Hairdresser Reacts To Bleach Videos Adressed To Me

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people so awful things to their hair with videos addressed to ME.
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    1. Brad Mondo

      Y’all be scaring me with these videos addressed to me 😰

      1. Belynda Ray

        How do I address a video to you? I totally want to cut my hair and would love if you could let me know how I did.

      2. Jamelia Leburu

        Ahh brad im sorry im late and im sorry this is not relvnt to your vid bt i gotta tell u this....👉👈 ahh i think u kinda luk lyk the lead singer of the band 21 pilots bt u dont no his name tho😕, im sorry i had t let it out.....😞,altho i dont know wy this wud offend u tho i think that guy is realy cul so yah i mean this mor as a compliment

      3. xMistressGamer

        Don't worry! I addressed one to you to thank you & it turned out sooo good! I went from bright red to blue in lockdown in March/April last year. Learnt so much from you about hair & bleaching for the first time. Helped me ALOT. Not all attempts at home are bad 😁❤

      4. Grace Brann

        @Brad Mondo what type of blue did you have in your hair, getting my tips blue for my birthday, thanks

      5. Elizabeth

        I watched 7:31 and those few seconds after, so many times! Brad's reaction....hahahaha

    2. Kimba Savage

      @bradmondonyc Hey Brad I need some clarification on bleaching... I say the most amount of time it can be in a client's hair is 45 mins, another stylist is trying to say a lower developer for 2 hours 😑 Thats doesn't make sense to me someone clarify thanks.

    3. Beca YT

      How dare you insult that beautiful green Brad screeeee

    4. Amanda Skater

      When Schatz from tiktok makes an appearance!💖💖💖

    5. katelyn vr

      Did she not just say I don't care if my hair falls out and then she said I really dont want my hair to fall out

    6. Vincent Klama

      You should make merch with iam sorry Brad on it

    7. Mariana

      the firs girl with purple hair looked SO GOOD WTF

    8. Isabella Ross

      I skipped class because I’m afraid to be yelled at and It’s giving my major anxiety so this video helps a lot 💜

    9. Orgánica Bowls

      I love you !!! Go Vegan 🌷

    10. Eleni Love

      Brad out here be looking like hades from Hercules

    11. Caitie Hetherington

      I LOVE SCHATZ SO MUCH!!!!!!! for pronunciations, it's their last name and you pronounce it as "shots"

    12. Olivia Cooke

      What breed is the dog though because I NEED one in my life😍😍😍

    13. Shawna Starr


    14. Caeli _metalfab

      "thank you for saying sorry... cause my feelings are're still beautiful tho!" oh brad, you're so cute

    15. auvielle

      what is in this man’s wardrobe-?

    16. Courtney Boswell

      Brad you are giving me don’t mess with the Zohan vibes with your look in this video

    17. Raven Wolf

      Thank you Brad, I just placed my first order. I can't wait to try it.

    18. Tamar Langbord

      Am I the only one getting HADES from Hercules vibes from Brad’s hair?

    19. Cain XVII

      That's a loooooong ad for placebos...

    20. Luka Beckett

      The last one ends up looking like the singer from Inme from like 2003

    21. Jasmine Bailey

      I remember when Schatz did that to her hair the first time! Loved yourreaction! !

    22. Kelsi Kenny

      Brad looks like he bullies people for a living oh wait he does.

    23. Jess Lea


    24. Lilyanna Marie

      Hey Beutiful the only one who tells me that.

    25. _elizaabeth311

      brad why are there so many ads in your videos? 😭😭😭

    26. SamThe Fallen

      I’m glad brad doesn’t see my hair. It’s dead. Fried. Damaged. Split. Haven’t re dyed it. And think I ruined my natural ginger ooop

    27. Sheree Pratt

      Purple shampoo worked in my bleach bath. Got a good result.

    28. Chicago Girl In A So Cal World

      Love, no matter how many vitamins you take you will never get the nutrients you need. There is no non-vegan form of D3. Vitamin D deficiency is a major problem in the US, especially in vegans. Please reconsider your vegan lifestyle. It's horrible for your health.

    29. Holl Cadman

      The first reaction though 🤣

    30. Holly Whiskers

      Sometimes the best things in life happen when you least expect it. I like to call those moments "Blessings" That first one has got that modern day retro jessica rabbit look going on! STUNNING!!

    31. Jaclyn Smith

      Please be friends with Schatz Shenanigans!!! I love her (also have a crush on her) and she is a really fun loving creator on tiktok!!! The two of you as friends, I can totally see it!!!!

    32. Kara Loves Musicals!!

      I love the blue in your hair!!! Your a literal Queen/King!!!

    33. Random Chance

      It is a great decision to have bright blue hair taking attention away from my grandmother's houndstooth jacket

    34. Alex R. And Røse T.

      Imma cut all my hair off and go Joker style green and if I make a video of it, I hope it ends up in hair wins instead of fails 😂😭

    35. Dad Talks

      Is that brad mondo or Ricky from the trailer park boys :D

    36. Audrey .H

      Yeah I can’t say I love the Ronald McDonald red and Green Screen green nooo no no

    37. Andreea Ilie

      Omg, the first girl looks amazing with pink and purple hair.....omg 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

    38. Lauren Storey

      Brad is like the coolest person ever

    39. Greece Greece

      Whenever did people start feeding on tablets?Just like old futuristic movies.🤪🤔

    40. Ericka Murray

      That first girls hair floored me!!! Omg!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    41. just jess

      Omg the first one - tf girl stop yelling. You so loud. We ain't deaf.


      I love how it's always us brits how fuck up the most 🤣

    43. Xx_ greenie _xX

      Hey Brad Mondo what happens if you get food colouring in your hair does it stain?

    44. Kai

      The vid that ended brads career 😂 cuz that looks bomb

    45. Annalyse Littlepage

      I guess there is no such thing as gloves. I hope she didn't burn her skin

    46. Gemma Lahart

      Holiday, Christmas tree vibes 😂😂😂 I'm dead

    47. Ary Brielle


    48. Stacey Taugher

      I’m thinking of dyeing my hair completely blonde do u have a toner u suggest?

    49. Christal C

      Brad giving me Sonic the Hedgehog vibes with the spikey blue hair 😂

    50. Michelle Estrada

      this is why I always always always recommend artic fox! 😁👍

    51. Dawn Day

      Thx for sharing! I used to think vitamins were a con until my g/f told me I needed to take vitamin B complex because I used to get horrible migranes, and I rarely ate well! So, I took the vitamin (2) pills and they worked wonders! Now I take vitamins..yeahh!

    52. Kell Gentle

      Brad you need to check out "tiny Tim's adventures dying my hair bright green" he's so funny and mentions you in it 🤣🤣

    53. Mila Micheli

      8:00 lagit that has to be photo shoped aint beliven it

    54. babycomedown

      Arctic fox is LEGIT 💯

    55. Harshit

      the duql color girl looked very much Christmas vibee

    56. Harshit

      Just color your hair some dark color like black or something if you fuck it up

    57. Katie Grooms

      Brad, you should frost those blue tips with yellow. Make a cool green gradient

    58. Katie Grooms

      Why is The girl with the red hair literally screaming

    59. Hauntmedaddy

      I love care of sigh. U reminded me to order from them again

    60. Katie Johnson

      Idk why anyone would go and try to bleach their hair after watching your videos lol. I would at least get my mom to help me, and then probably buy her dinner or something for putting her through the trouble LOL

    61. Deborah Brereton

      Love your channel brad ❤

    62. Sanam

      No no no no no no no no no no no no .......................🤣🤣🤣

    63. Haley Martell

      The first lady’s transformation was GORGEOUS like how?!

    64. Pinacolada

      Cute puppy!! How you spell it's name? Caia? Siae? Tysm anyone who knos xx

    65. elleislia

      I bleached my hair at home 8 months ago and seriously I could’ve just dipped my hair into the deep fryer at McDonald’s

    66. evilcrazzyj g

      Why she screaming for

    67. Charace xx

      Girl: i don't care if my hair falls out with 40 developer Same girl: *nearly crying* can we please wash it out i don't want my hair to fall out

    68. Abby Hanson

      The First Lady wtf how is it so 🤩 perfect

    69. ok ok

      ok ok

    70. elizabeth wall

      Hi brad mondo my mom is a hair dresser to and I love your videos

    71. Recording Random

      *I hope i accidentally make my hair look good when i dye it*

    72. Sandra Slytherin

      So if my hair still good on the first bleach but not light enough. I can do a second round of bleach same day?

    73. Danielle Dybbro

      ugh BRAD!! your dog is too cute!!!! Can she grace us with her presence in more videos please????

    74. Sienna Wall

      You’re feeling of Betrayal and confusion with the gray to purple hair was me to a t. IM SO CONFUSED

    75. pheneloppe llyne garcia

      Brad be lookin like Hades and Carlos from Descendants 3

    76. Minnie Browning

      The first girls hair is FIRE!!!!

    77. Angel Orange

      Brad: “ ‘Mucky’ gray....” My grandma ears: “MONKEY” gray 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    78. spaula111

      when you are in hairdresser school and feel this pain too

    79. Lia Chacon

      Also this green color is kinda ugly. I said it, I got it out of my system RIP ME 💀

    80. Anna Boogman

      That first girl... Why are you YELLING?

    81. Jasmine Zavala

      You look like Sonic

    82. alisabeth land

      That first one!! My jaw DROPPED

    83. Dark_Roses

      I have brown hair and I used oVertone blue for brown hair and it turned out just as I wanted it. It isn’t super vibrant but I love it!

    84. Karly Mullins

      Hi Brad! I doubt you'll see this lol, but I have a general hair care question. If I have dry, straight, colour treated hair. what is the most important factor to look for in a product? For example I have two heat protector brands i'm considering. one is for dry, straight hair. one is for colour treated hair. which one matters more?

    85. Beatrrrise

      first girl definitely is going through some midlife crisis

    86. Gr4c3 F4c3

      My friend and I are trying out that vitamin thing. Hope it works out!

    87. Camille Noël

      Brad mondo!! How Can i get you colors in France, i can't order it from you're web site 🙏🏼

    88. Miya Atsumu

      Brad: going to sleep early Me: going to sleep at 5am 😂😅

    89. Julianna Colbeck

      This video has 69K likes, we did it.

    90. Tiffany Louise

      Ok so I don’t like hers but I kinda dig the silver grey...that or a rose gold I would love my hair to be either. But I’m boring and just rock natural boring light brown/dirty blonde lol Maybe one day...

    91. Elis Nunes Ferreira


    92. Rachel Register

      Who else is here from Schatz TikTok?

    93. Kimberly Fisher

      Quarantine has made us all Batt shit crazy. Now we all look fucked up 🥺😬

    94. Liz Scully

      You're giving me Hades from Descendants vibes! Love it

    95. Glam Cat

      Watch Brad lose his entire mind at 7:39 😂💜

    96. Glam Cat

      Watch Brad's soul die at 6:33 😂💜

    97. Glam Cat

      How do you eff up a bleach bath? It's the easiest, most effective trick in the world. I do it aaaaaall the time to remove fashion colors from my blonde hair. 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

    98. Paige Francesca

      8:00 she really said "trust the process"

    99. manga queen

    100. Lucy Angelina

      @Brad Mondo . Hey I'm from the U.K. Could I have your advice please I have dyed my hair black and I am thinking of split dyeing my hair. What do you think I should do?