. I still don’t know how the color processed like that

    53. Chaos Kibutsuji

      Henna hair dye only works for my mom ... normal hair dye doesn't take with her hair

    54. Katie Sargusingh

      Is it just me or every time brad changes his hair he changes his intro?

    55. شيو ووم

      So healthy i like it

    56. whybother

      Absolutely disrespectful to the culture. Calling henna poop! Shame on you!

    57. Maerahn

      Oh, this takes me back to my art student days! I used henna all the time to dye my hair back then - I bought it as a block from Lush, (they had three colours - black, brown and red,) and you had to break it off in chunks and add boiling water to dissolve it into the thick, muddy paste, before letting it cool a bit before putting it on your head. Yep, it's a MESSY AS HELL process, and takes a long time - set aside a good three hours, AT LEAST, start to finish, if you're gonna henna. You can bring out the red tones a lot more by covering your hair tightly in cling wrap and then a towel for the developing time, and, for more brown-y tones, just leave the hair open without covering it at all. What I loved about it most was the beautiful condition it left my hair in, and the lack of root-showage... but OH LORDY, it's whole episode of time and mess to actually do. Not a problem when I was a carefree, uncommitted art student, but now I'm way older and a mum I aint got time for that shizzle, and I just use a commercial home-dye instead. But I still miss the gorgeous results I got with henna.

    58. kitty wilson

      Brad, I’d like to dye my hair a deep red but my hair is really fine so I’m afraid that my hair will fall out. Is there a hair dye that you would recommend that’s ok for me to use?

    59. Lily Paige

      These comments are triggering

    60. Heather Dean

      Brad I use a henna conditioning mask that I make on my own. I buy a 100% pure henna powder then use oils and teas to make a mask. I am a natural red head, however, at 41 my color is fading and these damn white hairs keep sprouting out of no where. I will say that when I make the henna conditioner I only use 1tbs of henna. This works really well for me. Gives my natural hair color a small pop. Wouldn’t say it’s for everyone, but for a natural red head with fading color it works great.

    61. Fahad amir

      Hi I an from Pakistan we celebrate eid on hand henna like have brown and red also and black on hair my grandma put and its red like red bright one

    62. Sudip Das

      "Generations" the one word suitable for use of henna in India.

    63. chaini lotus

      Video idea/suggestion. Since many people have stated that this process was not correct, consider maybe contacting an expert in the process and have them walk you through the correct process while giving you some cultural background. Then you can compare to result with the one in this video. It can clear up some of the misinformation most people would find on the internet and be educational for those not familiar with the process. I think it would be a fun video

    64. Sarah Lampson

      Have used henna for over 15 years, not a box kit, straight henna leaves with citric acid.

    65. zahra almohsen

      I'm Arab and it is a tradition to use henna but we use it on our hands more often but we still use it as a hair dye

    66. kookoo bananafics

      can y'all just calm down. tf.

    67. Roxy De Winter

      Hey Brad, would you consider doing a video about shampooed bars/conditioner bars? I’m really curious about how good/bad they are and trust your opinion of them!

    68. Jaap van der Vlist

      Can you do this on blond hair??

    69. uzma islam

      Should try it on black hair...

    70. No One

      did u know that henna can also be putted on hands

    71. konekaurore

      Henna is supposed to dye hair, only if used hot ^^ So it's quite normal that the colour isn't bright. Plus, depending on how much time you let it work, before rincing, it won't make the same colour. The longer, the brighter or darker, depending on the colour you chose. Many people leave it on their hair all night long. I put quite often henna on my hair, I went from light brown to quite a nice red ^^

    72. Auroara

      I used henna for 50 years and my hair was in great shape and it was never dry. If you buy a good grade henna from a reputable company and use the same formula every time, you will get very consistent color and results. I would leave mine on, wrapped in plastic, for eight hours. You can get a much deeper color with different hennas and longer times. Mine was a very dark red. I stopped using it when my hair turned grey and my skin tone got cooler. I miss my red hair. Thanks for the video. Most stylists just dismiss henna and won’t even try it.

    73. angelXDee

      Usually used by older people with whiting hair but darker hair when theyre young.

    74. Ritika Thakur

      Read the comments hun

    75. Priyanka Singh

      Hi Brad mondo.. I jumped on your video after seeing few tik tok videos..nd then I noticed you look like Ian Somerhalder..nd then saw your videos one by one...😂 One more thing I am from India nd Heena have only one ingredient..nd it's Heena it self

    76. Kareena Birk

      I have never felt more disrespected....

    77. Karen Donsbach

      My grandmother used to dye her hair with henna. It was synonymous with red at the time.

    78. Lady Pumpkinhead

      One word of advice if you use 100% henna it's actually not too hard to lift it with bleach if you don't like it :3 there are some things not done quite right but for your first time you've done an amazing job Brad

    79. Taylor Swift Fan999

      U know he gone get hate for this

    80. Nyx Nightmare

      The only time I ever used henna was to do henna tattoos

    81. arunima

      this is so triggering, couldn't make it past 3 minutes. how offensive

    82. dessy

      How much does one mrs.maniquin cost you?

    83. WifeOfTheBeast

      The henna treatments I've seen were left on for like 24 hours. Girls will baggies there hair and sleep on that ish.

    84. How To Adult

      My mom used to give us henna treatments as children because 1. I wanted to dye my hair, and 2. To protect from lice.

    85. Ishwerya Prabha

      Actually my sister uses henna and I'm the one who plucks the leaves from the plant and make it a paste... so.... ughm, it's natural and stays for a long time and is great for heat bodies.. it actually cools down your scalp and give that extra shine to your hair and smells great. It's so damn good

    86. c.meganx

      I would try it, it looks pretty cool tbh. :))

    87. Molly Clarke

      based on the comments I assume u should delete this

    88. Rebecca Iaccino

      Biolage has a plant-based color line! 🙂

    89. Sandra K

      I never get the color I want with regular hair dye and my highlights never get the color I want sooooo I am going to try Henna because it’s definitely the healthier option :)

    90. katia alami

      My mom started using it on me since I was like 10... Edit : You are supposed to leave it on for like at least 4 hours

    91. Tracy

      Brad check you hennasooq’s video. She did a reaction to this video. I think you will find it informative.

    92. TheFrag1le

      I would be really interested to see what would happen if you did try to lift the hair after dying it with henna, how it would look over lighter hair, or hair that had been dyed previously. Like you said, everyone’s hair is different, but having some an example of what could happen would be neat

    93. The only child

      I'm doing henna once a month for the past 16 years ... 🙄

    94. Hillary Kildare

      Not a Professional video, no research, using inferior product, bad application technique...Brad, this is REALLY unlike your usual quality of video. I'm ashamed for you, and a little surprised you haven't taken it down, yet.

    95. Dzyre Davis

      Honestly... I've just finished watching a video with BRAD saying he will never use henna while reacting to others using... and now...

    96. segyl 99

      OMG! You doing everything wrong! If you wanted to do henne you should do research. I'm very disappointed in you.

    97. C F

      How is this ‘THE’ hair guy?

    98. Meri

      So henna is just a plant. You can get variation in color depending on the ratio of other plants that are mixed in (cassia, indigo, amla, etc.,). If the mix has henna in it, it will always be some variation of red (as opposed to having just a cassia/amla mix). A problem with using henna and regular hair dye too close in time is that some henna mixes have heavy metals or other things that can cause problems with dyes. As long as it's pure henna (and/or cassia, indigo, etc.), it's fine. You have to check your source! A lot of us use lemon juice in the mix because it helps release the color from the plants. You do have to let the mix sit for a few hours to overnight to get sufficient dye release. This is why there was practically no difference on the two sides. Henna is a commitment, but it does make hair feel nice, smooth and yep, thicker.

    99. Gail Conley

      Everyone being triggered over f****** hair dye..... go clean your houses and stop crying on USfilm !!! I seen someone took offence to him saying it looks like poop...... grow up Karen’s!

    100. Alyssa Perrone

      So henna is also dependent on how long you leave it in. My friend would sit with it on her head from like morning till dinner time to get an extremely vibrant red. So if you want crazy differences, leave it in for a very long time.