Hairdresser Reacts To People Dying Their Hair Neon

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people color their hair bright neon colors! Some went well, some not so much.
    Split dying my hair neon green with manic panic:
    I accidentally dye my hair neon pink…:
    Dying my hair neon pink I bleaching & dying natural hair:
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Toleen Raed

      Wen you say hi beautiful I say you look beautiful i really like your hair color ♥

    2. Willow T


    3. Virginia M

      I can’t wait to get my hands on your neon colours!

    4. abishbridget movilla

      brad: hey beautiful me: looking like a potato* also me: thanks,,

    5. Farah Elhadrati

      The intro that Brad did , was the nicest thing I have heard today. ...

    6. Dino_Dino_ Games

      am i the only one that realized the second girl that dyed her hair pink DIDN"T WEAR GLOVES

    7. Ayushi Kulkarni

      He : Hi beautiful, you look stunning today... Me : *Oh hell NO* !!!😂😂😂

    8. Isa Hlm

      Why Sweden’s national anthem in the background haha I like it though love from Sweden 🇸🇪

    9. Sophey Alexander

      the start is so beautiful just like u brad :D

    10. Adri Dippenaar

      Please show us the redecorating when it's done 🙏🏼

    11. Mouse

      I remember when I use to dye my hair with fudge when I was younger, no way would I not use gloves LOL, It would literally stain the bath and my pillowcases at times.

    12. Adam Laker

      I hear you saying 40vol peroxide (12%) is bad, im pretty sure thats the only strength ive used to bleach my hair (sometimes twice) for 30 mins minimum, wrapped with cing wrap and sometimes under those heater things before the colour goes on. I had to bleach my beard 4 times with 40vol leaving it on for an 1 n half hrs to get it near on white so the fluro pink dye would be bright asfk

    13. Briyana D

      the last girl is FREAKING me out 💀 why she do dat

    14. Lucy Lestrange

      I thought having no finger prints is a good thing...

    15. SalCantRead

      Me who literally is about to cut my hair off with kitchen scissors and dye it emery green: 🧍

    16. Dab Cat


    17. Mae Life3

      On my hair when i dye it we have to use a lot cuz my hair just sucks it all up 😂

    18. FaythluvsLyfe

      Me liking the video then watching it an as I leave likes it again forgetting I liked it already and accidentally unlikes it 👁👁 👄

    19. 大 翔a s a k k i a

      The second one- at the beginning, she looks like an albino for some reason 🙃 It’s pretty

    20. Jess Kozak

      Why don't they ever use gloves?

    21. Amelia Joyner

      I've never wanted to be someone's best friend more than Brad Mondo's.

    22. Devyani

      That BLACKPINK ! (in tiny)

    23. Skinnylizard Weeb

      The “blackpink!” Moment made my heart stop

    24. C Eng

      the Swedish national anthem background music is throwing me off so bad lmaoooo

    25. Anika Roscoe

      Love tour vids

    26. anju srivastava

      He looks so much like damon Salvatore aka Ian somerhalder

    27. YounG FresH

      Hey I didn't know I like to see stuff like this. Lol omg am I G@ye?🤔🤣🤣🤣

    28. kiana harris

      Brad!!!! I chopped my hair off for the first time ever in my life!!! And idk y but I want you to see it so bad

    29. spexz on 30 fps

      brad say Hey Beautiful. i say Hey my Beautiful shining star

    30. Kitty Kat Mag

      Dude until I was like 11 or 12, I thought a round of applause was supposed to be circular XD

    31. Hunter Paige

      I was trying to watch the blonde girl who was dying her hair red out the first streak on and I got a notification so I rewinded and got another I had to do it again

    32. Dark_Luna16

      Yo his hair style reminds me of Hades from that one Disney movie 👁️👄👁️

    33. Abigail Cavazos

      I like to watch brad Mondo because I like his videos, He's funny, and makes me feel better! Keep up the great work Brad😁😀👍

    34. John Groat

      I have my hair that pink omg i feel appretiated

    35. Sathwik Naram

      Am I the only man watching all of Brad Mondo video s because I like his content and his voice and his way of presentation 🔥🔥

    36. Emily Smith

      Just watched this now but im about to dye mine electric pink !!

    37. Avery Theron

      James charles : Hi SISITERS! Brent Rivera: BOOM! What up everyone! Piper Rochelle: Shalom guys! Hope your day's been good better watch this video! Brad M: Hello Beautiful. : )

    38. Person Sad

      Im not allowed to dye my hair cus i have strawberry blond hair .-.

    39. Jamie Propro

      I’m pretty sure “a round of applause” means the amount of time and amount of claps in a round. Like how you have several rounds in a wrestling match

    40. Arianna Kroupa

      "Hairdresser Reacts to People Dying Their Hair Neon" The title reads as Brad is sitting there, his hair in a Neon Blue mullet, like uhm... Am I the only one who noticed this?????

    41. Meg Perez

      I love you brad!!!! ❤️

    42. Bella And The Buddies

      I thought it was a round of applause too 😅 So using the triangle of applause now, How is this not a thing yet? 😛

    43. Renee Kapoor

      I love the black and green look #billieeilishvibes

    44. Reba Smith

      Brad , you’re so talented,& funny. No one can do it like you. You make me, want to come and see you each day.

    45. Stitchums Hideaway

      It should of been called KOOLAID blue lol

    46. Jordan Campbell

      i think in round of applause “round” is used the same way as like playing a round of a game. like something happening for a certain amount of time maybe?? that’s what makes sense to me lol

    47. May Phillips

      The girl in the first video gives me Billie elish vibes it

    48. Cynthia galvan

      lol i think its round of applause because its a round of applausing, like round one round 2 round 3 type of thing its a round of people applausing


      Brad’s outfit tho🥵🔥

    50. Annie

      Seeing Brad happy makes my day😊

    51. Normal Me

      8:22....KIRISHIMA DUDE XD

    52. Gul nat

      Brad: hi beautiful u look stunning Me: in bed wearing my princess pajamas with messy hair n eating chips

    53. JkGranger

      My older sister dyed my hair. Twice

    54. JkGranger

      Im so glad i have blonde hair it would make me so sad if i fryed my hair

    55. Danielle Brown

      Bard mondo "hello u look beautiful as always" me with split screens on snap with a rat filter on

    56. Kittendie Roblox

      you know how they say be there or be a square it’s because you’re not around ⭕️get it.

    57. Archer princess Akar

      the way the 3rd chic was applying the die is soo annoying like ahh

    58. Stephanie

      Cold water closes your hair cuticle and keeps the color in better. There is also less bleeding. Yes it's uncomfortable, but I guess I am just used to it now. Though I am making it a little warmer, sort of.

    59. Milovatsi

      Nobody ever uses gloves...

    60. Bella Rogers

      I'm currently in cosmetology and we talk about yoy all the time we love you

    61. Sydney Addison-Rudat

      Welp I have bleach coming in the mail so let’s pray the angels of Brad Mondo can assist me in this craziness

    62. Tony Matson

      No you look stunning brad

    63. light and elijah

      Your my favorite youtuber

    64. Cheri Arrowsmith

      I love the K pop band BLACKPIBK

    65. Maniska Maitri

      Me a 14 year old...want to colour my hair...but scared🙂

    66. Leanne Cartwright

      Am I the only one that noticed him say about the girl going pink in the second video “she should start at the ends” and then say right after “I’m glad she’s starting at the roots” 🤔🤔

    67. Karthika Kaliappan

      Brad mondo needs to react to bts’s jungkook dying his own hair

      1. Karthika Kaliappan

        @Martina Lindemann yeah he did, for his caption on insta he said self dye

      2. Martina Lindemann

        YES PLEAAAAASEE 😂 (btw he's BLUE now and I bet he did it himself. Add colouring hair as another item to "everything JK is good at" long long list)

      3. Mackenna Pittman

        LMAO YES

    68. Timea Lewis

      i love how he starts all of his videos!!❤️✨👏👏👏👑

    69. Robinson Squashy

      I live for the intros

    70. Maddalena Mauri

      Yes brad u r bright and I can’t spell the other word u said

    71. Katherine Linares

      bright and obxnious.... cold water is stupid.. HAHHAHHHAAHHAA

    72. Heidi Floyd

      I love your video’s so so much

    73. Heidi Floyd

      I die my hair blue and pink and now it is cotton candy hair

    74. Xanthe Gaming


    75. Xanthe Gaming

      I love your hair 🥰

    76. Aiyla Imaan

      Not many people can pull off bright green Billie eilish: am I a joke to you

    77. Cheno Thonger

      Brad: "Hi beautiful, you look stunning" Me: Sitting on bed looking like a Potato🥔💔 Also me: 🥺👉👈💜

    78. Markell Garcia

      Help! My curly ( mexican) hair has gotten so dry and frizzy...I shampoo twice a week and condition everyday. I've always used Dove with no problem but now (same Dove) I have frizzy dry curls!? Does Brad have something for curly hair?

    79. Inshal Waheed

      I wonder how Brad's hairs aren't damaged with excessive colour.. I need that hair care routine


      Me: *buys hair dye and bleach* oh yeah im so ready to dye my hair ahh finally Also me: umm *watches bleaching hair fail* umm...i ahmm *throws bleach and hair dye* well yeah my hair looks great dont need to dye it😅😅😅

    81. Amelia Aspen

      When he said stunning in the intro Stunning the song came on...lmbo

    82. Tazzie1312

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    83. Zoe Alva

      I live for Crystal, I love me some Lindy, shes so cute and fun and quirky... awwww. That color looks so good. She's just so awesome and her vibe is life!

    84. Olivia's life

      soooo in the middle of the vid a ad come on and you wanna know what it was? just guess XMONDO HAIR IT WAS A AD WITH BRAD IN IT USfilm IS SNEAKY

      1. Olivia's life

        it was salty sea salt spray

    85. I hate myself

      Can u please reply what is your zodiac sign I'm an aquarius

    86. I hate myself

      I love u brad mondo u are my new fav person lol I know this is cringe but still

    87. Justwhy? ?

      Gurl I love your mullet

    88. Kirishima_eijiro

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      Brad: “Hi beautiful you look stunning today” Me watching this in the shower: 👁👄👁

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      1. Pete Zahut

        She bleached them

    97. cupcakes forever

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      1. cupcakes forever

        @Dani Damien my moms my bestfriend

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