Hairdresser Reacts To People Bleaching Their Hair 3 Times in 1 Day

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch people bleach their hair way too many times in a single day. It was pretty scary to watch.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Sam Flower

      I don't think that's a toner. I think it's a clear lol

    2. Sara Smith

      The use coconut oil when bleaching is definitely misunderstood on the internet, it’s not to keep the integrity of your hair, which most people think that’s why it’s used. It’s really just to keep the bleach from drying out.

    3. Chicago Girl In A So Cal World

      Brad, love, what the fuck are you wearing?

    4. Felicia Berglund

      I bleached my hair 16 times in 2 days 😩

    5. Sarah Springer

      am I the only one who noticed that the powder bleach says “POSION” in big letters on top lmfao 🤣

    6. Fruitpunchmouth

      now i want to see what people could do to their nails with their hair. Edit: as soon as said this simplynailogcal uploaded XD

    7. Nautica's Playhouse Erotic Audios

      Finally I found a video by Brad that I hadn't seen yet. I've maybe now seen them all. Keep ''em comin'!

    8. C. C

      me texting my hair stylist that i should go blonde... they didn’t text me back... they’re sick of me going back and forth at this point... hahahaha

    9. Emma Lou

      Hey Brad! I think the coconut oil thing works to protect your scalp from root bleaching, but doesn't actually protect the hair so people maybe got confused somewhere. I have a sensitive scalp and started melting coconut oil and applying it and i think it helps...

    10. Dianna-roxanne Kananowitz

      Was just looking at that shirt and actually really like the design of it

    11. PJ

      I LOOOVE blonde hair. I wish I could go blonde. But no Brad no....not everyone could pull off blonde 😭

    12. Olivia Ali

      And what do you do when you’ve been told by a hairdresser that you can never go blonde because your hair is too dark... Watch Brad Mondo and cry as brad says “Everyone should go blonde.” Brad Advice 😭

    13. Sandy Jamison

      Is coconut oil good to use after processing the hair? Genuinely interested, thanks 👍🏼🙂💙

    14. Kaalo Lovett

      They both destroyed their hair. Ugh. Brad you are being very nice.

    15. Renee Sharkey

      You said two things I fully believe in just the first two minutes. Coconut oil sucks and even burned my scalp before. I hate it!!! And the dyed grey hair is gross. Natural is fine because you get silvers white and grey tones that are pretty.

    16. Kaycee Padilla

      The second girl is so uniquely beautiful with her cute little tooth gap. Hair turned out so pretty too!! 🖤

    17. The world Is sad

      Honey I love you but....what are you wearing 😭😭 it looks like a swimsuit, maybe like a baby snap shirt but What ever who cares about what I say

    18. Nicole Jackson

      Both of these girls are so pretty. Holy f. Not a fan of the grey on the first girl.


      I hate the grey hair too so awful

    20. Smitty C

      Am I the only one who hates coconut oil in general? (Besides for Brad?)

    21. Allison Ayo

      Eat beach too much beach

    22. Telley Vision

      Was she going for a Galadriel vibe? LOTR for life!

    23. carmen claudia

      Brad! You were right with the grey colour. My hair is 70% natural grey. I'm 38. So I thought:" Make it all grey then!" Maaan....I looked like 70. It made look like a grandma. So I went back to my bright colourful pigments. (White or blonde doesn't fit me at all, because of my skin colour and my natural black eyebrows, which I love and will never change😁) I tried out every hair colour, but grey was the worst. I hate it!

    24. Kerry Conner

      Her hair is green!! 😂

    25. timea mihalickova

      I did bleach my hair 4 times in one day last year... well, it did turn out fine but I was really scared I was gonna lose my hair and it hurt so much! I was crying in pain the fourth time

    26. annabelletristik

      What the actual fuck am I looking at.... Guuurl the fuck... The second gurl and the whole process gave the anxiety I really didn't neeeeeed... Daaaaaamn why... So much work and so much damage and so much time and so much money and so much fear and so much anxiety while she just looked super cute with the dark color in the first place damn... Fitted her skin very much Choices

    27. Sandy

      I would love to add some fantasy color to my hair. My natural color is almost black. My hair is thinning due to medications I need to be on, so I do not want to bleach, and risk it breaking / falling out. Are there any fantasy colors (even temporary) that will show well on dark hair?

    28. Kenzie Morace

      I hate the grey hair look so much I will never understand that trend no I’m not being rude it’s my opinion. If your offended well to bad sorry not sorry

    29. Bri Mclees

      Him saying how much he hates gray hair makes me wanna dye my hair gray again. Lol it was my fave color

    30. Jhennifer Alves

      The Second Girl looks Penélope Cruz

    31. Robin Reynolds

      you your fit tho is bomb

    32. Sam T


    33. Gracie

      i did 2 bleach washes and 1 box dye bleach on my pre-lightened hair in 1 day and my hair still feels healthy after 1 week

    34. Emma Lee

      You’re in a mood and I’m so here for it 😂😂

    35. shy la’rie

      I really could’ve used your channel when I was 13 in middle school box bleaching and dying my hair nearly every month after getting WAY too excited my mom finally let me dye my own hair. It was as bad as you’re picturing.

    36. Roxy

      Now let me say oils are king with a weave..ok they are life. I have weave lasting as long as a year + with oil.. but that being said I don't go near bleach unless it's for a frontal

    37. Karen

      Me about to my hair gray 👁👄👁

    38. Nicole Salazar

      Omg I remember I used to bleach and dye my hair several times in the same day wtf was wrong w me lol the breakage was seriousss

    39. Colette Roland

      She is NOT a nice blonde!! She's way too dark for blonde hair. Black brows and blackest eyes. Blonde????

    40. Zen June

      I want my hair dark ‘LeTs bLeAcH iT’, I don’t understand why not just leave the parts you want dark, dark? Why bleach it then make it dark again?

    41. Karlijn Van Gaalen

      `Me watching this with grey hair...

    42. Andrew

      Honestly I think the shirt is a look, you pull it off!

    43. Lauren


    44. Sophie Munday

      8 ads in 12 minutes? Sorry it's too hard to watch your videos now Brad

    45. Sky_paradise bitch

      Bleached her hair spool many times for a dark color,like that smh too close to,black

    46. Sunshine LaCross

      I accidentally ended up with grey/silver hair by washing my hair with this Lush shampoo... it actually looked really good! It still lightens my hair to a grey color after dying my hair twice...the shampooade my bottom of my hair that was previously bleached grey and lightened my roots to a light brown (im naturally a brunette). My hair is crazy different shades right now!

      1. Sunshine LaCross

        Cant post a pic to show but its on my fb. Had it as a profile picture for a while. (Sunshine LaCross)

    47. Stacey Taugher

      I’m thinking bout dyeing my hair completely blonde what toner do u suggest?

    48. Ezra A

      We are watching you 👀👀👀

    49. Twiggy ZigZag

      I can't even imagine how much money these people spend on this stuff to do it themselves over just going to a salon.

    50. Tevis Carbajal

      I actually like the shirt 🤷🏽‍♀️

    51. NAVAS KA

      Thisl will prove you that coconut oil is good for hair I have hair till the end of my spine The only thing I use is shampoo and coconut oil and now I am only 11 My hair is super healthy so coconut oil is helpful for your hair

    52. Vee P

      The way he said “I need water”, sounded like how Patrick said it in Spongebob LOLLLL

    53. Benji

      I have magic hair I bleached my hair 3 hair and it is still super soft

    54. Aurora Brill

      I want Brad Mondo to do whatever he wants with my hair

    55. elizabeth wall

      I brad mondo my mom is a hair dresser to and I love your videos

    56. Foreverdreamingcorpse

      I’m so lucky I’ve managed to have like every colour hair and have bleached it a few times and my hair isn’t to bad at all

    57. Foreverdreamingcorpse

      Oh dear always wait to bleach ur hair again

    58. Awbw

      Thank you for addressing the shirt babe 😅

    59. Lizzy Shadows

      Only time I ever fried my hair, I bleached x2 with 40v and toned, and it was a beautiful platinum, however I wanted "silver" so i used pravana silver.....big mistake, it was awful, cut to me bleaching again out of desperation, aaaand yeah. I wish I would've just toned and left it 😭 lesson learned, imma go to a pro next time I want platinum.

    60. Your Friend

      As much hair as the last girl lost when she brushed it, I loose every time I wash my hair and that’s once every week/once every 1,5 weeks

    61. Lex

      Brad, i love this sweater you’re wearing and i want it. Please tell me where I can obtain❤️

    62. Jill Becker

      Why is she doing this herself? It would have cost less to have it done professionally !

    63. I am Violator

      Yo brad stop gassing that second chick up. It looks awful

    64. Cheryl Quinney

      Talk about trying to fry your hair off your head! Bloody hell...😬👀

    65. ruth

      are the salons open in the US right now?

    66. Misty Archer

      Brad.. Brad.. I love you so much.. But what the f*ck is that shirt LOL

    67. Taylormadde Moersen

      The first girls accent gave me life for some reason 🤣. I just love accents

    68. KKH Simmer

      omg this is soooo me 2 years ago lol

    69. aubby goddess

      Guys are u supposed to tone between bleaches? I never heard of that

    70. Whats-My-Fandom

      4:24 Only my right hand.

    71. GeAnn C. Santos

      brad’s eyes and eyebrow expressions give me damon salvatore vibes

      1. Denise


    72. Justina Dionne

      I stg people want salon results at home, but theyre too lazy to do it right 🤦‍♀️😂

    73. idontwantafuckinchnl

      Why is noone talking about how insanely beautiful that first girl was? I can't believe she's a real person 🤯❤️

    74. Andreea's Diary

      The first girl Tia went to a salon for suuuureee.. she did not get that thick even coloured hair at home after all that bleach

    75. Cuisine Djoudjou DZ

      All this product!!!!go to the salon please help yourself 🙄

    76. Mary Katherine

      i bleached my hair 2 times in one day & i have blisters on my neck. my hair is okay though

    77. Bisexual J

      What? I thought coconut oil was supposed to bind to the holes in your hair so that the bleach damage it less

    78. Georgina Llewellyn

      11:40 what bomb a** combo?

    79. Georgina Llewellyn

      8:55 oh we dont have tht here im confuzed.

    80. Paige Lary

      I need your help brad 😭

    81. Princess Brown

      ❤️❤️love your vids

    82. Peyton Conklin

      I’m getting my hair done silver

    83. DownHomeDazzle

      I want to take my hair to like a copper but maybe lighter side of things wondering if you think that would look ok? How do I get there lol. Love your videos

    84. evilcrazzyj g


    85. evilcrazzyj g


    86. Emily Pyles

      I feel like people think that coconut oil protects their hair from bleach because they`ve been told that it`s amazing for dry and damaged hair, which it can be, but bleach literally eats through everything. Coconut oil isn`t going to do anything at all during the bleaching process.

    87. Mutiara Daulay

      Hi brad💞 im just asking, but would you like to make a video reaction about bleaching roots/bleach regrowth hair? Thankk youuuuu

    88. kristy king

      Ugh, braaaaad!!!!! Please come do crazy shit with my hair 😫😫😫😫😫

    89. gNat Gagnon

      My nine year old loves your facial expressions. He’s laughing so hard. You’re a cutie xoxo

    90. Briony Weddell

      Brad: I hate grey hair Me: Has silver dye in their hair while watching the video

    91. Louise Skywalker

      But I've heard that putting coconut oil to your roots is good for hair growth

    92. Tania LaPonsa

      Not's so his brother this least the intro

    93. horse16love

      Does that wet noodle make any one else grossed out🤢?

    94. KerriKitty

      I'm very happy to hear Brad say he hates the faux grey hair. I cannot explain how much I loathe people who dye their hair grey when they're young. Why does anyone want to look like they're 65 when they're much much younger?! I have never and will never understand

    95. Dancing Ashes

      Tbh that ADHD comment just made me love you more 😂😂😂 highly severe adhd over here at the dose below max of my meds at 15 🤪. The struggle is real 😂.

    96. Marjorie Plurad

      Whenever you use bleach, USE A HAIR MASK AFTER! IT WORKS MIRACLES!

    97. Dakota

      Love the hair and brads fashion buut this shirt looks like a diaper to me, I guess I so don't get fashion sometimes haha

    98. Helpful

      I am natural blonde

    99. SaniePouts

      San from ateez bleached his hair 6 times during 2 days and then dye it pink👁️👄👁️

    100. Michelina Andræ

      Did anyone notice that Brad edited the second girls eyes in the thumbnail to make them blue?

      1. Michelina Andræ

        @SaniePouts idk i was on my phone and they looked blue in the thumbnail but now on my computer they look brown so I might be tripping but whatever

      2. SaniePouts

        The girl in thumbnail, her eyes aren't blue :/ they're brown/black