Hairdresser Judges JoJo Siwa's Hair Evolution

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we take a look back on every JoJo Siwa hair look ever. There was definitely some looks I was not expecting...
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    Published on 18 days ago


    1. Angry Gamer Girl

      I hate scrunchies too lol

    2. Tre Law

      oh no. she's had veneers. ugh.

    3. aubrey sanchez

      You go girl!!!


      You’re not mean and that apology was very mature we love to see it❤️❤️💖

    5. Syd Leo

      You tried too hard to be nice on this one 😂 still enjoyed

    6. Kashmir May

      Brad I highly doubt you'll see this, but can I do to get your "super blue" haircolor out of my hair😭😂😂 I'm trying to fade it so I can get my hair back to dark brown but i dont know what to do😂😂😂

    7. Dark Horse

      I know she’s not technically a child and is almost a adult but I like how he’s not being mean with her, cause honestly so many people make fun of her hairline. Like people it’s not your hair leave her the heck alone, like stop making fun of her, cause you know she doesn’t care about any of your opinions as adults.

    8. Gamer Fart

      Alternative title: Brad trying to be nice for 16 minutes

    9. Kaylee Rust

      “She didn’t wear just pony tail” and shows pony tail looks😂

    10. Savannah Stueber

      The scrunchies I can’t wear them half of my head is shaved

    11. Scooby Doo

      “If I was whatever, 8byears old, I would be living for this look” Me trying to picture him with a high side ponytail with crimped hair and coloured hair extensions

    12. Alycia Daniels

      That jacket you’re wearing is perfection. Only you could pull off leather fringe in 2021. That’s why I worship you, Brad Mondo. You bring hope to the world in no small way. Thank you 🙏🏻

    13. mst3kanita

      that's a 1989 crimper, brad.

    14. Baja Beauty

      I hear you but I think you're forgetting one important thing. You have to have long hair if you want a good ponytail. Especially if you want one on top of your head that looks awesome. You have to have longer hair than what you're wanting to cut it just saying

    15. Ruby Rubik

      Brad- where do you get your clothes I WANT ALL OF THEM 🤣🤣

    16. Miss Keiko

      Are we gonna ignore how beautiful Brad’s jacket is

    17. Cheese

      Brad *talks about how he wears crazy clothing.* Brad two seconds later: *reveals sleeve tassels*

    18. Argus Fleibeit

      I have even a worse hairline than her-- parts do not work well when you have nearly no hair on the sides of your head in front of your ears. The front hair always splits into a separate chunk. I have resorted to deep bangs (including the whole top of my hair nearly to the crown). She's doing the best she can with what she has, so quit nagging her about pulling all her hair up or over. She makes the most of the length of her hair, so telling her to cut it is doing her no favors. I would have thought Brad would be more knowledgeable and observant of what the situation is. Glad I never encountered him for a haircut.

    19. Sophie Di Regolo

      You know, I am totally with you on the scrunchies, Mondo. I can't bring myself to love them.

    20. Shy Kyl

      I'm about to shave my head. I've wanted to for years now!!! My hair is so lifeless damaged and just ew. Thoughts??? Should I do it? 😍

      1. Adelaide Ellis

        Do it!

    21. Tiffany Martin

      It was “she gets it snatched “ for me

    22. Anna

      I would have liked to see some dance moms looks, they are different then her usual style

    23. Hilary Faye

      The accordian or however you spell it line killed me

    24. Ashwita Bhatia

      U need to calm down

    25. Susan O'Flaherty

      is it just me that thinks she looks like nikki totorials in the video with james charles?

    26. Ashley Green

      Um she is 17😂 my sister watches her

    27. tammi

      bro a middle part with all her hair down would look so good on her please

    28. mal

      pov: your looking for Jojos comment

    29. Sarah Kingsbury

      I would love to see a Demi Lovato hair though the years!

    30. ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false

      Did Brad reveal his hairline in solidarity

    31. Maddie Clarke

      I love how the only reason he apologized is because she came out

    32. Justine McGauley

      Can you did a video where you wear a wig and do the iconic Jojo pony and bow 🎀

    33. Ruby Grace Nicholson

      You need to react to Colleen Ballingers cutting her hair/bangs.!!!!!!! Please brad you need to!!!!

    34. Leah Lewis

      i am sorry and i love jojo but her hairline is the fault of the pony tail and i am scared that her hair line will be so far back if she does not loosen the pony tail

      1. Leah Lewis

        this was not meant to be mean in any way jojo is awesome

    35. ConnieB

      I’m sorry don’t care for jojo , to me she seems to be a spoiled brat, and mom seems the same, only older version

    36. Antheaxe U

    37. Maddie Maund

      Can you pleaseeeee do a video reacting to different Real Housewives hair styles???

    38. Gvantsa Mandzulashvili

      I'm sorry but i can't help it Brad giving me some angeldust vibes and i'm living for it

    39. Ena Korać ex Šofranac

      For me, it's so funny when Brad says "subscribe" down below... I'm thinking "already have done a long time ago ;) "

    40. Abigail kay

      Tbh I Normally don’t wear scrunches in my hair normally my wrist but if it’s in my hair I use a normal rubber band first and then I put the scrunchie in on top of the normal rubber band

    41. {•Ash•} Solar

      I think she’s pretty either way but I like her in brunette

    42. {•Ash•} Solar

      I hate scrunchies too lmao- they were overrated kinda got bored of em-

    43. Eve_Loves_ Cats!

      I hate schrunchies too! The only reason why I have some is because I need them for more volume in buns and space buns!

    44. Erik Berrios

      So I’m usually against homosexuality BUT with that being said you have showed me through your awesome personality that you’re just another human with goals and ambition and there’s nothing evil about you you’re a genuine person with a kind heart and I’m no longer homophobic bc of you

    45. The Poor In Spirit

      Loving your jacket

    46. hayley ortega

      A little girl shouldn’t feel insecure about something she was born with like her hairline.... she is beautiful just the way she is. Jojo gives me pageant girl vibes.

    47. Rebecca Jones


    48. lea marie

      I hate scrunchies. I used to have to wear them when I was a dancer and I hated every minute of it 😅

    49. lea marie

      I swear I had to have had the same crimper when I was that age😂 ahhh the nostalgia lol

    50. jared gilles

      Jojo brad colab petition 😁😁

    51. Berlin There Done That

      I HAD a scrunchie but I threw it away it was the worst I hated it :/ I wouldn’t buy one Edit: I’m not this young I haven’t changed my photo

    52. Lexie Meyers

      somebody tell brad to search jojo siss middle part cause she did a tik tok

    53. Londyn Norman

      Is anyone else waiting for the day he does her hair or just me?

    54. Kat Haha

      Trash Opinion: I DO think her hairline is affected by the the tight tight TIGHT overdirected side ponytails. It’s not a bad thing or a good thing, just a thing. 🤗

    55. Cinamon Loveless

      Honestly when she was younger i wanted to see her with pink hair but now i would like to see her hair red but a deep wine red with some bright tones running thru...n her hair style with her signature side look with some waves added

    56. Draconea77717

      She actually has a natural hairline called a Widow's Peak hairline however the amount that goes up along the sides is Extreme and I think that is due to her hairstyle and the excessive amount of hair bleach her mom has used on her throughout her life

    57. VidVoyeur

      I don't know who she is; I just watched because it's another hair critique video. Sorry, it was kind of boring though.

    58. sophie turner

      Her hairline resends more on one side than the other - the tight ponytail

    59. sophie turner

      Swear everyone just likes her cus she’s gay like happy for her but doesn’t change her personality

    60. hayhailey9900

      When Brad is sitting there dissing JoJo's natural BROWN hair😂

      1. bee yourself

        she's a natural brunette but the picture in this video has her hair dyed

      2. WhateverULike02

        That wasn’t her actual natural brown hair.

    61. Whimsical Witch

      Still super annoying

    62. Loreta Veselaj

      I think Jojo does have a tiktok of parting her hair in the middle.

    63. lameasscatlady

      Early 2000’s crimp???? Uhhhhhhhh, Brad, lol

    64. madeline

      hel this is so funny

    65. M Lewis

      The very first time I disagree with Brad....Jojo has to gogo

    66. Karolanne Petrin

      Is it me are she wood look so good with her hair down and a mindle parte

    67. Alex Tutorov

      The James Charles collab gives me Rue McClanahan vibes for some reason.

    68. Cailynn Joyner

      We need a jojo makeover by brad ASAP

    69. Brandi Munguia

      This is the first time I’ve actually been excited to grow my hair out. I’ve been shaving it for almost a year now, but with all your products for curly hair and all the great reviews I’ve seen, I’m actually excited to grow out my curly hair and finally have products that work for white girl textured curly hair.

    70. Janeen Heller

      Traction alopecia is a thing and that does effect your hairline when you put your hair up every day. It's not snarky. It's not an opinion. It's just a fact.

    71. Natassia Tavares

      She reminds me so much of Emily Osment!

    72. Just a small town girl

      The James Charles make over I swear I thought it was Nikki Tutorials tehehehe. Both gorgeous and amazing 😘

    73. Just a small town girl

      I middle part but have bangs straight across and hair past my buttocks and natural. Would do anything to let you create art with it. But I live in the middle of nowhere, on the corner of lame and boring hahahaha Canada 🇨🇦

    74. Emily Errico

      Brad... that is obviously not her natural hair its definitely from braids that she slept in

    75. Edalesia Perez

      I love Brad’s face

    76. Susanna Zvara

      I didn’t care about jojos hair, particularly how she parted it until I watched this video. Jojo needs to give👏🏼brad👏🏼a👏🏼middle👏🏼part👏🏼

    77. Babs S

      Don’t see how you were mean before? He hairline is her hairline🤷🏼‍♀️and of you manipulate the hair enough, yea some might break off & a hairline could change. Especially when pulling that hard

    78. faye

      I actually really really love her with brown hair. It looks more natural on her because she literally is a natural brunette. And overall it actually just really looks so beautiful on her. I really hope that when she grows up, she stops bleaching her hair because of her mom.

    79. MommyTiffany

      4 things. 1. Scrunchies are awesome for people with thick curly hair that otherwise doesn't cooperate with most hair ties, like me. Also you can have limitless fun expressing yourself with different scrunchies just like the iconic JoJo bow. 2. Thank you thank you thank you for addressing the hairline thing and how she's literally had that hairline her whole life and it isn't because of the ponytails or anything! I've been on Twitter telling people that and so many people are so rude. 3. About the phone number thing, I've texted you and I don't get any alerts for when you upload videos via text. 4. Your merch is *ALWAYS* sold out when I go to look. All I want more than anything else is to try wave tech and your color but it is never in stock... You make me a sad sad lady.

    80. Theodora Christina A.

      Brad you look like Ken doll with this hair 😍😍😍

    81. anime geek

      when your name is jojo to

    82. julia vice

      PLEASE DO A VIDEO ABOUT COLOR FILLERS AND PROTEIN FILLERS FOR BLEACHED HAIR. I’m stuck my hair was bleached I used a neutral protein filler and dyed it with ion permanent 4vv and 6Vr and my hair looked great and now towards the middle/ends is so faded after three washes. I just want advice on how to even the color out and achieve the color for a long time and not only 1 week. Please and thank you!!!!

    83. Gee Bee

      Eeeek sorry Brad but I cant watch this video without cringing, not because of her but because of you, you got called out for stating your opinion, and now you're making up for it, You cant please everyone but don't change yourself and opinions just because someone got a bit offended, this is obviously a apology video and just trying to make yourself look good, dont lose yourself, just do you

    84. Lilyanna Marie

      Hey Beutiful the only one who tells me that.

    85. Amy Diamond

      I really don't think a middle part would work because of her widows peak at the front of her hairline, she could definitely have it more central but slightly off centre. I like her swept over curls when its down but it looks like its killing her hairline when it's up.

    86. Rawr Xd

      Ew don’t say clan. We want nothing to do with ‘clan’

    87. Amelia Joy


    88. yarnpower

      Ow, her hair is pulled so tight. That is harmful to hair follicles!

    89. Kayla Joyce

      Colleen is doing bangs !! You could react if she continues to do them herself 😊

    90. jannelle nelms

      Brad you give me life and joy with your commentary and videos. I battle severe depression and your videos are the only thing that currently makes me happy and smile😊💜


      You should do a collab with her and transform her hair!!!

    92. Sarah Fothergill

      I love you Brad Mondo xo Your amazing ❤️

    93. Natural Bby

      Seeing Jojo as a brunette THREW ME TF OFF! Coming from the comments, I did not know Jojo is a natural brunette! And her mum really bleached her hair from the age of 2?! Ok that’s not right😭😭😅

    94. Natural Bby

      “She’s rich asf from those bows” Idk why I died at this😭😭😂😂😂

    95. Shannon Ross

      I’m so over this middle part craze rn. I have black hair so I’d look like professor snape With a middle part

      1. Somer Stanfield

        @Jessica Thomas I bet u look fuckin awesome, you’re just comparing yourself to him for some weird reason. He didn’t invent the middle part

      2. Jessica Thomas

        I have strawberry blonde hair and wear glasses. Middle parts make me look like effin John Lennon.

      3. anjj lol

        @Somer Stanfield 1. im trans, 2. i dont support her or the series nor did i say i do. 3. lmao i dont care for jk in the slightest

      4. Somer Stanfield

        @anjj lol whatever u can keep supporting a TERF and a book series filled with racism if U want I’m just saying it’s on it’s way out

      5. anjj lol

        @Somer Stanfield not really. it was pretty popular like a month ago lmao.

    96. Juls c

      How does this guy have so many followers and how did this garbage get recommended to me??

    97. Bianca

      PLEASE START SHIPPING TO SWEDEN WE NEED YOUR PRODUCTS 😭 Wonderful video with a sincere apology, you rock 🌟

    98. Ines Stjepanovic

      if he hated scrunchies, then he definitely didn’t like the VSCO girl trend 😂🤚🏼

      1. Gacha Kiwi

        Nah brads an e-girl kinda guy

    99. Scarlett Kelly

      James really said imma turn u into Nikki tutorials

    100. Angela Sanchez