Hairdresser Reacts to Americas Next Top Model Makeovers S.13

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch Cycle 13 of americas next top model makeovers. There was some really great ones this season! I was impressed.
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. anndank

      please do Germany's NTM

    2. xjustapersonX

      The main inspiration for Courtney’s haircut is Matt McGuire. You know, the little brother from Lizzie McGuire the tv show. I mean, people look it up because this is spot 👏🏻 on 👏🏻 No hate tho, it looks very edgy and living for it

    3. Cherryblossom Check

      Am sorry i dont have Instagram 🥺

    4. Harley Thompson

      Brad really said d-rawr-ing

    5. Sheila

      You look like a model brad

    6. Martina Bajufa

      When is America’s next top model gonna recognize Brad’s talent and hire him for proffesional counsultation

    7. Marie John

      Let's go with Germany's next top model 😂😋

    8. Madi D.

      You should do What Not to Wear next

    9. ecochic girl

      Hey Brad, you and your brother need to do a collab with the Welsh twins :D

    10. ċяʏ ѧɞȏȗṭ ıṭ ıṭ'ṡ ɢȏȏԀ ғȏя ʏȏȗ

      I love Nicole lmao I remember being so confused when the other girls where freaked out by her because I was like "wym she's great"

    11. Dorkella

      This was the only season I watched, and Nicole was my favourite. And she won that year.

    12. Leonay Guthrie

      Because that's not what the video is about hunny

    13. Silvia Caeiro

      Love his hair color!

    14. Coni p

      You could try to do GNTM (Greece's next top model). Well You're gonna need subtitles and there's only 3 seasons but i think you'll find it interesting


      Loving that self promo

    16. Zoe Granger

      You should so germany

    17. Bev Nuñez

      I hope ANTM invites you to do their models make over

    18. Bev Nuñez

      Love u brad mondo

    19. EN KVN

      They literally gave Rae and Erin the exact same makeover.

    20. S.A Curls and everything

      Omg missed it again following all of the above

    21. Lucy

      I feel like the stylist team only have three colours

      1. Lucy

        Weak red, bleach and light absorbing dark brown

    22. Kimberly Johnson

      EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas

    23. Suhartyhan Dayani

      You look cool with the outfit...😍 wish i can have it,cos i love your clothes very much...i'm your biggest fans from indonesia 😍

    24. Barbie Blue

      Stop swearing

    25. SAVANA K

      i think lisa would look good with like a loose afro

    26. Monica Almada

      I’m from Texas, do we all sound like that to everyone?

    27. Zhané Angel

      My heart jumped when I saw Sundai Love. She is literally my favourite USfilmr.

    28. PogoDarnexx

      When I got my hair bleached the very first time, I thought my sculp is buring, I wasn't sure if that was ok because I had no idea. The headmassage after felt so good lol

    29. Brooklyn Twiggy Marie

      He should react to the latest season's makeovers with the boys and the girls!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

    30. Shawna Starr


    31. Gouri Khede

      Did he say get back from the mirror 🥺

    32. Sophie Keefer

      idk why but Tyra realllyyyy gets on my nerves

    33. Eyesyt7

      I like people that look like humans.

    34. Eyesyt7

      The pain.

    35. Eyesyt7

      Brad, your beauty standards are so far from mine. I personally think that almost all of these girls looked better before.

    36. Eyesyt7

      What I learned: modern beauty standards are absolute trash.

    37. Eyesyt7

      The second is scary. She looked better before.

    38. Daniela Astete

      Please do Peru's and mexican

    39. Madison Jobe

      You said the words I have been waiting to hear red xmondo 😱😱😱😱😱

    40. Lily Weaver

      Australia's Next Top Model is the best! You should do them next.

    41. TheSpaghettiMama

      Those ropes look like they all be getting tiddieburn

    42. Liana Louise

      you need to be let loose on my hair !

    43. Kenneth Panizales

      Petition for brad to be part of america's next top model 🙌🙌🙌

    44. Happily Single

      I like the fact that Brad never acts ugly.

    45. Ally Creech

      we love the mullet brad

    46. Marcie Davis

      I literally LOVE watching his videos there so inspiring and entertaining your never bored with Brad 🥺

    47. L G

      In my opinion, all the girls liked better with their natural hair color.

    48. H T

      Nicole literally looks like Marida from Brave!❤😮

    49. Violet Holden

      I clicked on the merch link hoping to order but I just remembered I'm a broke a$$ b from a broke a$$ country, philippines

    50. Norah

      I have learned that I cannot watch Brad Mondo videos before bed. Instead of sleeping as one should, I end up in a Brad Mondo binging spree every. single. time.

    51. Michael Dooby

      Make merch with an X monogram like Fendi!!

    52. eva wiest

      Check out germanys next topmodel- great makeovers!

    53. Johanna K.

      Please do Germanys next topmodel ♡♡♡


      Plot twist : he talks to a mirror for the intro

    55. Lauren Svatek

      You should totally react to Rachel Maksys attempting 100 years of Victorian hair

    56. Syd Lmb

      "My nickname when I was little was bloody eyeball" 😂😂😂 I just cried laughing at that

    57. Ami Roquet

      You should make your own make over show

    58. Alyssa Fay

      Erin looks like the girl from game of thrones.. she's stunning 😍

    59. Say Dellvea

      Love the beanie

    60. Say Dellvea

      Its actually just my merch lol God i love him

    61. Alexis Evans

      Please make the brightest red of my life. Like Justina valentine red i need itttt.

    62. Erica Grahn

      You should do a serie like THIS, but Tabatha takes over 😍

    63. Amanda M

      When I first look at the after photos I think, omg its not that bad but when brad explains it and directly points out all the flaws, it makes sense to me.

    64. Jasmine Torres

      Every model in all these videos look whiter in the after. Like why.

    65. Basidiem

      Yessss do Germanys next top model😍😍😍😍

    66. Madilynn Chance

      Is anyone else watching this thinking.....WHY THE FREAKING HECK ARE THEY USEING ROPE FOR THE TOP

    67. didithurt

      Have we ever seen Emma? I’m a super fan. Lol

    68. Beanie MV Shorts

      Ok here’s the tea. These people on this show are probably going to this place expecting to have a life changing go makeover to their hair. They literally go there for a HAIRCUT, that you could go to SuperCuts and get. And some of them only get their hair like, curled. Like seriously? This show is a joke!

    69. Ivie Patterson

      petition to get brad styling next top models

    70. Joanna Pinto


    71. Gigi Unicorn

      I love your channel ps. you is stunning

    72. Trinity Crews

      tyra sounds like she’s on a drug cocktail in this episode and i can’t stand it. maybe that’s a thing. i didn’t think it was

    73. Potty Mouthed Planter

      Damn, this is first time I’ve come across your channel and I’m in love! Lol I subbed before the episode even started lol your whole vibe is amazing!!

    74. Lively Scorpio

      The blonde hair & blonde eyebrows look albino & I love it 👩🏻‍🦳🤍

    75. Julia Mac

      Erin over there makin me want to be in love with women!

    76. Kay Bellz

      Brad and the mullet

    77. Weirdos JOY3

      So your clothes come in xl and xxl? When I select the xl and up, everything say sold out. Maybe the bigger ones are who’s buying the clothes. Ugh I wanted the hoodie

    78. Willow Rose

      I liked the girl with the middle part the best by FAR

    79. Brooklyn Lovato

      I'm just not a fan of bleached eyebrows. At all.

    80. Lucia Wali

      They really need brad! makeovers would be soo much more fun and not that much of the same things over and over again. It’s like they think the only pretty things are pixi cuts , long wavy , curly ,afro or blonds. There soo much you can doo😱

    81. Lucia Wali

      Well damn watched the whole playlist and feel getting a goddamnn makeover 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

    82. Rachewett A

      All the girls that got the hair darkening have the exact same style. Why would they give them a look that is so similar to each other?

    83. I don’t Know what my name should be

      Ok so I have waist length dirty blond wavy curly hair and kinda want a like Curly bob or like upper boob length... but I can’t decide if i should cut it or not eee

    84. Lady Síofra

      Why do they look like they are so much paler in each after photo? like I'm sure some of it is because of lighting, but especially on the girls with darker skin tones they looked so much paler

    85. soft girl

      brad what😭 there were only like 2 or 3 of em that came out good lmaoo

    86. Jennifer Langley

      Omgeesh! Brad you are so hot! I soooo need that outfit for myself and one for my daughter... I absolutely adore you 🥰🥰😘

    87. lottie foster

      Why is no one talking about the fact that all the models are dressed in rope ?

      1. Cara lizama

        ik like why 😭

    88. Donna D'Alessio

      Some of these makeovers ..... 🤢🤮

    89. loopygurl2

      Why are you so love

    90. Millie Bradley

      So me and Brad Mondo have different definitions of the word “Goddess”-

      1. Keeling Russel


    91. Nourah Nielson

      Why does he always like blond?

    92. Diletta Bertoldi

      Mmm, I don't know🤔 They made nothing to most of them, it doesn't seem a makeover

      1. Keeling Russel


    93. Lizard

      My aunt and little brother telling me I should be on americas next top model because I have some long ass legs me watches this Me: OH HELL NO 🤠🤚🏼

      1. Keeling Russel


    94. Betsy/BA BF

      If browless girl's eyebrows didn't grow back, I hope they're payiing for a lifetime of microblading. Didn't the 90's teach, "Don't remove your brows"?

      1. Marie M.

        Hello :) They didn't remove the brows, but bleached them (if I am not mistaken), so she could technically dye them dark again. Anyways: have a lovely day :)

    95. Kiri Koshiba

      "The chef's kiss." I'll remember that one. on another note, Nicole is and always will be my favorite ANTM girl, along w/ Fatima.

    96. EllieTheKiller 1011

      I love how fabulous you always look not one video have u had a bad look

      1. Keeling Russel


    97. ChandraOnTheMic

      LUV your merch! 😍😍

      1. Keeling Russel


    98. Katie Munro

      You should react to Britain's Next Top Model makeovers! Some of them are shocking!

      1. Keeling Russel


    99. Hannah Carson

      Erin's makeover was definitely one of my faves

    100. Hannah Carson

      Can we talk about how awesome Brad looks with his blue hair?