Is Rice Water The Secret To Extreme Hair Growth?

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we learn about the fascinating truth about rice water. I'll show you how to make it and how it all works. Plus I'll give you my opinion on if I think it really works!
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Brad Mondo

      Have you ever tried using rice water? Was it effective?

      1. Estrelita Gopez

        Yes it is:))


        Yes!!! I had dreads that fell out.. used rice water grew l back and more took 1 month and since then all my hair grew back strong and long.. it just stinks🤧😰😨

      3. Ankita Das


      4. Kesia Crees

        Yes I tried it, it was very smelly

      5. YoungDynasty

        I did and it made my hair really soft 😊.

    2. Fagmieda Isaacs

      Looove your hair colour 😍☺!

    3. Jehan Ibrahim

      That was a loooong video.... learnt nothing

    4. Koko Luv12

      Where did you get the facts about this? Can you please show me I’d like to see the video or thread ?!

    5. hi bestie

      so you really want diluted rice vinegar

    6. Alyssa Eichler

      I know they said a whole week but dang! This shit rank.

      1. Blu macaw

        Does it stink?

    7. Zena Qallaa

      I tried it before... umm no it doesnt make any difference at all but the opposite tbh it made my hair dry, honestly alovera and coconut oil is honestly pretty much good but nothing would make ur hair grow stuff would make ur hair healthier or smoother or whatever but nothing grows it tbh

    8. larissa 94

      Omg you look like Damon from vampire diaries sooooo much 😂😱

    9. BlackBeauty Girlie

      Me personally doing once a month bcause if i use it every week my hair become drier

    10. Natalie Johnston

      I would strongly recommend watching Kayley Melissa's videos on rice water! They're a bit longer, both are 30 minutes each, but she does an incredible job. They contain science-backed research, the original Red Yao recipe, and her personal experimentations with rice water. Her version is a little different than this one--before fermenting, the rice is strained out of the water, which is then boiled with fo ti root, shikakai, and the grapefruit peel. She started out as a skeptic, but by the end of the month she claims that her hair has never felt so healthy. I have my first batch brewing right now!

    11. Andrea H

      OMG I am watching this after the hard water video and it turns out that Phytic acid is one of the components of rice water AAAAND it also helps to improve the damage of hard water in the hair (not clean it completely but sure it helps) Of course I look beautiful Brad, YOU MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL with all this information~~

    12. ToND1Ne

      Since these women are all from a closely knit community & are genetically very closely related, my bet is that genetic inheritance is behind the way their hair grows so long. Having thick, almost pin straight, very dark hair seems to be almost universal in their community. I also bet they don't smoke, drink, abuse drugs, or eat a western junk food diet.

    13. Just Jordan

      I've herd that cow shit will make your lost hair grow again ... not the same topic just saying. I am guessing you will shampoo after going that rout :)

    14. Isabella Cxl

      I believe all of the cures/solutions are found in nature. I’ve been using natural supplements for the last 3 years and I found it just as effective and less harmful than meds.

    15. A M S

      I am going to try this cause I got my hair cut 💇‍♀️ last week and it is way to short 😭and I want my length back. I don't want it long but just shoulder length. I should do a video and tag you with my experiment. I also stopped washing my hair every other day and wait till it gets itchy, which is now out every 3 or 4 days when it is super oily and it brings back my natural oils. And now I rinse with cool water and I stopped blow drying on a high heat setting and use a cool setting and during the summer I don't blow dry at all. I do use a heat protectant when using a curling iron.

    16. thedylangirl

      Add some cinnamon and sugar and have you some refreshing horchata whilst treating your tresses 😉

    17. Carolina

      So basically they wash their hair with horchata

    18. Jada Van Heerden

      Me sitting my rice water in rn 😊😊😊

    19. Daniela Zaes

      Rice water is a drink.. add cinnamon and it becomes horchata.

    20. katrina rose

      does it acctully work because i got recomended it and some people tell me not to use it

    21. Summer Gold

      he reminds me of Daman salvatour

    22. Kauri Channel

      Fuck this ! I'm the only guy who watch here

    23. LadyD1979

      My hair became damaged. It started falling a lot. Still recovering. But maybe because i used it after oiling my hair with Castor and coconut oil

    24. Family Cantu

      It works!

    25. Hocus Pocus

      does rice water help with bald spots🤕

    26. Diana Walker

      I think I'm going to start using rice water again but this time only once a month since I'm learning more about my hair I realized that I'm protein sensitive and if anyone else is low porosity like me i recommend doing it every 4-5 weeks but then again every hair is different.

    27. Kellie B

      this method is incorrect! The traditional Yao way is to actually boil the rice water with the pomelo peels and ferment it WITHOUT the rice. Only the water

    28. Baharan Bani

      I use boiled rice water. Let it cool down and use it after shampooing. Also I use it for my plants too 😁😄

    29. Maga Z

      I’ve never found anything store bought that’s helped my hair grow faster though, what do you recommend for super fast hair growth/or just faster?

      1. Latrice Willins-Butler

        Try egg & onion mask every 2 weeks. Have you tried Castor or coconut oil? They work really well. Shea butter will work, too. Drink lots of water. Eat fruits & vegetables. Get regular trims. Heat is your hair's worst enemy. Hope this is helpful😇

      2. Mary Nguyen

        I would make sure you're intaking enough vitamins and try taking biotin! If you want an actual product, there really isn't one. You can keep your hair longer by conditioning it

    30. Michele Phelps

      If ur using rice water u have to put it back in the refrigerator 😑😑😑

    31. Elianne Song

      brad mondo literally saved me hairrr thxxx

    32. J B

      I used a green tea bag infused with oranges with mine.

    33. catsy26

      Makes my curly hair dull, dry and brittle. Wtf??

    34. Cortney Sylenn

      Has anyone tried it on colored hair? I'm worried it may fade my bright red

    35. Lisy Jay

      So basically you’re saying - it works , it’s healthy , it’s natural , it’s cheep & you recommend it - but shhh coz we should still be supporting the hair care business and spending money 😎 we hear you we respect that 😉

    36. JaneQPublic

      I trust the ya women more than products

    37. Katelyn H

      it works for me so well it revived my waves, made my hair longer, stronger, and healthier. i also dye my hair and straighten it which causes tons of damage but the rice water helped prevent any serious damage.

    38. Ashley Amos

      It works I promise

    39. Jailiannu Chin

      Why does Brad Mondo look kinda like Ian Somerhalder?

    40. Bianca Fernandez

      While i'm sure the rice water is a contributing factor to the Red Yao women's hair growth, I'm pretty sure they just have really amazing genetics. Gonna try that rice water tho!

    41. Jessica Cortez

      I fermented mines for about two weeks and didn't use any grapefruit peels or essential oils and it smelled soooo awful it smelled like actual shit and vomit but I used it anyways

      1. Mobs Girlfriend


    42. Kelli Ellenbarger

      It doesn’t make it grow faster but it keeps it from breaking therefore it actually grows longer instead of just breaking off

    43. Ashlee

      With the blue hair, Brad reminds me of a Disney style Hercules... is it just me? 😂

    44. ImSoLament

      Gosh even his hands are pretty 😫

    45. Jennie Hong

      brad is like gordon ramsay with hair :D

    46. Bre-ona Prentice-Griffin

      ... I live in America and I see pomelos all the time Brad

    47. Bridgette Jones-Corso

      This sounds like some Mexican Horchata 😂😂😂 Mexican rice water 😁😁😁

    48. Cherokee Dream

      My God your hair color, well, you absolutely nailed it! Dayumm! I'm going from your eyes, to your hair, back to the eyes, then the...your soo smokin', perfect match, both "pop" then they bedazzle you! I'm soo jelly!

    49. Valerie Proudman

      I dyed my hair for many years and it fried and has thinned out a lot...Has anyone ever tried green tea or fenugreek in their hair? I've been doing some research on hair growth and am going to try them out along with biotin gummies and avoiding coloring my hair. If anyone reads this and has any tips for me to help my hair I'd appreciate it.

      1. Kousalya Vasishta

        Green tea can help with hair loss But as of my experience using fenugreek on my scalp lead to extreme hairfall condition but made my hair Smooth and dandruff free... And onion juice helped me with hair growth also massage the scalp(the pressure points) every alternate days if possible

    50. ladiron

      This isn’t new women in south Korea use it on their face to supposedly lighten there skin tone if it works or not I don’t know

    51. Jenika Jones

      I LOVE rice water for hair growth. I just started it a month ago and It has grown just shy of 4 inches. The only thing that was a pain was trying to keep up with my hair color. I decided to wait til I have it the length I want before coloring again. It will get pricey if I don't. Other draw back is the smell. I haven't mastered that yet. It smells like rotten cheese. I deal with because it works.

    52. Jade Taubman

      You should do a series where you compare traditional techniques like this VS. a product or technique that is backed by science with the same claims 🌟 i would have liked to see this compared to a product you recommend

    53. Audrey D'amelio

      Is this accurate though because I hate my bangs right now

    54. Safaa El rhazzali

      Brad would you suggest something to hepl me wash off my black dye from the drugstore thank you!!!!!!!

    55. Priscilla Mourão

      Does it work on curly hair? I need to know PLEASE🥺😭

      1. Aysa R


    56. Sakchi Singh

      is it just me or does he kinda looks like Damon?!!!!

    57. ximena

      mines been fermenting for 12 days because I thought I heard days not hours... so do i just throw my rice water away 😔

    58. Briana Pipkins

      But you didnt try it?

    59. Lillie Hawk

      I love the blue in your hair! I am going to be doing this for my hair soon as I get some rice fermented in about a week XD Id like to bring up a few advantages and disadvantages of this method, both by research I have done myself and observation (In a friendly lets just share knowledge way as you did this video, no ill intent intended at all) *********Disadvantage********* It is time consuming and requires a bit more planning and dedication. Most people in our society love to wash their hair every day. Is it really more time consuming than washing, conditioning (and whatever else) that is done every day? If looked at in that regard it would save time throughout the week. You'd have to deal with that "dirty" feeling in between uses. I believe the week of oil on our hair may be beneficial in keeping it strong and helping it grow without breakage. Our bodies are incredible and I do believe with everyone being different, its like having our own factory inside us for personalized hair care. Its everything else we do that influences this positively or negatively. Like what you sleep on, diet and exercise, mental health, environmental factors. Now its said that our bodies adjust in about 2-4 weeks, so to me it seems like anyone wanting to try this should give it a fair shot at the way the Yao women did this for a month, a total of four times, before they make up their mind whether it works or not for them. I see the biggest drawback being that transitional phase of your body adjusting to not overproduce oils to compensate for them being stripped off, and having to plan ahead to make sure you make a new batch the day you use the old one so you can do this once a week. *******Advantages******* I see a couple huge advantages right off the bat. Rice is relatively cheap to buy (and if you really wanted to you could eat it after? Not sure on this, but people eat fermented foods all the time. Have not tried it, I do not know, it just seems like something that could be done.) Less waste from packaging, this one is huge for me! Tons of plastic bottles are wasted every month from all sorts of products that just end up in landfills. By using rice water you just need a reusable jar, and just keep using the same one over and over. Factoring in the cost to make the products, packaging, advertisements and shipping it all ads up rather quickly. There would be less factories needed, less transportation of specific brands needed, so it would be better for the environment all over. I think lastly, Id like to bring up natural vs man-made. Man-made in this regard referring to both natural ingredients and the chemical ones. Now this part is highly controversial, so I encourage everyone to please look into it themselves, this is just what I believe based on my research =) In theory, our bodies are meant to handle natural ingredients. Things that grow in nature, see plant eat plant (or animal, this is not a vegan debate) or back to our ancestors cleaning with plants, or like these Yao women with their hair. Yes chemicals have made it mighty convenient, but at what cost? What does it actually do to us? Now everyone knows our bodies naturally detox. We sweat, we go to the bathroom, even the breath we exhale gets rid of toxins. But what happens when those toxins (chemicals) are too vast for our system to handle? Just too much at once? I believe our bodies store them, until a time where they have the capacity to rid them. What happens is, our bodies deem these chemicals as so volatile, they actually encase them in water to store them. Enter cellulite. That nasty cottage cheese like texture everyone has at least one place on their body. Extra fat gets stored their too sure, but that bubbly looking stuff is not fat, its those toxins encased in a watery substance so they do not get absorbed into us causing more health issues. Our bodies actually have amazing defenses! ********** So I guess it comes down to about the same thing that everything else in this world does, health vs convince vs effort vs time and there is no one perfect thing for anyone =) Just different theories and things to think about. The more you know whether you accept or reject it is still a powerful thing =) whatever someone chooses mindless consumption is never a good thing, so just take a moment to think about things =) For the record I am totally into being better on the environment and my health, and Ill go through crazy lengths to do so. This was not to try and convert anyone or bash anyone at all, just its fun to think about things like this =) Also, support people! Not huge corporations =D Like Brads hair care line if you are buying products, panteen or suave does not need anymore money XD Supporting a real person is always best

    60. MLGG DuhGoat

      Yall imma be honest whether or not this works on your hair all depends on your hairs porosity if ur hair is low porosity dont use it as much or at all if its high porosity do it for sure

    61. Kristinadk

      Does it depend on what type of rice?

      1. Aysa R

        No but I would recommend jasmin rice (:

    62. Amanda Miklja

      What do you think about Lush products? ☺️ I love there products personally, would be fun to hear your opinion 😊

    63. Karan Field

      Defo going to do this! Thanks Brads! Xx

    64. Julia Morales

      Can you do it everyday

      1. Aysa R

        No only 1-2 times a week

    65. Paris BTS

      drop ur phone in water? -rice damaged hair? -rice oily skin? -rice broken skin? -rice hotel? -trivago.

      1. no

        overused format? -*yes*

    66. Maecy Williams

      Is it true that it’s better to rinse your conditioner with cold water instead of hot

      1. disco volante


    67. Kitty Kat

      Rice: Yes Rice Water: YASS! A big fat YASSSS!

    68. Lilyanna Marie

      Hey Beutiful the only one who tells me that.

    69. Jack Hans

      Bleach your eyebrows man you'd look cool

    70. Miaomiao 11

      They also claim to keep the hair black

    71. ryan kim

      Idk if people know this but asian hair grows slightly faster then other races. It could be hair genetics

    72. munoz family

      im doing this im scared i trust the comments brb

    73. Kyla Desaro

      So I'm about to chop all my hair off, the shortest I've ever gone. I want to cut all the blonde out of my hair and have a fresh start. Most chemicals, hair and skin products irritate my skin and scalp so I am going to try this once I cut my hair because I plan to grow it back out and stick with my natural dark brown hair for awhile. I have very asian hair that I get from my dads side and this may potentially benefit my hair.

    74. 一博Wang

      What kind of essential oils do we use it like the essential oil where it can make your house smell good by putting it in a hot water and burn

    75. scruz chic

      Anyone else disappointed he did not try the rice water himself? Boo!

    76. Chicago Girl In A So Cal World

      The biggest thing that probably helps these women is not using all the western products that harms our hair. Like dye, bleach, heat(curlers, blow dryers, straighteners), hair spray, mousse e.t.c e.t.c. We all would have much longer hair, naturally, if we didn't damage putr hair so often.

    77. Yusuf Akhtar

      Luv this vid

    78. Kate S

      Y’all wonder when he starts making the rice water is 4:55

    79. Rina R

      I have been using rice water for about year now, and this is what I can tell you. It works! My hair health has improved significantly, it’a definitely stronger and I cut my hair every month or 6 weeks... and my stylist noticed that there’s a lot less damage to the length of my hair. Whereas before my hair was literally always the same length because every time It grew I had to cut the length off due to split ends and it would easily burn (heat styling). So if you’re skeptics, give it a try and I pray with all my heart that it works for each and everyone of you, may you all have strong healthy hair 💖

      1. Elli Remi

        I am having the same issue. How do you make your rice water? I’m thinking about adding rosemary oil to mine. I am the most inexperienced person when it comes to hair care

    80. Kmusicmaker creation

      Hey I have a question is it good to use oat water with orange peel in your hair??

    81. Kmusicmaker creation

      Hi brad I love your videos.

    82. TheFuschiaDragonfly

      "Lesson 1: what is this sh*t?" Cracked me up 😂

    83. Siobhan Junginger

      Hey bread do you think I should cut my hair to my shoulders

    84. Ascension 2000

      You can also make diy rice conditioner for a hair mask. It's actually wonderful. I use 1/2 cup white rice, 2 cups of water and cook the rice until it's mushy. The consistency should be thick, but add water if you think it's too thick. In a blender, pour in the rice, add 1 tbs of oil (I prefer grapeseed) and your favorite essential oil (I use peppermint). Blend until smooth (up to 4 minutes). On wet hair, apply the conditioner to your hair and scalp. The warmth of the cooked rice feels wonderful. Allow the conditioner to rest for up to 30 minutes and wash out. It's my new go to conditioner on a budget.

    85. ୭̥࿔《「Ꭿꪶꪗรร Ꮼ๓๖ꪹꪖ」》୭̥࿔ 《୭̥࿔『Ꭶꪮꪹ૮ꫀ Ꮥꫀຖรỉɬỉꪜꫀ』୭̥࿔》

      *When you literally never use shampoo and rinse your hair once a week, with warm water and occasionally apply a treatment, when you feel like you’re getting some breakage and damage from curling it and not having the money to even purchase a heat protectant.* Brad, some of us actually tell society and its weird ways to fuck off man. 😂

    86. finelight gold

      Rice water after bleaching your hair LIFE SAVER

    87. Sunshine


    88. Rose Harper

      Hey peps.i have been using rice water for 1 year, and it works. Once a month. I cup of unwashed rice...I cup of water. Let it sit for a week. I shampoo, then I put a rinse out conditioner. Towel dry ,then I put rice water in spray bottle, start at roots and rub it from root to tips. I leave it on for 45 minutes to an hour. Rinse out. Then style.

    89. Kmusicmaker creation

      I will definitely try it I been trying to get thick hair for awhile now..thanks brad.

    90. Kpop 4Everyone

      Yes and yes. I have used it for years! Since 2000 I have donated my hair to Locks of Love every single May without fail. It is cut to my chin every year and the 10 inch length (min requirement) goes to the donation. Keep that in mind - I get 10 inch growth a year and the average a year is 6 inches, so even if mine grows faster naturally the rice water is giving me those extra inches to make this possible.

    91. Michelle Cherry

      never try rice water.i wish to try.

    92. Michelle Cherry

      the colour of your hair is awesome!when can you do it for me?

    93. that one annoying girl

      brad mondo, i colored my hair with food coloring... um so it wont come out after 6 monthes. so any tips?

    94. Wild by Nature

      Yes I believe it does help, even though genetics are the main factor, but also think about how long they use that rice water!? How old were them women? People think using this for a month their hair will grow long, be shiner, be stronger and possibly yes, but my guess is mainly genetics & years of using the rice water?.

    95. Kayla Royalty

      I use rice water. I did a video of it on my channel. It works for me perfectly

    96. Rosie Graal Graal

      Update: I have almost 3 weeks that Ive been putting rice water on my hair and its grown and my hair is shiny and looks very nice and my bangs have also grown it normally takes 4 to 6 months for my hair to grow but its grown ever since the rice water and ive been applying it like 4 or 5 times a week . If you want to see how to make the rice water watch it from doro cubillos channel

      1. Rawaa Al Kaabi

        @Rosie Graal Graal that is great

      2. Rawaa Al Kaabi

        @Rosie Graal Graal thank you so much I will definitely try it , thanks for caring tho

      3. Rosie Graal Graal

        @Rawaa Al Kaabi I just measured it grew like 1 inch

      4. Rosie Graal Graal

        @Rawaa Al Kaabi Trust me it does grow . I recommend just going ahead and trying and do the method from doro cubillos channel. I will go and measure my hair when i get home because right now I am heading to eat breakfast but I'll update you for sure.

      5. Rawaa Al Kaabi

        How much did it take to grow and how much did it grow , I wanna do it but I am not sure if it will be fast or not so could you tell me please

    97. Ałøha Łani


      1. finelight gold

        OMG YESSSSS !! I can’t Unsee it now

    98. Melissa Parag

      What would u recommend instead of use rice water do u have suggestions ?

    99. Loni Carr

      Did you share the sources of your research? I'd be interested to see.

    100. sucker for jimin's doll lips

      will rice water damage bleached hair?