Pro Hairdresser Tries 5-Minute Crafts Hair Hacks

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today I try out some 5 minute crafts and see if they actually work.
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    1. Brad Mondo

      I’m surprised I didn’t hate every single one

      1. Miko Lee


      2. Sophie & Felix Dog


      3. Skinny Hippos

        Just FYI, they used Dutch cocoa which is suuuuper dark compared to just regular cocoa powder

      4. Abigail Harkin

        @Brenda Rodgers i wish😫

      5. Brenda Rodgers

        @Abigail Harkin omg Brad mondo ? Lol

    2. Fatima Zahra

      Oohh my God He's really looking handsome😍😍

    3. Sky-Anna Bryant

      Does anyone know where Brad gets his mannequins from??

    4. Cristine joy Jimenez

      His mannequin's hair is much healthier than mine lmao

    5. Brooke Laney

      4:50 before you said they looked like spider legs I totally was like bruh that looks like spider legs so gross 😂

    6. lea Snyder

      A dinglehopper 🧜🏼‍♀️

    7. blackrose5856

      11:57 wait I actually like that look. It’s got the tight high ponytail but for those of us that like to still have some hair framing the face, there’s that too and we don’t have to leave anything out of the ponytail

    8. Shiely Fate

      a few hack in this video usualy work its just not real hair

    9. Pennie Wyatt

      Brad! Do you have a brush cleaning video?💙

    10. Ari W

      If you want foe hi lights ew no

    11. Gile Tigar

      Omgg yaas girl you go with that facial hair!!!!!!!

    12. Miriam González

      The DIY dry shampoo actually worked for me, and now I feel lucky, like the hair Gods were with me hahahaha

    13. Matīss Lilas

      you need to use dutch procesd coco powder its wat darker

      1. Matīss Lilas

        *way sorry i was typing super fast

    14. sara 2020

      omg i am beautiful Brad HONNEY your a QUEEN

    15. Julie the Seamstress

      Brad has beautiful eyes !!

    16. Sabrina Kurtz

      But can we talk about how he cracks his knuckles at 11:59. Love it.

    17. Joanne McVey

      Oh LOL, too funny.

    18. Faith Brown

      The blonde dolls head looks like JoJo sorry but I think it funny

    19. lithara

      Lol the one needing coco powder looks like you used hot chocolate mix by accident because coco is usually darker lol. Still would not do it though, but I would smell like chocolate.

    20. Lucia Santamaria


    21. I want to be a cat but my parents said no

      Who liked the old intro better? just me oki

    22. The word

      The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (II Peter 3:9 [KJV]) ;;;; And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27 [KJV]) ;;;; And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation of John 20:15 [KJV])

    23. teddy _gxcha

      4:45 Me: OMG EWWW THAT LOOKS LIKE SPIDER LEGS! 🤢🤮 Brad: it looks like spider legs- 💀🤢 FRRRRRR

    24. Sunaina

      Imagine being him and seeing all those manniequins head and eyes staring at you as you come in Like I would be running sis 🏃‍♀️👋😶

    25. Maya S

      the spiral curl looked disgusting

    26. maa goo

      Can you do my hair one day I'll pay you $1000

    27. Starya

      I've done those fake bangs technique on my friend's hair (it needed 26 clips to keep the pieces of hair at the exact places). Buuuut it looked good enough on my curly hair cause i gave it the messy look.

    28. Bellbellz

      I’ve tried everything

    29. Bellbellz

      Hi brad question, my hair is really damaged from hair box dye what can I do

    30. Miranda Ni

      for the first hack, how are you supposed to shave it yourslef if the paper is covering your eyes o-o

    31. Vàáh Ĺúvù

      Moments when he threw those heads away...smh

    32. Emma

      "life hacks are just a messier way of doing things"- Amanda Gooden (paraphrase)

    33. Dala Ahmed Helal

      How does 5 min crafts 70 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS

    34. Daniel A Boxill

      My first thought was, "How do you see through the paper?"

    35. Jazzyj810

      When my mom looks at my hair after I just wake up 4:49

    36. Robloxsav Kat

      Oh my god oh my god!! No one: Brad mondo:

    37. Marina

      i love how brad actually tried the hack, and not just put no effort into it because he thought that it wouldn’t work

    38. cb 1979

      Dang it, it's not a fork it's a dingle hopper, c'mon man you're a hair dresser, didnt Ariel teach you anything? Lol jk jk, love you and your videos, keep up the great work!

    39. Charlie Silva

      Me who watches Brad bc he makes me feels better when he says hey beautiful

    40. Suvali Biswal

      am i the only one who got triggered when he threw the mannequin?- cause i went like WHAT THE- THAT WOULD HAVE HURT YOU'RE RUDE. idk why i just thought that-

    41. Galaxy Gamer

      Also lets be honest the rap around hair thing looks good only on Ariena Grande

    42. Galaxy Gamer

      I tried the bry shampo one like 2 years ago and my sister was like did you dip your head in some Sand.

    43. Clara-Maria Ibrahim

      No onee LITERALLY no one BRAD MONDO : "Thank you so much but no thank you ".😂❣

    44. NAT Que

      can we all just take a moment to appreciate how brad always looks amazing.... definitely could use him to motivate and dress me in the morning lol

    45. Kyra Beahm

      really cause i laughed so hard about the fork curler

    46. Kearstin Craft

      I HAVE AN IDEA! HOW ABOUTTT you do James Charles hair, and HE DOES YOUR MAKEUP !!!!!!!!!!!

    47. Nikki SassyPants

      Just threw up a little when you said, "Spider legs." It totally looked like spider legs. 🤢🤮🤮

    48. Rosemary Schiebel

      First time I've seen you and you're hysterical, thanks!

    49. Olivia Freeman

      The first one wasn't used to cut in bangs, it was to cut them shorter and make sure the line was straight. You even acknowledged her bangs at the start by saying, "she's got bangs.. a lot of them". silly!

    50. Sophie & Felix Dog

      I loveee the blonddd maniquinnnnn

    51. Savannah Paz-Vargas

      when your doing the fist life hack you cant see how your cutting the bangs because your face is covered

    52. Casey Cronan

      That crumpled up fork mess in the 5 minute craft video had me wheezing laughing.

    53. Zuri Dennison-Lane

      u look like ur bro in this vid

    54. Shania Kerri

      I’m so attracted to Brad. Help.

    55. T

      I would love a whole video on your craziest client stories👏🏽

    56. T

      Do the mannequins have to pay rent?

    57. Debora MF

      the way he did that curl with the straightener amazes me bc i will never be able to do that

    58. Jamo Art

      Love your style and hair Brad ! 💙

    59. s. larissa

      the blonde mannequin looks like loren gray kinda 😅

    60. Twilight E-Girl

      I heard Brad dosnt like his fans comments😢

    61. S P A C E A B E L L E

      ;-; r.i.p blue mullet mondo

    62. Chanel P

      why do all the not guys have to be gay ahhhhh

    63. Stacy Higby

      That bull cut tho... Like- hunnnnnny

      1. Stacy Higby


    64. Princess DPG

      Brad (as mannequin): oh what is this Me (as inner 5 year old): a dinglehopper

    65. Asher's Nation

      4:43 Brad's gay was really showing there. I mean we love us the gay! 🏳️‍🌈

    66. Amberly Xochimitl

      😂 they must have gotten the idea from The Little Mermaid “dinglehopper” haha 😛

    67. Ruby Massie

      The thirsty print anatomically disarm because community maternally detect beyond a ancient luttuce. near, second toad

    68. moonblovegood

      "it looks like a spider leg" lmaooo

    69. Frank Tarr

      why they so fake like use a fucking iron like everyone else period 🙂

    70. Natalie Boitel

      For those of us with vibrantly colored hair, eyeshadow makes great dry shampoo. Baking soda will irritate the scalp for sure, mine at least.

    71. Natalie Boitel

      Soooo the bangs,...... How does one see through the paper to cut their bangs? I guess you could cut holes in the paper to see through??? lol

    72. Josephine Cuevas

      Hi Brad, if they eye-ball the trimming, they might accidentally shave their eye-brows. LOL! Just saying!

    73. BTS ARMY

      The best one was the spiral curl!!! It was so Fcking Funny

    74. BTS ARMY

      I literally subscribed just seeing this vid you're so funny!

    75. Arianna Batemen

      You look kinda like reiner from attack on titan in this video

    76. Arsh Ismail

      That brown hair mannequin is seriously gonna haunt u at night and we are probably not gonna see u in the next video sweety

    77. Arsh Ismail

      Brad after this video Brad:get the fuck out here and get to washing yourself Mannequins:OK but you don't have friends thats why you use us right Brad:...........................

    78. F B

      If you don't have dry shampoo, just use a bit of talc.

    79. LittleMama2020

      For curling it depends on the straightener because so far the ones I’ve tried have not been able to not kink up

    80. kiera embers

      They look like clip ons

    81. Heartless-Worm

      Chad Brad Bradley

    82. Andra Faith

      If you do the second hack with a pencil instead of a fork, it actually works!

    83. Jenn Polson

      I hate tht first one with the fork

    84. Isa Waring


    85. Les

      VID IDEA! I have looked for countless videos for ways to curl my hair but without a curling iron or flat iron just a headband or a twist of the hair to receive beautiful curls....................but doesn't work honey. so brad Mundo.........will you pls make a vid with all kinds of ways to create curls BUT there heatless so no heating tools because gurlllllll..................i have had to show up to meetings with my hair so puffy and so NOT curly that I just really need some hacks that actually work! Luv you're vids!! they really help me have the best hair I can have!

    86. Shannon Britton

      I do it everyday, all the time as well 💚💙💜✌

    87. hannatriinmuah

      i appreciate both the swearing and facial hair! vibes!

    88. Diane Green

      Hey Brad😘 While your hair is wet, if you make4 sections, take each section, and twist them tightly and bobby pin in. Either leave overnight, or sit in the sun, or dry while twisted. When hair is dry, release and fluff!TRUST ME! You DEFINITELY get curls AND some volume!

    89. klaudia lara


    90. Stephanie Collins

      Brad, you should go on good mythical morning and have rhett and link try styling some hair with you

    91. Stephanie Collins

      I hope no one tried that terrible paper and trimmer bang. You can't see through the paper! There's no way to know where it will hit

    92. Amber Crabtree

      First hack: how the egg are they supposed to see where their bangs are?! 🤣🤣 Omg I hate 5 minute hacks bite I love to watch them when I'm in a bad mood so I can get a good laugh Hack 2: ok spaghetti curls right? Every girl wants those. Wtf were people thinking when they did these lmao 🤣 Hack 3: I just feel like it's gonna soak up the oil into clumps and make it look dirtier lol well it is gonna be dirtier I guess cause it's food in her hair! Hack 4: that might work if you give it a tight braid overnight lol Hack 5: wtf 😒 just wtf Hack 6: it's cute but not tight lol 😂

    93. Abigael Roy

      love these vids ! btw looking phenomenal as usual, i love everything going on w ur look today ☺️

    94. Lili

      The more I watch Brad the more I get confused about my sexuality. You're so beautiful 😭

    95. kenzie nelson

      This my first video of yours and i already love your channel


      @9:33 I do that with my hair for thick curls, though I leave it in overnight and make a lit of small braids. It can work depending on how many you do and how long you leave it in. (I never saw a 5 minute craft for it and did it on my own. Have no idea how I thought of it tho🤣🤣)

    97. Giraffe Clouds

      The first one is like SIA who

    98. Sophia_ _

      I love u I wanna grow my hair out can u make a vid for how to grow ur hair

    99. Natalie Dantas

      what's that on his ear?

    100. Sofia Zemlianskij

      That first dummy’s hair be looking like Sia